Kendra Wilkinson has a baby boy

December 11th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to baby Hank Basket IV, according to OK! Magazine:

The bouncing baby was delivered via C-section at 12:37a.m. on Dec. 11 in a hospital near Indianapolis, Indiana, where the elder Hank plays wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Hank IV weighed in at 9 lbs., 5 oz. and 22 inches long.

In related news, Kendra Wilkinson already looks like these photos thanks to the secret Nazi lab in Hugh Hefner’s basement. “My Fuhrer, ze Americans von’t know vhat hit them after I launch my ultimate veapon: Ze big titty bimbo. SIEG HEIL!”

I’m on to you, Hefner.

Photos: Getty

  1. JDawg

    Nice to read that they went with the c-section to keep her vagina looking youthful.

  2. Jann

    I like her.

  3. havoc

    Eh….another stripper with a C-section.

    Hopefully he was born with a brain…..


  4. Slut

    another racist black guy. pffft

  5. Jdawg

    Just make sure the kid doesn’t breastfeed and everything will be in normal working order

  6. Yawn

    How long till he starts cheating? Oops, too late.

  7. zoot alor

    Wrong-o, #5… If the woman doesn’t breastfeed her breasts become engorged, get stretch marks, and then sag like mad after. Breastfeeding doesn’t “ruin” boobs like the old myth says.

  8. Dr Rey

    Also, breastfeeding decreases the risk of breast cancer

  9. JiggaJay


  10. Richard McBeef

    Gross this woman is but hit it I still would.

    Cashing those Lardasshian checks again, Fish? I love how she even hides her ass off the side of the screen in her ads. Maybe I need a widescreen monitor.

  11. Jdawg

    #7 – Just speaking from personal experience. Mine, however, weren’t filled with silicone so maybe she will fare better

  12. yodude

    The reason why this ho and other hos in howood have c-sections is so the newborn does not contract herpes or possibly some other std. A c-section scar is not aesthetically appealing at all.

  13. chopper

    ehh just another race traitor . with a brand new mud baby

  14. Aunt Jemima

    Hopefully he doesn’t inherit her moronic/machine gun laugh. Ah ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-click.

  15. Hank Baskett

    Mmmm, I loves me some white chicks with C-section scars

  16. dj

    I gotta find that lab!!!!!!

  17. poster

    Hank Basket IV?? Sounds they couldn’t think of a name so they just started naming off things in the hospital room. I prefer Hank Basket Bedpan myself

  18. Your Mom

    HOLY CRAP! That kid is HUGE!

  19. alex

    on her left eye (our right), her fake eyelash has shifted and you can see one end sticking up near her inner eye

  20. Lou

    I can’t take credit for the line, but I heard a comedian remark that it was the first reported case of a man “coming OUT of Kendra, rather than the other way ’round”

  21. mel

    Wow that’s a huge baby. 22in is pretty tall for one too. I imagine she had to have a C-section because he was so big. Well congratulations to the family.

  22. jency perkins

    Ya’ll are so fucking rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are jealous bc she is a beautiful woman and had the experience she did! The person who said mud baby should rot in HELL!!!!!!! This is a human in the world! Get a life and stop being rude this should be a happy moment for them! Congrats to them!

  23. lilu

    This woman looks older than me and she’s ten years younger. No excuses.

  24. Elle

    Hank Basket IV ? Is he some kind of lord or count? I bet thwy just wanted a royalty-sounding name…and on top of that – Basket? duchebags!

  25. Nickki

    ummm 9 pound baby a c section is needed!

  26. um


  27. Katie

    Congrats Kendra and Hank! :)

  28. chopper

    hey jency perkins ! (#24)
    she’s as dumb as a stick & a race traitor. beauty is only skin deep, this pig is ugly to the bone..and now she’s the wonderful new sow to a mud baby.

  29. yah?i yah?i

    yes gurban-i van..

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  31. Hef

    Baskett is spelled with two T’s.

    Kendra is too small to be giving birth to a 9.5 lbs baby, natural… and we are 2 weeks early (girls next door ep baby shower said due date was Dec 25th).

  32. Brit234way

    Another WHITE WHORE. OH NO. I dont want her to have a black baby. Black babies are the most BEAUTIFUL in the world. Now the baby has a WHITE WHORE mother to look forward to. YUCK!!

  33. Glyndwr

    I always thought she was the best looking one on that show… which doesn’t really say too much… but those fake boobs are awful. I’ll bet she was really cute pre-fake-boobs.

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  35. Gando

    Congrats to the newly parents! Ima bit disappointed about the name.

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  37. Congradulate yuo, Kendra!

  38. Congradulate you, Kendra!

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  40. Very hot .. incredible woman

  41. Fegirst

    Hoosier baby.

  42. Would like to congratulate you all on the birth of your son. Good luck and God Bless. Watch your show all the time! Hope to see you on the waves real soon.

  43. Tricia

    The majority of you are so rude. Truthfully if you don’t like her no big deal but dont talk shit. She is human and makes mistakes just like EVERYONE else in this world. Be jealous all you want that she makes more money in a month than you will EVER see in your life. Get over yourselves. Honestly. I have a boob job too does that make me horrible? NO! They can pick their names however they want and she is a GROWN adult that can have sex with whomever she pleases. Leave her alone. Grow up. A ton of people instantly lose the weight. I did! Before pregnancy i weighed 113. The day i gave birth i weighed 146. I left the hospital at 122. Get over yourselves if you don’t like her that is totally your opinion but don’t sit there slamming her for things. As for the racism comments? seriously grow up!!!!!!!! You guys are truly PATHETIC. Number 13 and 30 get over yourselves. My second child was a C-Section, i do not have any diseases and am a model. does that make me trashy? Every woman and every pregnancy is different. You never know what you will experience. Please just think before you type because you truly make yourselves sound like horrible pathetic people. Thanks!

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