Kendra Wilkinson is engaged

Kendra Wilkinson hasn’t even left the Playboy Mansion yet and she’s already engaged. Phildadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett proposed to the soon-to-be-former Girl Next Door atop the Space Needle over the weekend. E! News reports:

Both fams were present for the proposal, and Ken-babe seemed completely shell-shocked at the revealed ring. H.B. even got down on one knee to pop the big q to the former Playmate. Tho our source swears she saw the whole happy event with her own eyes, we inquired with K’s reps…haven’t heard back.
But, a close Kendra friend has confirmed, “it’s true.”

HANK: Kendra, this ring represents my love, baby.
KENDRA: Oh my god!
HANK: And this Space Needle represents my well, heh heh, you know.
KENDRA: Oh.. my god?
HANK: It too has its own elevator, restaurant and valet parking.
KENDRA: I’m not signing a prenup.
HANK: Fair enough. Would you like to see the aquarium I’m installing?

Photos: WENN