Kendra Wilkinson leaves for honeymoon

June 29th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Newlyweds Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Basket were spotted at LAX Sunday as they prepared to fly to St. Lucia for their honeymoon. I love how Kendra’s shirt reads “High Maintenance Bride.” Because what’s more attractive then a woman who lets you know she’s going to be an unbelievable bitch that you can’t escape without forking over 75% of your money in alimony and child support? No, really, I’d be aroused right now if I wasn’t hiding under my desk praying for cancer before a pair of fake tits tricks me down the aisle. (Don’t get any ideas, ladies.)

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Newcastle

    Who the fuck are they again?

  2. Lindsey


  3. Jeezy

    This is not news. It isn’t even relevant to anything.

  4. #1

    Hank Baskett – approx. net worth = $140 million
    Kendra Wilkinson – approx. net worth = $20 million

    Basically, two people that can buy you and me about 1000x over. You’re welcome.

  5. Heroiny

    #4: Then please, for the love of Baby Jesus, buy that bitch a brain.

  6. I repeat

    Who the fuck are they again?

  7. chris

    Kendra digging the BBC

  8. fearsarewishes


    She married a schwarzta?

  9. MrChips

    @4: So your net worth is only 160K? Hah! Loser.
    Kendra’s as dumb as she looks (or sounds). She’s figured out that a) Marrying black athlete boyfriend + b) Getting knocked up = c) ratings boost for your horrible reality TV show. Homeboy, however, must be dumber than a sack of dirt to marry her.

  10. LPB

    Anybody here remember when people got dressed up to travel? Especially people who alert the paps as to the time and place of their departure?

    Marylyn Monroe used to bring an extra copy of the same dress on the plane and change into the fresh one for arrival so she wouldn’t be pictured as being wrinkled. Well, it may not have worked out for her overall, but this girl looks like she woke up and took some clothes OFF for her trip.

  11. AJ

    Only in the USA can a plain Jane with breast implants get famous for licking the balls of a 90 year old famous man.

  12. Elle Diabla

    WTF@#4. Kendra worth 20 mill? Are you retarded?? In fact, I’m pretty sure you are. Your number for Hank is off, too. Like way off.

  13. Inmate #2648927

    Daytime TV and a pint of Ben & Jerrys’s…she already has the look.

  14. Newcastle

    LMAO at #7

  15. Max Planck

    Such lovely blonde hair.

    Why does she dye the roots black?

  16. emmy

    @10……you did the math? really?

  17. MissDaisy

    Oh look…she even brought her manservant along to help with the luggage.

  18. Aunt Jemima

    Once you go black we don’t want you back.

  19. H_Chick

    @ 12

    Never has a truer word been spoken, and you are right, she is a plain Jane actually. Ive only got one thing to say – here Hughie Hughie Hughie!!!
    Oh shit, hold on, Im a brunette!!

  20. georgie

    lucky man get to fuck a preggo bitch on his honeymoon. is only i could be so lucky…

  21. sally

    she tends to usually look dirty, like she just woke up out of bed and doesn’t shower everyday…i hate that look…

  22. sally

    she tends to usually look dirty, like she just woke up out of bed and doesn’t shower everyday…i hate that look…

  23. ToTellTheTruth

    Big fucking deal. Why go on a honeymoon..bitch was ALREADY pregnant before she even said “I do”.

  24. sssoldier

    Yeah another blonde with a famous black guy and they are gonna produce another little niglet for the world!! White chicks are becoming more and more pathetic everyday!!

  25. Gando

    These kind of holiday destinations belong to my favorites!

  26. Nero

    I don’t want to scare them off but isn’t Amy Winehouse there too?

  27. #10

    Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you own the complex. I mean, have you even checked the equity you have on that Toyota Yaris?

  28. I hate that cunt.

  29. JungleRed

    #17 You consider the ability to carry a decimal point “doing math?” Really?
    #28 Since your first thoughts on who visits this blog ran to apartment complexes and Toyotas, I’ll just assume that’s where you are in life right now.

    Incidentally, if fugtard and her ball boy were so rich they wouldn’t need to fly commercial.

  30. Mama Pinkus

    she looks cheap

  31. Heff

    I’d reserve judgment until we see what Kendra actually squirts out. I’m sure Hank prepaid for the paternity test.

  32. HoodFellaz

    lol @ 4


    Hank is almost still a rookie in the NFL he hasn’t made the big bucks yet.

    So your out of your mind thinking he’s worth 100 million dollars, hell i would be surprised if he’s worth 10 million right now.

    He made a few millions in the NFL with the bonus so far, but he still have to give a big chunk to uncle sam.

    As far as Kendra, i would be very surprised if she’s worth more than 1 or 2 millions.

    Playboy doesn’t pay for shit.

    Hank must pay for everything you see on that show.

  33. captain america

    A HONEYMOON in santa barbara county can be quite different, folks!!
    (we all feel the financial crises)

  34. Cornelius

    How the HELL is Kendra worth $20M??? WHAT has she EVER done, besides fuck an old dude and act slutty in general??

  35. I think they are both quite good looking

  36. dirk

    Thank God the airport security didn’t have a “Colored DNA” detector. That bitch would never get on a plane.

  37. Travis

    She is soooo FUGLY! Probably full of STDs.

  38. We’ll probably see some photos of them and Amy in a few days. :D

  39. Amy

    #25, you need to get a life and grow the F**k up. You ignorant bastard.
    There are a bunch of haters on here…people are mad because your broke and can’t get a job like she has….. it’s better than sitting at your desk typing out rude comments because you losers have nothing better to do. If your not interested then don’t freakin read it!

  40. meee

    it’s “THAN a woman”, not “then”. did you go to school?

  41. Hamper_Lint

    To #9 … you are German I guess ? I am 100%. German. Why do you feel that you need to comment on her husband being black. We can all see , you don’t need to tell us … does it turn you on ? does it bother you ? why ?

    To all who take issue on white girls and black guys, why does it bother you SO MUCH ? Are you guys SO JEALOUS because the only women you can get are the ones you jerk off to on your computer ?

  42. I don’t care want anyone say I wish them the best of luck an ya’ll need to stop hating an get a fucking life. Congrats on the wedding and the baby.

  43. mommy

    H A T E R S! ! ! !

  44. Jamie

    Hank Basketts net worth is not as much as Alex says! Kendra’s maybe that much though. Basketts net worth is under or around 8 million. He wasn’t drafted and he’s been a WR in the NFL for about 4 years, never really having a big year. Still between the both of them, they should live very comfortable!! Best of luck!

  45. anna

    okay according to someone on here posting a comment..
    Hank Baskett – approx. net worth = $140 million
    Kendra Wilkinson – approx. net worth = $20 million
    Okay I can understand Kendra marrying this guy. He’s rich, good looking and nice.

    Now – this is where the confusion kicks in for me:
    Flavio Briatore – approx. net worth = $200 million
    Heidi Klum – – approx. net worth = $70 million

    Really people? Really? I’m so disgusted.

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