Kendra Wilkinson & Holly Madison in Bikinis

March 29th, 2010 // 190 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas on Saturday, and it’s nice to see Kendra return to (partially) serving the purpose Hugh Hefner created her for. Seriously, she’s been practically walking around in a beekeeper outfit these days, and I’m pretty sure Hugh didn’t grow her in a lab just to hear her thoughts on child-rearing. Which reminds me, why didn’t he sterilize these things during the bleaching process? Or is building an Aryan army of big-titted sex slaves already pushing the limits of playing God? Because I could see that being the case. if you like to half-ass shit. C’mon!

Photos: Retna Digital, Splash News, WENN

  1. mr rob

    kendra just had a fucking baby….how can u idiots not understand that not all women lose the baby weight with in two months….its ridiculous that different standards are set for celebrities…their just the same a humans…only most of them are so self conscious they feel the need to drop the weight because a magazine might point out a dimple..
    that said if kendra hadn’t had a baby i would call her fat…but because she has im not going to…losing weight takes time and im sure she’ll bounce back

  2. haha how stupid

    shizzle mon – March 29, 2010 11:42 PM

    @ liz lemon (#85)

    why don’t you take that pickle outta yer ass & make a sandwich?

    ummm…YOU’RE #85 you DUMB FUCK…lmfaooooooo

  3. CJ

    Pictures turned out good.

  4. dingleberry

    Both women are very pretty.

    I don’t get all of the negative criticism. Should all women quit continuing the human race in order to stay thin a few years longer for a superficial douche bag? Smart move, morons.

    Respect mothers.

    Kendra looks hot both thin and “curvy.” She’s got a pretty figure either way? Really telling me that nobody would notice her if she walked into restaurant, with her platinum hair, cute as a button face, cute style and cleavage? Her figure is well proportioned too, even when heavier.

    Give it time and don’t judge. If you are confusing women kind with whacking off to a porn star might I suggest a real doll…

  5. Wow man both are looking dam hot ! They are looking really awesome .. I would like to point out one thing tat they are looking little bit fatty . By the way nice angles of the photography .

  6. mick

    yawwwwwwn – fucking BORING. Why don’t you have pix of some hot dudes from time to time? You know, like in their jocks or Speedos…all these fucking women just put me to sleep.

  7. Nanny

    I just wonder how she is going to tell her little mongrels when they grow up that she used to fuck an ancient famous rich pervert for money?
    Kendra looks like a beached whale. With fake tits. The other one is ugly as fuck.

  8. captain america

    be thankful this kendra is just born as stupid as hell.

  9. Amadou

    Kendra reminds me of Mariah Carey in that video where she does nothing new. And to my knowledge, Mariah has never had kids; she’s just married to one.

  10. Please forward that comment on to the person who needed to read it most. Your mom.

  11. zz

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  12. zz

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  13. Fat is Fat

    She better be careful or the Japaneese will stick a harpoon in her ass

  14. Umm, I’ve had two kids and have the same measurements and weigh the same as I did before I had them. And it took about two months to lose all the weight with both kids.
    It takes alot of exercise and disipline to get back in shape. She’s not trying hard enough, probably because she never had work at it before.

  15. JesseJimmy

    It’s nice to come back to the comments today and see some sanity still reigns.

    Kendra is fat.

    Fat chicks and pudgy moms will claim she’s hot, and skinny, and just had a kid, and boo-hoo. Basically, they are just transferring how they WANT to feel onto Kendra. Sorry you got called a fatty on the playground. Now, put down the cheeseburger, push your pudgy asses away from the keyboard, and get on the treadmill.

    Remember, Kendra’s only “job” was posing nude for guys to jerk off to. She’s not allowed to be fat. When she got fat, she lost her only marketable skill.

    Now, she’s as useless to men as most of the fat moms on this site. . .

  16. F*ckRandal

    @JesseJimmy – dude I agree with some of the shit you spew, but all of your posts reek of effort…and that’s neither witty nor funny…just lame.

  17. Iron Balls Mcgintey

    After viewing the pics.. All I can say is… Did anyone survive the train wreck?
    You know..the reality of all this really doesn’t matter how hot they are..someone, somewhere is tired of putting up with all their crap.
    Too bad Kendra’s suicide attempt wasn’t successful!

  18. betty

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  19. Short Sluts

    tall guys think your a slut….

  20. Callie

    U r all fucking retarded she jut had a baby n its damn commendable that shes working the weight off slowly rater than doig what other celebs do n go anorexic to lose the weight.

  21. Solo

    If I were a girl and had to use sluttiness to overcome the fact that I wasn’t that good looking to begin with, this is what I would look like.

  22. Shamu's sister

    didn’t she just kill a trainer at Sea World?

  23. GQ Guy

    Holly Madison has the Body and Looks to be hosting a Pool Party.
    Kendra does not Body and Looks to be hosting a Pool Party. Jesse James was right, these woman’s only “job” was posing nude for guys to jerk off to. No one but Fetish Guys are jerking off to Kendra, You can be a Great Mom, but not a Sex Kitten,
    Heidi Klum is the exception, not the rule. We don’t care in you lost weight after having a Kid; do you still dress like a Sex Toy (like Holly & Heidi most days) or a Mom. Only Guys with a Fetish I do not want jerking off to Moms.

  24. who isHotr? Holly or Kendra. Kendra is younger, but I don’t know I kind of think holly is classic looking (like marilyn)…I mean that in the best way possible.

  25. pimp

    skeet skeet skeet…

  26. Courageous

    Holly looks fabulous! As always. I have never been a big fan of Kendra, but she looks good and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot!

  27. Courageous

    Holly looks fabulous! As always. I have never been a big fan of Kendra, but she looks good and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot!

  28. HatesIdiots

    Oh I’m sure you “love women” JesseJimmy *wink wink* Just because I state that you like getting pounded in the ass doesn’t make me a Homophobe, it makes me a good judge of character. Is that and double posting all you have? Most people think what you have to say isn’t clever and the ones who agree with you are probably just as fat and gay as you are. You are full of rage for your fellow fat people because you are clearly miserable. Keep on defending your stupid opinion. Its like your sore asshole, its gross and only other gay, women haters are interested in it. You fail.

  29. The New Adam - a Gift for the Women here (only young ones)

    Any woman over 120 lbs. is a fat whore. There is nothing lower on the food chain than a fat cellulite ridden hag. I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up a bitch bustin’ outta her jeans only to find that once they come off she is a fat slob who shoe horned her nasty ass into them.
    And once a woman has children her value becomes 0.

    Say what you will but there is not a man on this site, other than Randal who would defend a turd if it belong to a celebrity, that will disagree with me in his heart.

    Peace and Love out

  30. Beeotch

    Okay Men…grow a watermelon in your stomach for 9 months, push it out your pin hole and then have the guts to call Kendra fat…..

  31. name withheld


    I can’t beleive you and I are on the same page, quickly someone get me a sanitizer.

    ‘a bitch bustin outta her jeans…o.k Mc Rapper ..chill get down it…come on and get down it..if you really want ooooo get down on it.
    get down
    get down
    on it…


  32. Kendra looks udder-ly ridiculous.

    When will the “V” ad go away? Being stared at by the butch FBI “Mom” and the Lizard Queen is unnerving. I want them to go away. Unless they’re planning an inter-species lesbo fest. As long as they close their eyes. *shudder*

  33. JesseJimmy


    Let me see if I appreciate your brilliant logic:

    People that agree with you are good judges of character.

    People that agree with me are fat slobs?

    Okay, just wanted to make sure I got your logic.

    And your obsession with guys getting assfucked is very telling. . .

    *hugs and snuggles*

  34. Gigi

    Sorry, Kendra looks thick. If she was back at her post-baby weight you all would be saying she looked great. I agree with you JesseJimmy.


  35. Get a Job bitch

    Sorry, I don’t eat pork…..

  36. Sergeant Poop

    Gotta love these people. “You don’t like fat chicks? You must be gay.” The woman has one job…to not be fat. Why is it commendable that she is staying fat for a longer period of time when she has access to everything necessary to be in good shape?

  37. Fat is Fat

    Poor girl, now she is not only stupid, she’s fat and stupid…..

  38. Seriously?


    Go talk about your mommy issues with a therapist.. not here. Have fun being a lonely, wrinkly-balled old man with no one by your side because im pretty sure no woman would ever be dumb enough to want to be with you! :)

  39. Dumb Talentless Ho'S

    Chicks love wrinkly bald old men as long as they have money….

    a whore is a whore

  40. Dumb Talentless Ho'S

    Fat chicks love wrinkly bald old men as long as they have money….

    a whore is a whore

  41. google

    Ok ladies, idea here,

    let’s eradicate these retarded and superficial loser guys from the gene pool by refusing to sleep with them. So they can vent their mommy issues, woman hate, and fat obsession to a therapist and live in their (likely) mother’s basement with Ramen and cheap porn.

  42. factcheck

    Alli Watermelon – Muscle doesn’t turn into fat if it’s not used. That’s a myth.

    And Kendra isn’t overweight according to her BMI. She’s 5’4 and I’m guessing she’s about 140, which puts her BMI at 24. Normal weight = 18.5-24.9.
    Sure, her body fat is probably higher than it was before but give her some time, she was active before so she can get it back.

  43. Abel

    What does everyone see in her? She all right, I used to see here in the San Diego at the club all the time before her she had her baby. San Diego has so many other way pretty girls to offer, who don’t get as much as attention that she gets. Go to Club Fluxx in San Diego on a Saturday night, models lined up outside, go and see what I taking about.

  44. fina

    mmm @129, gotta side w/ JJ on this one. Kind of a leap b/w being a good “judge of character” and accusing them of being an avid assfucker (like that’s a bad thing). So, your thought process here was what…JJ doesn’t like fat chicks–>he has a bad character–>he likes gay sex? Hm.

  45. fina

    Oh, and yeah, Kendra is fat. I’m sure she would agree. I actually saw her show last night for the first time ever and she was working out trying to lose weight for a photo shoot. She’s not happy with her bod, but whatev…she just had a baby and she’ll get back in shape eventually.

  46. jobob

    man, i wish i could get paid to just hang out by a pool all day! what a life these people have.

  47. BNA

    I think she looks fucking awesome! You go girl!!

  48. Back in shape

    Round is a shape……

  49. Holly looking cute. They forgot to photoshop Kendra. Should be A-B-C after all these phony magazine covers.

    @143 factcheck is right. Muscle doesn’t turn to fat. Enough of the lies.

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