Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape

May 5th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Considering she was practically raised in the Playboy mansion, I don’t see how this is news, but apparently Vivid Entertainment is getting ready to release a sex tape featuring Kendra Wilkinson. Radar Online reports:

Sources have revealed that Wilkinson knew about the video but that she made it with a man she trusted and never thought that it would be released to the public.
She is unsure who sold the steamy footage to Vivid, which is the same company that released the Kim Kardashian sex tape too.
And although the model and her legal team are fighting to stop the tape from being released, she’s terrified that it could potentially shatter her marriage to her NFL football star Hank Baskett.

I really don’t want to believe Kendra is this stupid, but the questions posed here leave me no other choice. So let me address each one so she can go back to wondering how the light turns on in her fridge. (It’s gnomes.):

1. Who released the tape?
Your publicist.

2. Will it destroy your marriage to Hank?
Before you two met you were part of a televised fake-titted five-some that juggled Hugh Hefner’s gray balls for room and board. I think he’ll manage.

3. Will it embarrass you?
a. I’ve seen clips of your show where you describe how loose your vagina was after giving birth.
b. This is a trick question. Playmates don’t feel shame.

I like to believe I’ve been a service here.

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  1. miked

    Hank basket is by no means an NFL star , he’s a 4th receiver on a mediocre Philadelphia Eagles. Oh and married a beat skank, I boubt that he is suprised about the tape.

  2. lor


  3. jimbo

    $100 says it’s with another black guy.

  4. LOL Since when is Hank Baskett an NFL Star?

  5. Ego

    i’ll watch her tape

  6. Sport

    She is ‘famous’ for being naked and living/sleeping with a 300 yr old man in his mansion. Even made a TV show about it. How can a sex tape embarrass her she WHORES HERSELF OUT FOR ATTENTION. Maybe someday she will realize her only ‘talent’ is taking her clothes off.

  7. Sporkdevil

    Baskett a #4? I don’t think he is even that in Philly. What should he care? She must make more money than him.

    And this is punishment for dropping the onside kick in the Superbowl. Jerk.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Baskett is with the Colts now.

    And yes, I would pay full price for this tape. I fucking love her body pre-kid.

  9. Hi There

    Deacon Jones: Baskett is back with the Eagles.

    He’s far from a star.

  10. stat police

    doesn’t matter, but for the sake of being the stat police:

    Eagles: March 12: Signed WR Hank Baskett to a one-year contract.

  11. Objac

    I’d watch the hell out of that.

  12. pimp

    check out the avatar nose on that bitch! also, i’d like to eat her ass…

  13. Sean

    IN other words, Kendra and Hank are broke. Hank being a scrub, soon to be unemployed. Kendra, never really making much money. They want to live like they are Brangelina, despite the fact they are broke. Not you and me broke, but Hollywood broke.

  14. Cash

    So the dumb bitch is worried this will ruin her marriage if it gets out? Unless she’s yelling shit like “I hate black people and the white scrawny bitches that marry them” while she’s getting plowed, I think she’ll be ok. That is, unless she lied to Hank and told him she was a virgin, and his big dumb ass believed her.

  15. Drundel

    Ha. I wonder if she gets peed on or dirty sanchez?

  16. bitch PLEASE

    So what..she was a ho when Hank MET her, they probably met at one of the MANY brothels at the Playboy mansion, so why would it destroy their marriage?

  17. mixed up Genes

    Awesome how these attractive women not only turn out to be low class whores, but sully their race as well. Good job, slut.

  18. the EPA

    I wanted to see her sex tape until I realised she is a wannabe hood rat and most likely fucked an uncircumcised black dude.

    No thanks.

  19. Deacon Jones

    That’s just fucking great. We’re def. winning the superbowl now.

  20. her left nipple just gave me a black eye through my combluta monatuh.

  21. know your football

    He is back on the Eageles now. Colts got sie.

  22. know your football

    He is back on the Eageles now. Colts got wise.

  23. know your football

    He is back on the Eageles now. Colts got wise.

  24. Courageous

    OK, everyone can think what they want, type what they want, it’s a free internet, etc… but there is no need for the racist overtones. Is she a fame whore? Undoubtedly. Is she smart? Smart enough to surround herself with a PR team that has managed her 15 minutes of fame into a sustainable income. I pretty much don’t care what any of you think, but I have no patience for racist, who I see as being at the bottom of the intellectual food chain. Or as I like to callyou: Oxygen Thieves! (TM)(c)

  25. this week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us...

    again, at the risk of repeating above sentiments. hank is about as likely to become a star in the NFL as kendra is well spoken. has anyone heard that bitch talk? it is like she is a re-tard (hangover pronounciation). maybe she can afford to go to finishing school with the windfall proceeds from people watching her get peed on in a multi-angle dvd. please let it be tiger woods too, the person she “trusted”. hank baskett, a star… hirarious!

  26. Mmmmm, Balls

    Nice writing Fishy, me likey. Except for the visual of the old man’s gray balls being lapped up by bimbo’s.
    Wait a tick, I like that too.

  27. ___

    Of course she does. Lots these dumb whores do and therefore lots of impressionable young girls will end up butt naked on the internet because of it. It’s a shame.

    And #24, I didn’t see any racist remarks in any of these posts. What the hell are you talking about?

  28. Frito

    The only reason she would try to block its release is to negotiate for some of the proceeds. I don’t really see how this can be anything but a blessing for this chick. She makes a living from taking her clothes off and flaunting her sexuality. Isn’t a sex tape next logical step in her fledgling career. I don’t see why her non-star football husband would careeer. She fucked Hugh Hefner for room and board. If that didn’t disgust him nothing will.

  29. I don’t see how she would try and block the tape either. I think she wants the world to see her do what she does best.

  30. Don Keypunch Jr

    I bet she is a hell of a great lay. You have to admit her pre-baby body might be one of the best ever and her attitude seems good too.

    I am sure Hank figured out the first time she went south on him that she had probably done this a few times before.So my guess is that he’s probably not going to be surprised by anything he sees.

  31. egg

    ugly boring no one cares

  32. chuck


  33. Richport's Ghost

  34. www

    She looks like a fat pig. Literally, she has a pig face. Why did Hef choose her as one of his girlfriends? He could have had any playmate he wanted, yet he chose this horse-mouthed pig. Now she is married to some athlete I think. Again, why did he choose her? She is ass ugly.

  35. bar room hero

    I really don’t care to see her ‘burn coal.’

    not my thing; I still remember that episode that she had a grille made, wtf????

  36. Phil

    Is Vivid Entertainment owned by the E! Network or something?

  37. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    Football star husband? Hank is a special teams player who’s fumble cost the colts the super bowl. He’s a ham and egger at best.

  38. Tek

    Can’t turn a ho into a housewife, Hank. Reggie Bush found out, and now you.

  39. 7L


  40. phifli

    * C O A L – B U R N E R *

  41. @41 indeed!

    @37 you have our gratitude.

  42. The video is private and highly confidential taken for private use and not for public disclosure. Any exploitation of the video would be a gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy

  43. Burt

    “And although the model and her legal team are fighting to stop the tape from being released, she’s terrified…”

    I guess her “legal team” doesn’t know that the video can’t be legally published unless she signs a release form (yes, it’s really that simple. Makes you wonder about other “celebrities” and their sex tapes.)

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  47. Hata

    Baskett’s the douchebag who couldn’t cover the onside kick in the Super Bowl and cost the Colts the title. I hope neither of them make another cent in their lives. But I’d watch her sex video with my robe thrown reckelessly open, though.

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