Kendra Wilkinson is ‘Candy the Stripper Who Didn’t Give Her Boyfriend Her Tips?’ (I have no clue.)

October 31st, 2008 // 62 Comments

Okay, last one. (For today.) Here’s Kendra Wilkinson at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Halloween party in Manhattan last night. I have no idea what she’s supposed to be, but who the hell cares look at that butt. In the meantime, I should probably start finding out what’s happening in the real world. Al Qaeda could’ve blown up Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, and the only thing I’d have to say for myself is “Kim Kardashian dressed up like Wonder Woman.” Because I kick ass!

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  1. Kount


  2. zigga zou


  3. sttteve

    fugly retard bitch.

  4. p0nk

    maybe she’s ‘poison ivy’?

  5. peterman

    is that costume blood or do all the chicks have road rash? and how come black dudes never wear costumes?

  6. Kia

    A bloody Rainbow Brite?… with large boobies.

  7. I fail to understand your strange Yanky customs. Here in good old Blighty Halloween is a time to dress up as something dug up from a grave (think Madonna but with messier hair and a few open wounds).

    What gives, peeps?

  8. kinger

    Definitely a slutty Rainbow Brite.

    Sweet ass.


    I think she’s supposed to be a “retarded girl who couldn’t come up with a good costume”. I mean it’s a heinoudsly overworn costume, pracitcally every bitch in Hollywood and every semi hot to fully hot chick at any bar or party has been whoring around in this lame overused costume for at least the last 10 Halloweens.

    Fish you sure like your women muscular, midgety and barely legal. The old Fish liked ‘em tall, gangly and airbrushed into a cartoonish state of hide the penis. I mean Alessandra Ambrosia and Hayden Pantiehead could not be more far apart if the tried but one thing they share in common is they wil surely both be dressing up as retarded chicks who couldn’t think of a good costume. Typical.

  10. Ted from LA

    Does she play softball?

  11. Sephystal

    she’s a raver. ..that’s my only guess.

  12. MNG

    Luk at the legs……….fucking owsome……….cross it

  13. american woman

    #7. American women like to wear their inner whore on the outside.

  14. Sephystal

    She’s a raver.
    My only guess…

  15. Max Planck

    What’s with the blood? Has he beaten her up already?

  16. KM

    Dorothy Stratten, the playboy playmate the movie Star 80 was based on? Murdered by her husband… If so, it would be in bad taste. But if no one gets the reference, Kendra can have a private joke. Made me laugh.

  17. steak

    Simple explanation, she was trying to chew gum and use a treadmill at the same time, and… BANG. Don’t worry it didn’t hurt her, cocain gives you a really high pain threshold. So after picking herself up she decided the blood really worked for the whole Halloween look… so she took her whoreass to a party, rubbed up on some less hot chicks, snorted some more pain killer, and blew a bunch of douchebags she thought were billionaires, only to find out (a litre of jizz later) that they were only dressed up as billionaires. Tough luck Barbie. Tip: Next time, if Mr. Money Pants has a wallet full of monopoly bills he’s probably a fake. I mean didn’t you learn your lesson with Hef?

  18. Gerald_Tarrant

    She looks like a skeevy skanky bitch who likes to give it up to black football players. I hope her and Kim weren’t at the same party, since they were wearing the same thing.

    and #5, black dudes are too “cool” to be wear costumes on Halloween. That’s what every other day is for, with grills, baggy pants and retarded rope necklaces.

  19. dude. guys c’mon. she’s heather grahams rollergirl from boogie nights. although i don’t get the blood.

  20. bho

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  21. Jeff

    Probably the worst costume idea I’ve seen.

    “I’m gonna put on a silly, sexy outfit and put some blood spots on it… BRILLIANT!”

  22. intermission

    its CABIN FEVER!

  23. Jymmy

    Doin’ the Elaine Bennis in Pic #8

  24. Yup, roller girl from boogie nights. the blood is from where she stomped dudes face in with her skates.

  25. Monkey's Wood

    Bang-able …… multiple times

  26. Mcfeely Smackup

    “peterman – October 31, 2008 5:18 PM

    is that costume blood or do all the chicks have road rash? and how come black dudes never wear costumes?”

    Those ARE costumes, they’re just not black dudes.

    That’s actually Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler in racist blackface costumes.

  27. Stanky


  28. monica

    she’s a roller derby girl. not that hard to figure out.

  29. m

    hahaha… elaine

  30. ph7

    I like the sweet cameltoe in pic #7.

  31. ZZ Top

    She looks like she could have been a good fuck buddy. That is, of course, if she weren’t a MUDSHARK!!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!!!!!!

  32. Luchi

    Is that boob sweat in pic 7?

  33. 1moreidiotintheworld

    maybe the neighbor’s dog dry humped her leg until it bled on her? Or maybe those big silicone tits keep upsetting her equilibrium causing her to fall over and hurt herself repeatedly……or maybe she wiped off her tampon so she could reuse it……maybe she had a nose bleed from all that blow she snorted……..could be she’s just too fucking stupid to realize that the “bloody roller derby girl” costume is too retarded for words……..

  34. lauren

    is that period blood?

  35. ………………SHE IS DESPERATE?

  36. fabu

    She is so beautiful and charming. She is my favorite. Just saw her on the fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that

    site.Is she single now?

  37. D

    omg look at that skank next to her who is sucking in so hard she might implode?sick… who the fuck cares who she is…. vomit

  38. MaryPoppins

    Gross, looks like maybe she was rubbing up against a girl on her period…

  39. katie

    she’s a roller derby chick.
    It’s full contact, thus the blood and bedraggled look.
    She looks hot.

  40. Sicko

    I told that bitch to use her maxipads

  41. Yeah, definitely roller derby girl.

  42. Doggy Style

    All i’m going to say is, Black guys dont dress up for Halloween because they already look like monkeys always, and Heff hit that on the regular.

  43. venomhed2

    Another nigger lover. Once any woman dates a black guy, every non black man writes her off the list.

    Disgusting, dating black men, the lowest of the low.

  44. If you love Kendra like me, than you’ll love this blog:

  45. cat

    She just is not all that.

  46. kendra like in the ass p.s.deep hole he he he !!!!!!!!!!

  47. I found her blogs on “””””’ Millionaire Romances.c om_____, a totally free social networking club for celebrities and stars! I just wonder if the blogs were written by herself?

  48. Tara

    Duh, if she was trying to be a Roller Girl, she should be wearing ROLLER SKATES. If she couldn’t deal wearing roller skates all night long she should have picked a different costume. The fact that there’s two of them makes it even weirder.

  49. SIN

    She is engaged to ank Baskett of the Phillidelphia Eagles. Another white woman gone to the smelly, abusive, drug crazy black side.

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