Kendra Wilkinson’s Starving Herself

December 1st, 2010 // 62 Comments

Here’s Kendra Wilkinson outside Beso in LA last night where she looks like she’s starting to lose a little too much weight, but you know what, I probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions here. For all we know, it could just be a simple meth addiction, or she’s doing that thing porn stars do where their face reflects how dead they are in inside. I should at least give the poor woman the benefit of the doubt that’s it’s one, if not both, of those before I go telling people she clearly took the easy way out of dropping the baby weight. That was rude of me.

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Definitely meth

  2. Cool. Now if she could sew her mougth shut..

  3. She looks like shit

    If this stupid whore (whore is one who has sex for money; ie – her selling her sex tape) wants to lose weight, she should take out her 10lbs of fake tit implants…

  4. As Rough as it gets

    She wants to lose weight? Just avoid dancing with the stars. How hard can that be?

  5. battle of the bulge

    looks like a dick in the pants.

  6. RoboZombie

    That’s a FIVEhead!

  7. Just A Horny Dude

    I have a protein drink for her.

  8. Ann

    I can;t even watch porn because the dead eye faces of the women and some of the damn guys! It looks like dogs fucking.

  9. Kendra Wilkinson
    Peter Pantsless
    Commented on this photo:

    Wasn’t she in Aliens? I’m waiting for a tiny Kendra head to come and poke out of her mouth.

    • Kayla

      She is thinking of sucking off Hef’s wrinkly dick in that picture. She wants to go back to riding for her weekly allowance, and butlers and maids to clean up after her. LoL!

  10. See Alice

    Who will leave their earthly bonds first Kendra or LiLo ?

    • Carl the butcher

      Kendra, so that the baby can grow up in a healthy, loving, caring home. I see another Anna Nicole Smith happening here soon, and look how Dannilyn turned out? LiLo can be saved, Kendra is another story……

  11. Cardinal Fang


  12. i’m trying to think of something funny but i am waiting for her to finish taking a pee

  13. K

    Hate to burst the bubble but this is what she looked like pre-baby maybe even thinner….

  14. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face looks a tad thin, but her bad eye make up is deceiving. Her body still looks athletic/slim to me

    • TImothy

      LoL! She looks like she just got done sucking Eddy dick and taking it up the poop hole, while her brunette friend watched.

  15. mcfeely smackup

    well, for someone who gets paid for sex (that’s her entire career after all), it is kind of important to NOT look like a chick who had a baby and got fat. So I guess this is good for her “career”.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Well said!
      Just another chick with fake tits who is only known for taking her clothes off and selling her soul to sleep with the crypt keeper for money. Go away you no talent fame whore – and take the Kardashian sisters with you.

    • McFeely Smackup

      I think you guys are being unfair to famewhores.

      Real famewhores capitalize on celebrity for money and attention, Kendra has done nothing but fuck for a paycheck, both on camera and off.

      She’s a former prostitute, a current porn star, and we’re just supposed to pretend that’s not who she is.

      • J.R.

        You got that right! With those credentials I’m truly surprised she’s as famous as she is. It’s amazing what people call celebrity.

  16. The Cynic

    For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone cares about this ugly, famewhore, race-traitor. Please stop the updates about her, Fish.

    • LJ


      How white hooded of you.

    • Wow, the Superficial is also the official meeting place for KKK members everywhere!!! So you good ol’ boys are upset another one from the trailer park decided to sleep with them damn coloreds huh?


      • Joe Morris

        Biotch marries whoever she wants to. That’s her business. Look how she treats the guy anyway? Rip her family apart to return to her partying days, takes the kid and leave it with Daddy, and returning to her whoring ways, return to appearances in the nightclubs for big money (that she don’t need).

        When you think of all these things, he is a far supervior being that this whore will ever be. Let’s get real here folks and give the man some credit for who he is.

  17. pixie

    She still looks fat to me. She’s been trying to lose it for a long time, don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

  18. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:


  19. She can try and lose all the weight she wants, her Playboy days/looks are OVER. Even her hair looks dead. When she was living in the Playboy mansion sucking geriatric mummified cock, she could afford to look Hef wouldn’t even flash a penis wrinkle at her let alone FUCK her..

  20. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    call me back when shes in her underwear

  21. NeNe

    Whether she is fat or thin, she is disgusting wh*re. She should probably be checked for some STD, or something.

  22. Elle

    That’s somebody’s mom! Try sleeping after knowing that…

    • NeNe

      Yes, and that somebody’s mom slept with a 100 year old man to become the famous wh*re that she is now. As well has made a sex tape with a boyfreind when she was younger. There are hings her child will have to deal with. While she is in the public eye, and puts it all out there for everyone to see, she is fair game. No holds barred.

      • Noni

        Exactly, she is fair game and I do not intend to hold back. Whore need to go care for her baby, like that Kordashian girl, and Nicole Richie is doing.

  23. The Ghost of Kanye

    Ack why does her face look so gaunt? Does she feed off the power of tabloids?

  24. See a thinner Kendra will have a better body but … her skin looks like crap and her face has the look of a woman twice her age. I think I know why she looks that old too. Hef sleeps with younger girls and somehow sucks the youth out of them, leaving him … alive … and leaving the girls old looking and haggard!!!!

  25. spinal

    The consequences of her greedy, grasping, empty lifestyle are inexorably appearing on her face. They always do. Karma is one vicious bitch.

  26. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    she doesn’t look like she’s starving. She has been training hard to lose the gained pounds. PLS don’t make judgments when you don’t know her situation

    • TImothy

      She is not training hard to lose no weight. She even said so herself. Stop taking up for this married mother of a whore. You should be directing her home to her husband and baby.

      You fanatics are just so gullible. Kendra is a whore who loves the limelight, and has given up on her family for her friends and the streets. Call it what it is and stop being so blind to this hypocrite. Geez.

  27. Coach Potato

    She mentioned that she didn’t comb her hair. Any chance she didn’t wash her twat either? Or did she have Britney Binger and Eddy to lick it clean?

    This sorry biotch of a human being need to go away, and go raise her child in private. As for her husband, he is letting her put herself on tape and in picture to use in the divorce against her, so he can keep his child, who will be raised by her two loving parents and brother. Good for him, because Kendra will soon be history.

    Kendra the drug addict is imploding and she doesn’t even know it yet.

    As for the meeting with that fat cow of excutive producer. That was a meating to scheme against her husband, so she can carry on her train wreck of a show on E!. But, alas, even E! is turning against the hoho now.

  28. Noni

    This whore just sucked off TSHort before hitting the club for the night. She is working the streets of LA just like before the wedding and baby. Remember, she had to leave her husband in the cold in MN, while she lives in sunny LA so she can parteee and whore it up. Now, she is cheating on Hank with Rob Kordashian.

    Oh, i forget, that is Kendra’s career. Btw, the baby is with Hank in MN. Just as well he pays the babysitter and take care of the child himself. He is stable, settled, and a family guy. Let Kendra continue to whore in the streets of LA and see how much longer Baskett is going to put up with her. The man is not that dumb afterall. Kendra is the dumb one and all her antics is going to come back to bite her in her “a-s-s-etts.”

  29. Noni

    Hef whore didn’t even brush her hair and her teeth. Look how nasty they look. I bet anything she did not even take a bath either.

    The vehicle she was riding around LA in just have crash and burned with her and her party gang in it.

  30. erección

    She looks a little underweight but not much when you consider that the female body hits its peak at 18-22, then it’s pretty much downhill. Luckily, that’s not *all* guys look for.

  31. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Kendra should be home reading to the baby and putting him to bed, instead of presenting her whoring self at Beso to be photographed by paparazzis, and clubbing it with single people who doesn’t have a care in the world.

    Edward – single
    Britney – single
    Rob Kordashian – singe
    Rob’s friend – single

    Notice, none are married! So, who is there to tell this married woman with child to go home? None. All the married friends kendra had, they all deserted her – Tiffany Falon, and Jessica Hall are just a few!

    Where is the baby btw? Oh, with Daddy, while he has to go to work in MN, and Momma get to play in LA. Hahahahahah, Kendra is a joke, and a train wreck heading to derailment fast.

  32. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    See, Eddy has to hold her up from all that ramming he did in her a$$. Ahaha.

  33. Joe Morris

    Nope, they look for a bobblehead with a pair of huge melons on their chest……

  34. Joe Morris

    I agree about the black truck escoring the whore and friends around LA. It should have crashed and burned sending this whore into oblivions. I am so sick of her, and wish she would go away.

  35. Hugh Hefner

    Binge and purge, binge and purge, binge and purge to stay Skinny. Ain’t that what she told her brunnette friend on the show last week. BINGE AND PURGE BABY.

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