Kendra Wilkinson is a Brave Woman

[DISCLAIMER: This post is not about a miscarriage. — But you’ll wish it was.]

Kendra Wilkinson is living a nightmare, you guys. Not only does she have to live alone in LA in a mansion her football player husband pays for because she refuses to move to Minnesota, now she doesn’t even have to deal with her kid either. When will the clouds part, dammit? WHEN? OK! Magazine reports:

The Kendra episode that aired on Dec. 4 showing Kendra and baby Hank living together was filmed months ago. Now, she’s been living alone in L.A. and filming the show while husband Hank Baskett is in Minneapolis playing for the Vikings.
But what’s worse, Kendra has been forced to make the biggest sacrifice a mother can make in sending her infant son to live with his father. “Life has changed now,” Kendra tells OK! exclusively. “It gets so lonely.”

Wait. How the hell was she “forced” to send her son to live in Minnesota without her? Are only babies allowed on planes now? Is that why Kevin Smith keeps getting kicked off of them? Because literally none of this make sense unless you’re willing to consider the fact Kendra wants absolutely zero responsibilities. Which, of course, can’t be the case because she’s always crying on her show about how much she loves her family and TV doesn’t lie. I bet they don’t allow pretty people to move to Minnesota. That’s probably it.

Photos: OK! Magazine, Splash News