Kendra Wilkinson: ‘Laurence Fishburne Needs to Support His Daughter Doing Porn’

September 3rd, 2010 // 76 Comments

Because who’s more synonymous with sex tapes these days? (Besides Kim Kardashian because that’s the only way she got famous, the only way.) Kendra Wilkinson was asked for her input on the Montana Fishburne situation this morning while doing an interview with TalkRadio’s America’s Morning News. Via Radar Online:

“…. He has to be there for her. He has to say “F” all, “F” Hollywood. And he has to learn to be there for his daughter. Just because she does what she does that porn, he has to get back down to earth and realize who my daughter really is. Is she a good person? …. hey that’s what happens when a girl turns 18. When someone turns 18, they have the freedom to do and choose what they want to. It’s your job as a parent to at least have them be a good person.
“For Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, she’ll probably end up doing what I did and that’s waking up, and finding out what’s real in her life.”

“Just because she does what she does that porn, he has to get back down to earth and realize who my daughter really is. Is she a good person?” Allow me: Uh, no.

On that note, I really don’t know what else to say here that doesn’t rehash everything I’ve already said about Kendra lying about her sex tape, so I just posted 18 pics of her huge breasts at Barnes & Noble the other day. I know you guys expect jokes instead of deep, introspective looks at the very core of society, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’m a philosopher!

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  1. Tyler

    Is it irony that she’s speaking such idiocy in front of Shakespeare?

  2. Anonymous

    Larry Fishburne doesn’t need to support his daughter’s porn career any more than Montana needs to quit it because her father disapproves.

  3. Taz

    Not so hot

  4. Kevin

    Um no he doesn’t…He has enough money to give that girl anything she wants. She could be anything, go to any school. She could be a crappy singer or actress. She could make something of herself. So many black people don’t have the opportunities she does, but she takes the normal route and gets fucked on camera…nice job.

    • NIKKI

      The “normal” route?

      Are you saying that doing porn or sex tapes is “normal” for black women? : |

      • Kevin

        Well there is stripping too…A lot more of them end up doing that because according to black people they aren’t given the same opportunities as white people. I know a lot of that has to do with socioeconomic status, but yes, it is more normal than going to a good school and getting a good job.

      • NIKKI

        I think you need to get out more.

      • Kevin

        I’m wrong? So you are telling me that black people have just as many opportunities in this country as white people? You are telling me that they have as much wealth as white people? You are telling me they live in good areas like white people do? You are telling me they can get the same good jobs as white people?
        If this is the case…please tell black people to SHUT THE FUCK UP. All we ever hear about is how they aren’t treated fairly and don’t have the same opportunities.
        I think you need to get out more. Turn off the girls next door and read about socioeconomic status.

      • Kevin

        and let me guess…You probably think the term “African American” is the correct term that should be used right?

      • The MAN

        Negroes have much less potential in this country. It originates from the fact that their basic family unit does not exist. At least she knows who her father is!

      • Kevin

        I guess I win this one.

      • Albz

        He’s trying to say that she had more opportunities than most black women, but she decided to be a dirt bag slut whore instead. lol.

  5. Georgeo

    “Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, she’ll probably end up doing what I did”

    Getting famous by having sex with an old man?

  6. Kendra Wilkinson
    dumb bitch
    Commented on this photo:

    what a dumb bitch.

  7. Deacon Jones

    I love this girl. She’s put on 10 pounds but still looks hot. Maybe I have a shot now that her self esteem is probably in the dumper.

    Anyone seen her sex tape yet?

    BTW, Baskett will be cut again by the Eagles this weekend. You heard it first.

  8. Jim

    Goddamn her face is busted.

  9. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Hey I didn’t know that when I turned 18 I had the option of going into porn!? WTF?! Why in the world did I waste my freaking time goingb to college starting a buisness career and growing more old and bitter by the day…?

    Kendra IS right: Larry should support his daughter in her pursuit of porn and penis – there is absolutely no telling where I would be right now if my folks had put aside their irrational fear of societal mores, pulled me aside and said – Screw college!!! Get a job in the porn industry – and oh by the way: Sorry about that micro penis!


  10. woot

    Finally saw Montana’s porn this weekend. Wow, she came out just swinging.

    Thumbs up, didn’t have that bored, celeb sex tape thing going, she was just flat out nasty banging.

    A for Effort.

  11. What a whore

    Why is anyone asking questions of this braindead cum dumpster? She’s got the IQ of an ice cube and thinks porn is a career option. Fuck her; just ignore her & she’ll go away…

    • Deacon Jones

      We don’t want to ignor her, you flaming bitch.

      Lots of guys have, and will continue to, jerk off to her. All the while you’re squeezing into your rusty Toyota to go get a #3 at Burger King.

  12. Of course Kendra supports Chippy D, uh…I mean Montana.

    Montana has only done a couple porn movies. Kendra was a professional prostitute AND a porn star. Montana looks downright wholesome by comparison.

    • byahh

      Its sad that Montana is doing shit like this, when she can go to her father and get a connect. Montana said “doing porn is my dream”. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? And anyways, who the fuck is kendra to give advice? She’s a slut too? In Fact, I bet, her son, is gonna hate her when he gets in HS.

  13. Kendra Wilkinson
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to tongue punch her turd cutter

  14. Turd Ferguson

    Says the stripper whore who shacked up with the Crypt Keeper herself for a few years, ON TV, to ‘make it’ herself.

  15. This broad is nuts! She should change the title of her book from ‘Sliding Home’ to ‘Greasy Cunt’.

  16. Any Guy

    this chick’s face is certainly busted, and what’s with the fatty arms? better watch out Kendra, it may be back to turning tricks real soon because your boy’s gonna be out of a job soon. get back on that treadmill whorebag!

  17. CuntDroppingsWereAMistake

    Man, she still hasn’t recovered from having a kid! I think she is our next Anna Nicole Smith! RIP

  18. elephantman

    she is so DUMB! if anyone listens to her and takes the advise she gives they are out of their mind! she has stupid front teeth and a fake smile! just like brittney speers! friggin hoes!

  19. fester

    By “support” does Kendra mean that Laurence should hold the camera… like her daddy did?

  20. dude

    where’s her waist? She looks like a fucking oompa loompa

  21. Kendra should support Montana. And by support, she should star in movies with her. And take one in the butt from Brian Pumper. Even if it never happens, every time I think of Kendra now, she’s now going to be synonymous with the phrase “Pumper in the butt!”

  22. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    No, he needed to be a better father while she was growing up so she didn’t turn into a shitty zit assed ghetto whore. He needed to be there so she didn’t go out looking for cock up her ass to make up for the loss of Daddy’s attention.

  23. Barry

    Mommy, what did you used to do for a living? Well (son or Daughter). I used to have sex with men and women while they filmed me.

  24. Hairy Knuckles

    Do any of you think that the Shakespeare books/media just happened to be there?. And that where they decided to put her signing table just happened to be in front of Shakespeare?

    I’m surprised they didn’t stock the shelves with Othello!!!

    Jesus F…ng Christ…This pathetic ignorant scamp didn’t even know how do address a letter or how to mail it on an episode of “The Girls Next Door”. Please poke my eyes out — she was 25 years old at the time.

    • Weasel

      At that B&N, that’s just where the event space happens to be and all of our guests sign there. All the photos I took my friends all pointed out, “Wow, next to the Shakespeare? IRONIC!” I agree but that’s just the layout…

  25. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    HAHA these pictures are from the B&N I work at. That’s what she was wearing and how her hair was that night. She was as vapid as I knew she’d be and said something like, “I don’t take compliments well. People tell me all the time I’m pretty but I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and I don’t think so.”

    For not being too bright however she was very sweet to everyone. I’ll give her that.

  26. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Messed up face, talentless, has a sex tape… no wonder she’s famous!

  27. a skank

    websites publishing advice from a proven whore to another whore’s father about how to treat his whore daughter. debates about its importance. america is still a great land.

  28. StEvec

    she gives a bad rap to fire hydrants everywhere….only thing she has going for her is that she married a thrid-string receiver on the Eagles who had a whopping 5 receptions all last season….hard up no doubt

  29. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    looking haggard.

  30. stev

    standing in front of the works of Shakespeare.

  31. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like the average White woman with a lot of makeup on.

  32. captain america

    ….most americans want to look PRUDISH for their “Neighbours”!!

  33. Kendra Wilkinson
    Zoltan Pendragon
    Commented on this photo:

    Anybody else find it hilarious that she’s standing in front of the Shakespeare in the first pic?

  34. Brooke

    Good god. I’m with Larry, I’d be kicking my daughter out of the family if she went to porn just to be famous.

  35. Darrin

    I like her more since seeing her fuck. Really – I thought she was awful on “The Girls Next Door”.

  36. Amy

    The only people who support women doing porn are the men who don’t know said women. When I watch porn, I damn sure don’t want to see my brother/friend/uncle–it’s only okay when I have no clue who they are. All people who think Lawrence Fishborne should be proud of her are insane. Everyone knows porn stars/strippers aren’t real people.

  37. Nay!

    Aaaaww my first lesbian celebrity crush… I know she’s really dumb but at least she used to be soooo damn hot. Where are you Hot Kendra?? I miss you =(

  38. Lovemypubichairthick

    I met Kendra and her husband and they are good folks. My problem with Kendra is her future and how much she loves the limelight and being a celeb. She doesn’t have any real talents and in five years where is she going to be?

  39. roughOrama

    Who said, chicks that has been in arranged relationships should only be seen and not heard AGAIN?

  40. annyhaiyan

    I really don’t know what else to say here that doesn’t rehash Dell inspiron 9400 laptop batter yeverything I’ve already said about Kendra lying about her sex tape,

  41. herbiefrog

    ok. just switch the site to linds

    … turn off quenstions : ) ) )

    we’re not dead… nor do we intend to be

    hey babe/… have fun… be safe L : )__)

  42. herbiefrog

    have fun… why is anyone counting ?

    we are all the same…

  43. Kendra Wilkinson
    Bill Clinton
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this skank really at some kind of book signing? What kind of horrid loser would want a book signed by such a waste of oxygen? Unfreakingbelievable.

  44. girl who likes it in da butt

    wut a sloot!

  45. Mel

    im not a celebrity and would never want to be. if i EVER did porn or even only in print my parents would NEVER speak to me again. This girl is so entitled and stupid she will regret this for the rest of her life. her father must be so embaressed. i cant believe he ever agreed to pay her legal fees. i like Kendra depite the fact that she did porn..she should stop reminding everyone how much a whore she used to be.

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