Kendra Wilkinson & Kate Gosselin Are Your First ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

If you’ve ever seen Wife Swap, put a gun in your mouth and welcome death’s sweet embrace for this life can no longer comfort you now. If you haven’t, it’s a show about couples swapping wives for two weeks that ABC has now expanded to celebrities including ones that aren’t even married because the first rule of reality television is, “Just film fucking anything. Anything at all.” Which brings us to Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin who will swap lives in the first episode and give me an excuse to post giant, fake jugs if you’re looking for a theme here. Us Weekly reports:

Gosselin will get to stay with Wilkinson’s husband, former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, and their son Hank, 3, while Wilkinson will become a single mother of eight kids (twins Cara and Mady, 12, and sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah, 8), whom Gosselin shares with ex-husband Jon.

Considering this is a horribly uneven trade, I’m going to assume the point of this show is to demonstrate porn stars will do anything for money which is stupid because there’s literally an entire Internet full of free, readily available proof. And, yes, I’m talking about these Lindsay Lohan posts. What the hell else would I have meant?

Photo: Pacific Coast News