Kendra Wilkinson feels bad for Gosselin kids

A pregnant Kendra Wilkinson has learned a lesson from watching the Gosselin family implode on national TV. E! News reports:

Kendra says their baby, due on Christmas Day, probably won’t be on camera too much if she and Baskett continue starring in reality television. That is a lesson she learned from tuning in for Jon & Kate Plus 8.
“We don’t watch that anymore,” Kendra tells me. “I watched back when it was good and they weren’t all Hollywood.”
She continued, “I feel bad for the kids. If we do have a show, none of that’s going to happen…I want to be able to spend quality time with my child and not really give the world too much.”

So for the record, back when Kendra watched the show when “it was good,” was that before or after giving Hugh Hefner a contractually obligated handjob between diaper changes? Just out of curiosity.