Kendra Wilkinson is engaged

November 6th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t even left the Playboy Mansion yet and she’s already engaged. Phildadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett proposed to the soon-to-be-former Girl Next Door atop the Space Needle over the weekend. E! News reports:

Both fams were present for the proposal, and Ken-babe seemed completely shell-shocked at the revealed ring. H.B. even got down on one knee to pop the big q to the former Playmate. Tho our source swears she saw the whole happy event with her own eyes, we inquired with K’s reps…haven’t heard back.
But, a close Kendra friend has confirmed, “it’s true.”

HANK: Kendra, this ring represents my love, baby.
KENDRA: Oh my god!
HANK: And this Space Needle represents my well, heh heh, you know.
KENDRA: Oh.. my god?
HANK: It too has its own elevator, restaurant and valet parking.
KENDRA: I’m not signing a prenup.
HANK: Fair enough. Would you like to see the aquarium I’m installing?

Photos: WENN

  1. gonads

    Still hope I am first like all the other Obama lovers

  2. Phil McKracken


  3. FunnyHunny

    Holly must be PISSED that she’s not the first to be engaged.


  5. kelley

    Kendra was never a Playmate!

  6. “Socialism Doesn’t Scare the Millions Who Don’t Pay Taxes”

    I am entitled, where is my check?

  7. The Voice

    Hank Baskett? This nigga-loving little disgusting scank. I feel sorry for her parents.

  8. britney's weave

    @5, that’s true. wonder if that was a typo or if this is shit.

    either way, this would make for a great spin-off of the girls next door (which she’s probably going to get anyway). they would put nick and jessica’s newlyweds to shame… ha.

  9. Max Planck

    Why bother…just another hump ‘n’ dump.

  10. Kill Liberals

    I always knew this disgusting little twat was a coon-lover.

    Remember Kendra, once you go black, we won’t take you back!

  11. smithzoe

    To my surprise, someone saw her profile with hot & sexy photos and videos on the millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^.
    Does she want to hook up with rich guys?

  12. Sport

    How do you fall in love with a skanky whore like this? Wow – im sure its true love and will totally last.

    Come on hank – we all know she’s a fuckNchuck – move on!

  13. Uncle Eccoli


  14. Deacon Jones


    I sure as hell would fall in love with her after doing that ass of steel doggy style every night, watching those blond pigtails flop back and forth.

    And Hank Baskett isnt even good, he’s the #4 receiver on the team. I figured she’d shoot for someone higher profile.

    And finally, whats with the paps photos lately, there’s a serious lack of ass shots, the best part.

  15. nomorecredit

    @ 10 – I think the saying goes, “once you go black… you ruin your credit.”

  16. English Bob

    ”I’d buy that for a dollar”…..No, seriously, that’s all i’d pay $1-

  17. farty_mcshitface

    i wish this filthy bitch would just die. she might be even dumber than paris hilton.

  18. minerva

    Meh, out of the three I always thought Holly was the only pretty one.

  19. Guess she fell for the Baskett tirck,,,Hide baskett Sr. Hank….

  20. Reason #2

    This is not a good week to be a fag…..

  21. Jimmy Jim

    well good for them. Hank Baskett is a decent enough guy. He has a future in the NFL. And to whoever said “he isn’t even that good”. You sound like another loser thats still pissed for not making junior varsity in HS. Number 4 receivers still play a part. I dunno if you saw the most recent super bowl or not..a receiver deep in the depth charts made a famous catch onto his helmet.

  22. Ted from LA

    Judging from the photo, it looks like her fingers are “engaged” to her twat.

  23. Hannibal King

    I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the Space Needle again without feeling violated.

  24. okina

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  25. Deacon Jones

    Hey “Jimmy Jim” – I’m an Eagles fan, I’m allowed to say he isn’t good, now sit the fuck down

  26. Reality Strikes

    I give it 30 days.

  27. havoc

    I guess its all been said.

    She’s a whore.

    He’s really not that good of a football player.

    And she’s a whore.


  28. Jimmy Jim

    wow another eagles fans tearing apart his own team… this is nothing new…just like you guys booed jeff garcia a few seasons ago while he played AMAZINGLY. Eagles fans will never be happy, i suppose if i had a cock in my ass I too would be as disgruntled as you are towards your team and the world.

  29. Superevil

    I give it less than six months

  30. em

    I thought she was a lesbian…

  31. I’m sure she has been dating that guy for quite a while. It’s not like Kendra or Bridget ever really slept with Hef. Nonetheless, Kendra has the maturity of a 14 year old, so I doubt any sort of marriage would work out for her right now….

  32. Deacon Jones


    Oh, I get it, if you dont like one of your wideouts it’s considered “tearing apart” a team. Booed Jeff Garcia?? Get your facts straight you idiot, this city worshipped him and almost rioted when they traded him to Tampa.

  33. AJ

    I hope this no talent bimbo whore gets married soon and disappears.

  34. Bob

    She went from fucking an old guy to fucking balding black guys.

  35. Does it really matter?

    Whats with all the racist fucktards on this site lately?

    She’s hott, your all jealous because A: you can’t have her B: you wish you looked as good as her C: You wish you could make the kind of money she does, she doesn’t have to do much but work out and take pictures.

    Hank Baskett is Fugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Elizabeth

    I think that Kendra is a free spirit and deserves happiness. It must have been hard to pretend to love an old geezer like Hef. He probably would fall asleep if a woman was on top. He is old as dust anyway. I think that all negative commentors should live and let live. She is the only one that has to answer to a higher power for her actions. She is getting married and that is a good thing.

  37. Melissa

    Id rather fuck Hef….that nigga is U-G-L-Y!

  38. Parker

    If she is truly a free spirit that means she’s up for anal sex and I would definately buttfuck this girl. Remember, you don’t have to look at the face if you bend her over a chair and fuck her ass.

  39. English Bob

    How in the hell did this nig.ger lover ever get in Playboy? Obviously if bestiality/nig.ger loving is her thing she should star in donkey porn or be an open mouthed toilet in scat porn.

  40. foolio

    Seriously, when is this ho’s 15 minutes of fame going to end!

  41. Jibbly Bigginso

    I was about to say that I would rather fuck Hef than this Hank Baskett guy if someone put a gun to my head but then I found the photo of Baskett – WOW what a hot guy! Wilkinson is moving up.

  42. Holyfuck

    How could he fall for a chick? How could he want this person to be the mother of his kids?

    This chick sounds like she’s got a 7th grade education. She has a maturity level of a 12 year old. is easily in the top 10 most irritating people of all time. What a retard, Baskett!

  43. spaceyQQQ

    These Girls Next Door ho’s are so hideous! They bleach their hair & get the plastic knockers to take away from anyone looking at their faces.

  44. jt

    she so hot.. show us those boobs

    otherwise she has no interesting qualities

  45. bar room hero

    She always looked like traylor-trash to me…

  46. juniper

    cant wait to see her little black baby!

  47. I am still waiting for the girl next door to get implants. Even though she’s 80.

  48. Ramona Putz

    In the midst of foreplay, Hank looks up and asks his newly minted fiancee:
    Kendra, did you wash REAL good down there like I asked you to?
    Kendra: Yes, why do I smell fishy?
    Hank: No, you smell like a nursing home.

  49. BM

    lol.. i sense a divorce in 1.5 years

  50. WTF

    I thought Kendra was a Charger fan?

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