Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett wed at Playboy Mansion

June 28th, 2009 // 113 Comments

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles were married Saturday at the Playboy Mansion and, wow, nothing like having a wedding at the same place your future wife played with an old man’s balls for cash. So, was the strip club booked that day? Or would that have been too classy?

Photos: Splash News

  1. devilsrain

    Thats god awful

  2. devilsrain

    Cant wait for people like this to start dropping dead. RIP Billy Mays

  3. :)) haha, good one, supeficial!

  4. cadcat

    RIP Billy Mays, you were pretty darn cool. Yeah I know this post is about Kendra and Hank, but I don’t care.

  5. Kelley

    Kendra was never a Playmate … too ugly … just had sex with Hef is all :)

  6. Kristin


  7. Doc

    So Billy Mays dies and the first post is about Kendra Wilkinson?!
    RIP Billy

  8. mimi

    you fuckers are just jealous.

  9. joho777

    What is amazing is that Bassett and a pregnant Wilkinson thought that anyone would be interested in this “news flash.”

  10. iweu

    and they marry in the playboy mansion with hef there.
    did he give her away?

  11. Laura


  12. Dread not

    That train that Kendra pulled down the aisle is probably nothing compared to the one, Hank and his Eagles buddies are gonna pull on Kendra on their “honeymoon”. Just kidding, Kendra’s not THAT kind of girl. She’s just the kind to flash her tits and ass at people while ON a moving train.

  13. Janet

    She had the nerve to wear a white wedding dress? Don’t people realize what white wedding dresses symbolize? Kendra was about the farthest thing from a pure bride that you can get. This won’t last three years, and “gross” is right: hef’s sloppy seconds.

  14. RtSS

    Kendra is famous for licking Hef’s old wrinkly dried up dick and balls. Also that insane laugh / giggle she makes. She’s got some good bank, and now she’s “Happily” married to a man twice her size. Isn’t American Grand! This woman has no talent, and only has gotten where she is by being a prostitute. I wonder if she pays taxes on those piles of cash she rakes in. Or are they considered ‘gifts’?

  15. chris

    And all of the groomsmen go…”JACKPOT”.

  16. dirk

    He done found his self a white one! Butterface, pocked skin and stupid, but she be WHITE!

  17. I hate that fucking cunt.

  18. Tim

    She had the nerve to wear white?

  19. Rabbit

    Awww so their going to have a little “Nigglet” together how sweet.

  20. Mister Bored

    And the racism starts at #19. Sorta disappointed it took that long.

    Oh well. She’s wrong for wearing white, she’s nothing more than an ugly white chick with zero self-respect – must have come from her father beating on her mother while drinking Pabst or Busch whenever NASCAR came on, and…

    meh. White chicks go downhill so damn fast anyway and she had a head start. Expect this one to be like Shauna Sands in a few years.

  21. sin

    How soon until the divorce and child support starts? Hank will gladly pay it to get away from her.
    She is like ice cream. A little is great but have too much and you get brain freeze.

  22. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Gee, funny, all these people giving Kendra flack for wearing a white dress. Just how many of you were still virgins after the 8th grade. Don’t let me get started on all the teenage mom, unwed moms out there and the likes out there. If you’re going talk shit down on someone about not being pure, you better at least make sure your own damn legs have never been opened.

  23. @20…well, black women start at the bottom of the hill, so they have nowhere to go but up…and dont give me that halle berry shit either, she aint 100% black. Like whoopi, oprah, the tennis twins, michelle obama…like I said, nowhere but up to go from that.’

    fish, you should buy and have it point here for all your sharking posts…gross.

  24. Yoda

    Oh, the irony of a white trash whore wearing a white wedding dress.

  25. cheezy_poof

    @ 20 how are you not as racist as 19?

    I feel dirty looking at the pics when they are obviously scummy paps not the usual greasy ones.

  26. Devin

    kendra is a great girl.
    she explains on her show about wearing a white wedding dress.
    and btw, she knows the meaning behind a white dress.

  27. Rabbit

    I certainly hope they make a sex tape! Pudding in a cloud! ROFL

  28. Diana

    Oh my god you are all so lame. Who cares? Shes happy. Who cares what shes done. People make mistakes. Shes happy and married. Leave her alone. Shes not ugly.

  29. This nigga sold out marrying a white girl! I agree with the other racists on here saying blacks and whites shouldnt marry! Fuck that shit ya’ll!!

    She just took a strong black man that makes good money out of the hands of a fine black woman…fucking thief ! race traitor.

  30. HELL YEA NIGGAS! Take that white girl and get the payback for slavery. Id take her and make her do my laundry, dishes and plant some fucking weed KNOW WHAT IM SAYING PLAYAS? hell yea he gots that shit now…that cracker bitch can shake that ass!!!!!

  31. missywissy

    exacty Superficial dude, exactly.

  32. RtSS

    Kenda sucks cock. First ol’ man wrinkly cock, that is dried up. Now long dong black man cock. I bet she guzzles the protein shake that comes out, and then swallows it down into her warm little belly.

  33. Miss Brown Eyes

    Sure he knocked the easy piece of ass up.. he only married her cause he was hoping he’d get a peek in da House to score his next piece of ass.

  34. Christina

    White and black people are the same. So come to terms with how much you hate yourself. Or maybe you can’t escape your self hatred anyway so you spew out nasty shit for everyone else to feel as rotten as you do.

  35. SoTe

    Really? White? wow.

  36. poor christina…living on another planet or just a simpleton retard. Were different corky, as different as water and oil. The sooner you realize that, the better off youll be. Now come back to planet earth and educate yourself on the differences and then …maybe…youll be able to contribute to society in an educated manner, not full of guilt and naivety.

  37. That One Guy

    I love how all the people who not only visit a gossip site, to goggle at booty in bikinis, but actually take the time to comment are now getting their panties in a twist because a non-virgin is wearing white on her wedding day.

    Flippin’ get over yourselves, you ignorant hillbillies. Women who wait until marriage to have sex are BORING, and the marriage will soon fall apart. In fact, all virgins are boring, and the first time usually sucks. Not always, but most times, b/c the girl is ignorant.

    Why do you people treasure something so stupid like virginity, anyway? When will the Double Standard finally die it’s well-deserved death?

  38. Balls McCoy

    Hank’s skin is the one thing Oxyclean can’t clean. RIP Billy

  39. DeenaBee

    wendy, your right. people are different. but i don’t think that has to do with the color of your skin. what probably makes you different is your a classless piece of shit, doesn’t matter what color you happen to be. have a good day.

    good for kendra, hopefully they are all very happy.

  40. DeeeeeeenaBeeeeeeeeeeaattcchhhhh…put a dick in it libby. Youre just mad because my statement applied to you as well and it hit home. Get over it, and get on with your life…its ok…you never owned slaves, even though you are treated like you did. You dont have to carry that guilt with you everywhere.

    Feel Better? Now go tell your birkenstock-wearing boyfriend to quit hugging the trees out back and get in there to finish getting those nasty warts off you…he does know its communicable, right?

  41. amanda

    what is with the racism on here?
    its incredibly stupid and pointless.

    i think theyre a cute couple, she seems like an avid sports fan so at least theyll always have something to talk about which is more than alot of people get

  42. saywha?

    what color should a slut/whore wear on her wedding day then?

  43. saywha?

    what color should a slut/whore wear on her wedding day then?

  44. saywha?

    sorry, didn’t mean to post twice.

  45. justifiable

    #13 Janet, 1953 called. It ‘s really thrilled you never go outside without a hat, gloves and shoes that match your handbag, but it wants its mentality back.

  46. cavy

    Kendra looks absolutely beautiful! What a strange week to get married, with all the celebrity deaths, but there’s nothing that can be done with scheduling a wedding.

    They look gorgeous together – I wish Kendra & Hank a lifetime of Love, Joy and Happiness….<3

  47. justifiable

    #23 “black women start at the bottom of the hill, so they have nowhere to go but up.”

    Not true, Mike. They could marry you.

  48. cavy

    *wanted to add….

    I’m sickened by all the racism – how disgusting in this day and age to even suggest the mean, nasty comments I see on here daily. Anyone who writes racist remarks must be completely miserable in their own lives to be that cold hearted.

    Seriously, take a look at yourselves and the way you’re living your lives….how dare anyone judge a person by the color of their skin?! I want to love this World we live in, but it’s full of so much hate and misery….I thought we humans had evolved more than this…I guess not….how sad.

    Anyways….good luck on a long and wonderful marriage Kendra and Hank!

  49. amisaki

    #29 Yeah LaTasha, cuz what successful black man wouldn’t want to marry a fine classy person such as yourself?

  50. eric

    When I read #29′s comment I immediately looked to the left and saw the pic of the fat black chick in the dance your ass of ad. I lost it…

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