Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape

Considering she was practically raised in the Playboy mansion, I don’t see how this is news, but apparently Vivid Entertainment is getting ready to release a sex tape featuring Kendra Wilkinson. Radar Online reports:

Sources have revealed that Wilkinson knew about the video but that she made it with a man she trusted and never thought that it would be released to the public.
She is unsure who sold the steamy footage to Vivid, which is the same company that released the Kim Kardashian sex tape too.
And although the model and her legal team are fighting to stop the tape from being released, she’s terrified that it could potentially shatter her marriage to her NFL football star Hank Baskett.

I really don’t want to believe Kendra is this stupid, but the questions posed here leave me no other choice. So let me address each one so she can go back to wondering how the light turns on in her fridge. (It’s gnomes.):

1. Who released the tape?
Your publicist.

2. Will it destroy your marriage to Hank?
Before you two met you were part of a televised fake-titted five-some that juggled Hugh Hefner’s gray balls for room and board. I think he’ll manage.

3. Will it embarrass you?
a. I’ve seen clips of your show where you describe how loose your vagina was after giving birth.
b. This is a trick question. Playmates don’t feel shame.

I like to believe I’ve been a service here.

Photos: Splash News