Kendra Wilkinson has a website thingy

March 16th, 2009 // 36 Comments

Here’s Kendra Wilkinson inviting you – specifically (How’d she know you’d be here?!) – to scope out her new website. In all honesty, I only posted this video for two pretty obvious reasons: The cinematography and the music. True story.


  1. cuntychops

    lamest post ever. E. V. E. R.

  2. Jose Pistola

    That said, you know what I mean?

  3. YoursTruly!

    Love her. Love, ‘The Girls Next Door’….she’s hot, she’s cool, she’s BLOND. She can do whatever she wants. And it will be the best thing. E. V. E. R.

  4. Julie Ann

    At least she didn’t laugh on that thing…every time she breaks into a giggle an angel loses it’s wings. Yeeesh.

  5. Seriously that was the lamest video ever…

    Someone should smack her around with a rubber dildo with her site on the bottom of the screen.

    That’s quality programming.

  6. Jeezy

    Agreed…. LAME.

  7. Scdo

    You can’t hide from me, Fish. I know when you are giving me crappy ads instead of not-ads.

    I didn’t even watch the vid. l knew it would be lame ass.

  8. Avoid her website, its an advertisement for “HanK” Youd think shed have some sexy pics of herself and other playmates, but nooooooo

  9. Frank


  10. sin

    That is a very lame video, but for the people who run this site, that was an Oscar performance. Idiots run this site and jack off to our responses.

  11. Napoupi

    Read on her website :

    “Kendra Wilkinson exemplifies the image of a down-to-earth tomboy who found herself in the right place at the right time.” Can I see that breasty video again ?

    “Playboy founder Hugh Hefner happened to stumble upon a photograph of her that had been sent to his mansion” (It’s not like she herself did *anything* at all to try and get in his pants…)

    “She can be seen in the smash films “The House Bunny” and “Scary Movie 4,”" No comment.

    “With a great personality to match her all-American good looks” read : she ain’t no jew, and her floaters are here alright.

  12. AteIsEnough

    @4, It’s B-L-O-N-D-E, which apparently you are too! This girl gives dumb a bad name. The Girls Next Door proves that she has the soul and personality of a turd! Looks only get a person so far, and for so long!! Listening to her speak is like nails on a chalkboard, only not as interesting.

  13. catalina

    you like the Ting Tings? wow. that was obvious…

  14. catalina

    you like the Ting Tings? wow. that was obvious…

  15. Richard McBeef

    Nice tits, needs head transplant.

  16. Tom Strong

    She is NOT a Playmate. He just appeared in the magazine, but not a real playmate.

  17. MESS

    A friend of mine recommended me a HOT place *** A f f l u e n t M e e t c o m *** She has been intimate with someone who she gets to know on this site. It’s easy as apple pie because the members there looking for guys who can spend on them.

  18. kingofbeer

    White chicks trying to act ghetto – It’s a turn off.

  19. id chris brown her so hard.

  20. Julie Ann

    At number 12…nope, not a blonde. Brunette actually. I actually can’t stand the woman but her laugh is BY FAR the most annoying thing about her. That was pretty much the only comment I was making…soooo….?

  21. The second this broad opens her mouth the moment is ruined… seriously she could quite possibly the stupidest human being alive, “you know what I’m sayin?” I’m perplexed at why people find her so attractive, she’s average with large fake tits, I guess that somehow makes her hot.

    Tomboy my ass she has the athletic talent of a one legged duck…

  22. Lowlands


  23. Amber

    I LOVE The Girls Next Door (and Kendra)
    <3 this post. Ty.

  24. ………………………….THIS IS ANOTHER RAT-GIRL, folks?
    (I thought nicole ritchie was the only one?)

  25. WTF

    @12 . I think you mean #3. And I guess brunettes are just as stupid, dumbass

  26. Julie Ann

    To you above…mmm…didn’t really bother to read the comment above my initial one…so I just assumed it was directed at me…mmm…and I don’t really see any reason to discriminate against any hair color. So…how about you just shut the fuck up and stay out of other people’s conversations?

  27. AteIsEnough

    @ 25 & @ 20. Oops! I apologize. I did in fact mean “@ 3″ initially. It seems that I had a blonde moment there!!

  28. AteIsEnough

    @ 26…I think I’m in love!! ha-ha! I laughed hard at your post! Give us hell baby!! : ) And, to defend my comment…I do know far more dingy blondes than that of any other hair color. I did not, however, say that it’s always bad to be blonde or dingy. In fact, it’s more fun to be blonde because they’re easier to find in the dark!!

  29. Albert E

    Julie Ann, I think #25 was actually backing you up as far as pointing out the face that #12 was calling “blonde” and they in fact were having a “blonde” moment themselves. I think if you read before you act, things will be a lot easier in life for you. And even if you have blonde hair, brown, red, or whatever, youre still a fucking moron! …mmmmm…youre a dumb ass….mmmmm… tampon goes in the front hole….mmmm…must find a post to be first on…mmmm.

  30. bobby trendy


    whats with the “mmm’s”? Posting and falatio must be AWESOME! You can falache me anytime.

  31. asdf

    she looks ugly wierd

  32. me

    I love the Girls Next Door. It’s like driving by an accident and trying not to look. I love Kendra too. I even love her dumb laugh. She’s a regular person.

    It’s all fun.

  33. me

    I love the Girls Next Door. It’s like driving by an accident and trying not to look. I love Kendra too. I even love her dumb laugh. She’s a regular person.

    It’s all fun.

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