Oh, Good, Kendra Made The ‘Lost In Space’ Porno Nobody Asked For

Like most people, I just assumed Kendra Wilkinson had a simple plan for life:

1. Implant the boobs.
2. Blowjay the dicks.
3. ?????
4. I’m on TV!

Turns out underneath all of that dick-sucking lies an aspiring musician who wants to shit all over classic TV shows and/or suggest Hugh Hefner was the pedophile on Lost In Space this whole time. Which I’ve always suspected but didn’t want to rule out the robot because, seriously, when were its arms not all over Will Robinson? I know people didn’t talk about rape in the 60s, and Bill Cosby thanks you, but those metal claws could’ve at least married the kid first. Anyway, here’s a video that’s somehow weirder than all that robot sex I was just talking about.

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Photo: YouTube