Kendra Wilkinson gets 50% of sex tape sales

May 20th, 2010 // 39 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson will reportedly earn “up to 50%” of the sales for Kendra Exposed after agreeing to its release, according to RadarOnline. The ex-boyfriend banging her in the tape has also been revealed as MMA fighter Justin Frye who apparently got the money-ball rolling:

“They have cut a deal,” our source said about both Kendra and Justin, clarifying that they cut separate deals with the company releasing the tape.
Kendra publicly decried the upcoming release of the sex tape but now is in position to earn a fortune from it, the source revealed.
Frye initiated the deal by shopping the sex tape, our source revealed. He sold it for $100,000 and as that deal was concluded, Kendra was later brought on board.

Quick. What’s 50% of a million illegal downloads that destroy any chance at a mainstream career? (I suck at math.)

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  4. Zach

    Is it just me or is she not hot?….. at all? She looks like a 14 year old boy with boobs.

  5. Duke Nukem

    Well seeing as she had 0% chance of a mainstream career, 50% of nothing is zero. So she actually gains quite a bit from this tape’s release.

  6. okamsrazor

    I am so going to download this tape. Not that she is the best looking girl, but p0rn is p0rn.

  7. @kjfxmonk

    I think you hit the nail right on the head, @Zach

  8. FrankNfrtr

    What a stupid bimbo. That money will be burnt up quick, but those images will be around forever.
    I do love this trend of “celebrities” filming & releasing their own sex movies though. I’m sure we all have a wish list of them that we hope get on board with this. How about Brad & Angie? Tom & Giselle? Orlando & Miranda? Tom & Neil Patrick Harris?

  9. Paul Marco

    I wonder what ol’ Hank Baskett is going to do now that these pictures and the video are now open to public consumption.

    I bet he’ll dump her pretty soon. But then again, he may not. His career is in the toilet just like Kendra’s and he is a black man. I mean – come-on – black men are known for screwing prostitutes without wearing condoms!

  10. bobbytomorow

    who cares about her cut, when is it out so i can illegally download it and jerk off?

  11. karmatose

    Yeah, I totally plan on downloading this flick. Paying is for suckers

  12. Tek

    There are always going to be some idiots that’ll go and buy it even though you can see the whole thing online for free. Probably some old buzzards that are just now discovering how to use a DVD player.

  13. NOT interested

    Agreed, Zach.
    I don’t see what’s so great about this chick. I think she looks weird and stupid. No respect at all for her or any other celebrity ho with a sex tape.

  14. sessone

    “What’s 50% of a million illegal downloads that destroy any chance at a mainstream career?”

    uhhhh, yah, cause those sex tapes really ruined the careers of paris hilton and kim kardashan. oh, wait, thats right – it made their careers.

  15. bar room hero

    It is not just you, this slag is not hot. She is also a coalburner, which relegates her down even further from hot.

  16. frankw

    “Quick. What’s 50% of a million illegal downloads that destroy any chance at a mainstream career? (I suck at math.)”


  17. frankw


    Okay, I realize I’m a little slow. But, what is a coalburner?

  18. cc

    oh me oh my…one of Hef’s girlfriends is a money grubbing slut?

    What a surprise!

    Seriously, but if you were ever one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, you are by definition gross.

    Even if you are Brande Roderick, let alone this ugly hick. I’d do so proud to be married to Kendra.

  19. HeyHey

    You people are fucking crazy. She was by far the best looking of the Girls Next Door. Cute feet, too.

  20. She's a lying whore

    Of course she gets 50% of the fees; it’s what she wanted from the start. Again, NO tape can be released unless everyone signs off on it. If the tape “could devastate her marriage” as she claims, all she has to do is say NO and it’ll never be released. Again, case in point, the Bret Michaels sex tape, which he prevented from being released permanently.

    She’s a whore, a liar and a douchebag. She’s been lying from the start. Enough of the “I’m so hurt by this” BS; just take your millions and STFU…

  21. This can mean two things, Kendra thinks since this tape is going to get released anyways, might as well profit form it.

    #2 She needs the money, she has a kid, a certain lifestyle even-though she has a NFL Hubby, there might be other expenses that are blowing through cash. Like Him having a vice that blowing though his and her money, like gambliing, or some chemical dependency.

    I expect a divorce within 5 years, which she will probably get preggo again to save the marriage will never works.

  22. Rimba

    What did you expect. She wouldn’t even be known if it wasn’t part of her plan to score some cash.

  23. elephantman

    hey #17, it means she is a nigger lover, yes you are slow and fuck first! bitches!

  24. mathematician

    One hundred million dollars! BAM.

  25. frankw


    Yeah, I knew that. Just wanted to se if I could make one of you pasty wimp Motha Fucka’s say it.. Watch Your Back…

  26. frankw


    Yeah, I knew that. Just wanted to see if I could make one of you pasty wimp Motha Fucka’s say it.. Watch Your Back…

  27. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    I guess she really wanted Fryes with that. That line will help her in her new career.

  28. fortheloveofFashion

    Why is this website so racist? like seriously I feel sorry for you ignorant f.u.c.k.s. — Nigger lover? really — You idiots are so brave when you’re on the internet lol. I bet you’re all smiles though when you’re in a black person’s face, then talk about them behind their backs like the cowards you are.

  29. Cartman

    Coalburner? I thought she was a mudshark. Shows what I know.

    BTW, I don’t want this video even for free.

  30. Cartman

    Watch it elephantman, you just might get all us pasty crackers killed with your racism.

    LOL, shitskin frankw about to cap yo ass and shit. Fo rizzle, nizzle.

  31. thank you for sharing ! she is sexy !

  32. thanks a lot for your good post !

  33. If I accidentally click a link drunkenstepfather shit, I swear to God I never click on the practical side again.

  34. rose

    worst comments ever.

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  36. captain america

    why do you think she is THIS horny?

  37. SATAN

    @19, Holly Madison is/was ten times hotter.

    The fact that this retarded dyke put out a sex tape of herself pre-implants is gonna turn a LOT of people off. she is absolutely disgusting without her (nicely done) boob job. plus, this was clearly shot before she starting working out religiously.

    all in all, Satan gives this career move an F and will not be watching the tape.

  38. Juston

    Most of the links going around go to previews of the video and stuff. You can truly watch the whole thing without all kinds of issues here: Its on the main page and streaming.

    Not sure how long its going to be up as some of the other sites have been taken down

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