Kendra Wilkinson wants to show you stuff

April 15th, 2009 // 37 Comments

If you enjoyed looking at Kendra Wilkinson’s breasts during her latest photo shoot, scope out a behind-the-scenes video of her at work after the jump. You know what I love about Kendra’s blog? She’s not bitching about Octo-Mom or trying to hatch lame publicity stunts. She’s taking her clothes off because that’s how you Internet. That’s how you Internet.


  1. Donkey Dongey Dong

    First Bitches!

    Oh, and she’s a stupid, vapid whore!

  2. Wow, what a visual work out she just gave me….im winded!

  3. Men's Room Republican

    She’s just another bimbo in a world overrun with them. Nothing special about KW except that she slept with a senior citizen.

  4. Jeezy


    Stick to photos and we won’t have to hear your obnoxious voice!

  6. like2bcold

    she is so f***ing dumb…”these are my shoes HEE HEE HEE”
    why is that funny? i hate her face too. her body is bada$$

  7. mondo270

    i just don’t see it. This chick is not hot and she is very annoying. With her stupid weasel face….yuck!.

  8. like2bcold

    she is so F***ING dumb. “these are my shoesHEE HEE” why is that funny? i hate her face. her body is bada$$ though

  9. She’s in great shape… and by that I mean, I want to give her the ol’ pirate eye… ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

  10. Chrisy Cooley (Maxim Model) and her new husband Chris Cooley star tight end of the Washington Redskins now have their own reality show here:

    I’d love to know what people think of it.

  11. Beauty is fleeting. Dumb is forever.

  12. I love how everyone on here talks about how dumb she is as they finish themselves off and stash their tissue in the wastebasket – she must be really dumb to be making 50 times more than you and still get your “attention” for the 45 seconds it takes to shoot you load.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to flog off to that video again. Just amazingly hot.

  13. dude

    Most overrated skank ever. Honestly, every one of us knows 100-200 women better looking than this. Maybe I’m just spoiled living in Orange County, but here, Kendra would be an overlooked whore.

  14. dude

    Beatty: I’m sure your parents would be so proud if you actually masturbated to a woman for a change.

  15. #14 – Not if his parents are that gay couple that lives down the street from me. They’d clap and say “Faaaaaaaaaabulous!”

  16. Zee Brat

    Love you Kendra!

  17. wilson

    She’s awesome.

  18. Frank N Stein

    I’ve hit that before and it was good.

    Though she does leave the taste of Hef in your mouth.

  19. ToeJam

    Goddamn silicone whore.

  20. fearsarewishes

    Loved it!

  21. Me 2

    So many haters on here. She looks hot and her stripper workout videos will probably be successful. Get over it.

  22. smarg

    She only takes negro cock. Eew.

  23. cavy

    Kendra has, by far, the best bod in the business. When I’m working out, I’m thinking of getting that body type (in shape or not….I’ll never have her body, but it’s very good inspiration, lol)! Can’t stand fake boobies – even with my tiny handful, I’ll NEVER get ‘em. Anything looks good on Kendra though…

  24. About 2/3 of the way through when they’re looking at the photos, there’s an uncensored nipple slip :)

  25. Kristina

    haha she’s funny

  26. K.T


    I love blond, busty, toned, tanned, petite, beautiful women….that’s the best kind.

    She’s gorgeous. Absolutely.

  27. JPRichardson

    UBERPerfect body.

  28. How much do Kendra’s PR people pay the Superficial for these spots?? Does it cost her extra to not be insulted like she should be??


  30. Here here! Women of the world (not all of you), Shut Up And Get Naked!

  31. She looks better with a dwarf.

  32. fifi

    erm why does everyone hate on her?
    shes BEAUTIFUL, honest, normal and nice…
    get a fukin life haters!

  33. anonymous

    i really wish this girl would just go away, she is the most annoying person on TV right now and thats saying a lot.. her laugh is horrible, everytime she opens her mouth she says something idiotic in a long, drawn out, winey, sounding voice, its like she cant speak normally without wining. she cant dance, even tho she thinks she can, n i dont understand the purpose of her, she no longer lives with hef so she might as well go on about her life, without a damn show.

  34. who is who of redemption, who is a catastrophe?

  35. thank you for your posts

  36. He is just another child in the world overrun with them. KW nothing special except sleeping pensioner.

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