Kendra Wilkinson is ‘Candy the Stripper Who Didn’t Give Her Boyfriend Her Tips?’ (I have no clue.)

October 31st, 2008 // 62 Comments

Okay, last one. (For today.) Here’s Kendra Wilkinson at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Halloween party in Manhattan last night. I have no idea what she’s supposed to be, but who the hell cares look at that butt. In the meantime, I should probably start finding out what’s happening in the real world. Al Qaeda could’ve blown up Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and the only thing I’d have to say for myself is “Kim Kardashian dressed up like Wonder Woman.” Because I kick ass!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Daunte

    I have to agree on one thing. No one can deny this. All black people who are 100% black, no mixing of races, Stink. They have a natural odor that gags most regular people. Must be a natural defense to repel insects and intelligent white women. It seems to attract the white trash trailer folk.

  2. Jojo

    yes. I am pretty sure that is boob sweat in pic 7?
    I must admit usually Kendra looks really pretty but these pix are pretty ugly, I just hope she is coping ok with the split from heff.
    No need to call her a whore and stuff, whats that really going to prove.

  3. Tiyonna

    See? White men are seething! Ha ha. I find this shit to be so fucking hilarious!

    All of these jealous ass, hating ass, loser ass, racist ass, whiney ass
    comments from white guys crying because they lost another white bitch
    to the great Mandingo! How sad!

    White men suck ass!

  4. Avm

    So the trashy coalburner is going to have a retardred chimp

  5. Rich

    #44 go it right, despite all the Obama propaganda most blacks are not this holy class, they are racists like Jeremiah Wright

  6. Driver

    Funny how people take an innocent picture, and MAKE it all about race or the black guy that isn’t even shown. This hostility towards a black man, no one knows, and blacks in general. And though it is hostile, I am not sure why it seems blacks are the target here, when it seems white racist are the ones doing the name calling, the insulting, the stereotyping, the assuming over people they don’t even know. Sadly, it seems so many ignore this & it just makes these issues get worse; I thought we were more than our appearances & that our bodies are only temporary, it is our actions and deeds that we leave behind. Either way, the good news is that the “hate style” isn’t working. You figure after years and decades of racism, that you would not see a rise in interracial relationship nor a black president. The sad thing is you only get one life, and seems so many are focusing their energy on these trivial issues and never make a meaningful legacy for themselves in this world. I see corporate greed and evil world leaders do far more damage then, her boyfriend and yet, he and blacks are the focus, and ultimately, Asians probably will hold out the longest in the so called existence game, because it seems blacks and whites will focus none of their energy on true issues, but rather on how to send each other to oblivion and for what?… lastly, it doesn’t even make sense to fight over such things like your being because if we evolved from something that doesn’t look like us now, then what, we stop here because we happen to like who we are now at this moment? SO I guess nature will eradicate this whole racism thing over time when the next version of an intelligent creature evolves/arrives and looks NOTHING, like what we are now and then so on…

  7. cc1172

    I think it is funny that it is ok for black people to be racists. Kendra is a complete peace of trash and I don’t care how good her ass is. She is a nasty whore.

  8. She is really looking like a whore . I don’t what is happened with her . The expression she is giving is really cheap and disgusting . I thing the fame made the people mad and that’s y she is behaving like this .

  9. Stan Kinigger

    Kendra’s vagina looks like a bomb went off in a meat deli. I’d stick it in her pooper, just look at that ass.

  10. lindsay
    Commented on this photo:

    i have that exact same halloween costume! its a 70s/80s roller girl and obviously your supposed to wear skates with it, but even without them, its still a cute, sexy costume. (not very many people are gonna know what you are without roller skates though)

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