Kendra Wilkinson Has Another Sex Tape

Because having actual talent is hard, you guys, Kendra Wilkinson is releasing another sex tape that she’ll pretend is destroying her life while laughing annoyingly to the bank. This time around it features a girl which pisses in the face of anyone who thinks sequels are unoriginal, derivative cash grabs. RadarOnline reports:

And although Kendra publicly assailed the release of the first sex tape, as exclusively reported she secretly signed off on the deal and received a hefty payday.
Now, she stands to profit again from her newfound status as a reality porn star.
“Kendra and Taryn started fooling around and then Kendra wanted the light turned off,” the source told “But the camera that was recording them had night vision, so it looks like the Paris Hilton porn tape. Everything is completely clear.
“The girls are laughing at first, and the guys are encouraging them to kiss each other. They started kissing while giggling and then things got hotter.”

In case you forgot, Kendra is reverse cowgirl-ing a mountain of these things – “sitting” didn’t seem like the proper verb – so it’s going to be awesome to watch her systematically create opportunity after opportunity for her son to eventually see one of them in her pursuit of a quick buck. I mean, just think how adorable it’ll be when he axe murders his first victim at three. They should get him a little lumberjack outfit.

Photos: Splash News