Kendra Wilkinson is a Brave Woman

December 8th, 2010 // 84 Comments

[DISCLAIMER: This post is not about a miscarriage. — But you’ll wish it was.]

Kendra Wilkinson is living a nightmare, you guys. Not only does she have to live alone in LA in a mansion her football player husband pays for because she refuses to move to Minnesota, now she doesn’t even have to deal with her kid either. When will the clouds part, dammit? WHEN? OK! Magazine reports:

The Kendra episode that aired on Dec. 4 showing Kendra and baby Hank living together was filmed months ago. Now, she’s been living alone in L.A. and filming the show while husband Hank Baskett is in Minneapolis playing for the Vikings.
But what’s worse, Kendra has been forced to make the biggest sacrifice a mother can make in sending her infant son to live with his father. “Life has changed now,” Kendra tells OK! exclusively. “It gets so lonely.”

Wait. How the hell was she “forced” to send her son to live in Minnesota without her? Are only babies allowed on planes now? Is that why Kevin Smith keeps getting kicked off of them? Because literally none of this make sense unless you’re willing to consider the fact Kendra wants absolutely zero responsibilities. Which, of course, can’t be the case because she’s always crying on her show about how much she loves her family and TV doesn’t lie. I bet they don’t allow pretty people to move to Minnesota. That’s probably it.

Photos: OK! Magazine, Splash News


  1. Richard McBeef

    As a resident of the Twin Cities metro area, I can attest that we already have enough dumbshit, fake tittied sluts here we don’t need any more. Also, California people can’t drive in the snow. You can keep that bitch.

    • Richard McBeef

      You can take the Vikings down there with ya.

    • Sassyfrass

      @Richard McBeef: AHAHAHAHAHA! Luv it. Also, given Minnesota’s wildly frigid temperatures, wouldn’t her silicone freeze up? I dunno…I’m no chemist.

      • SamiJo

        I also am a twin cities, keep her in LA please!

      • Scatterflake

        HAHAHA, you’re no chemist but you are pretty funny. Oh Poor Kendra. What a skank ho. And that magazine should be sued by normal people everywhere, for the way they twist facts for a grabber of a headline.

    • Billy Seatsniffer

      McBeef, you had me at sluts…

    • britt

      Woot Saint paul here. I concur with non-minnesotans not knowing how to fucking drive

    • Casey

      Hear, hear! (from Mpls resident) The last thing in the world I want walking around here is fucking Kendra. On the other hand, the cold might kill the herp, so maybe it would be good for her.

    • Richard II

      Hahahahaha, let the skank stay in LA and sun her behind. Afterall, when Basket is done fuucking her, he is going to kick her out on her a$$. It better be tough, because that is what is going to land on. Can’t wait to read about it in the tabloids.

      Otherwise, the lil man is better off with his Daddy in Minnesota, and I am sure his Daddy keeps him warm at night, while the Mom is whoring herself out in nightclubs partying because of greed.

      This girl makes $2mil per season, plus her husband’s huge salary, and yet it is not enough for her. This bobblehead bimbo is a greedy whore!

    • adrienne

      i go to U of M. fuck Wisconsin.

  2. jojo

    You know when your infant packs the soother, the rattle and risks the T.S.A. love fest, to move to Minnesota well, you are a useless whore.

    • Richard II

      Exactly! even baby knows who the real dea is. Now, he doesn’t have to listen to all the cuss words coming out of that trucker mouth, or her shaking her ass around him. He will have a chance to grow up a normal child now. Best thing this biotch ever did for the baby. Got to give her love for that. Lol.

  3. erección

    ella es una puta estupida.

  4. Cardinal Fang

    God I hate her smile. Love her tits, but that smile annoys me. Looks so fake.

  5. katja

    She should just go live in minnesota

    • Donna Reo

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, no one wants her in MN. Let her stay in snny LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa and parteeeeeeeeeeeeeee till she drop. Then when she wakes up, she can put a rope around her neck and hang herself. That is the best thing she could do for Hank and the baby. Come on bitch, do it, you know you wanna.

  6. Kendra Wilkinson OK! Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    who cares?

  7. rican

    What a fucked up bitch.

  8. stevebeagle

    fuck that pig & her bench warming hubby too.

    • I 2nd that motion. She just figured out that Hank isn’t a star football player. She desperately needs to upgrade. Banging celebrities in the playboy mansion’s grotto is tough with a baby in tow. Gotta get a new man before Hef croaks.

  9. McFeely Smackup

    She probably “lost her baby” because the L.A. Child Protective Services decided a former prostitute porn star currently famewhoring for a paycheck was an unfit mother…although I’m not sure what they’d do with thousands of babies that criteria would put on the street in L.A.

  10. Melissa

    That’s not even the important topic here! What I want know is, what did Johnny Depp reveal in his sexiest interview ever???

  11. RoboZombie

    Awww…poor thing. Here, dry your eyes…with my SCHLONG!!!!

  12. Oh please. Look at how she barely even took care of her own DOGS when she stayed in the Playboy mansion. Thank god there were servants that guaranteed the dogs to even getting a fucking meal on a daily basis.

    A BABY should have NEVER fallen out of that bitch’s womb. Hank should have seen this one coming. You cannot turn a HO into a HOUSEWIFE.

    • A.J.

      . She’s just not ready to be a mother; wants to keep being the party girl. It’s like getting a dog then realizing it’s too much responsibility.

  13. v

    i thought that shot of her crying was from when the colts lost the superbowl

    • Donna Reo

      yes it was, and Drew brees wouldn’t let her jump on the victory band wagon and suck his diiick for fame.. Hahahahahahah.

    • Guido

      You mean after her husband dropped a onside kick to loose the game for the Colts?

  14. Titty Caca


  15. Well it’s more time for her now to fool around.

    • Maggie

      Ahahahahaha, she is! TShort lives in LA, and Lavancy Ray lives in San Diego. And don’t forget her butt boy Eddy is right there to service her. COme to think of it, after chugging down 64ozs of margarita this weekend in El Paso, Texas, Kendra and Eddy headed back to her hotel room for lots of orgy and sex, sex, sex. Yep, OK Magazine need to post that next week for all the world to read.

  16. Krys

    What a fucking cunt.

  17. Ann

    This is so skeezy. I hope Karma doesn’t kick her in the ass. Don’t cry about a healthy child being “lost”. THIS IS HORRIBLE!

    • Richard II

      The baby will be fine without his cracked, coke head, idiotic bimbo, trucker mouth Mom. Just think of it, he will be going to sunday school with his daddy before long, and the Baskett family will help to raise him up right, something neither Kendra, her mother, or grandmother can do for the lil tyke.

      She did the right thing to give the baby to his Dad. Afterall, he is the ontly sane one in that relationship. Kendra may be the Boss, but Hank is the gentle soul and the sane one. Baby will not suffer any separation because his Daddy side of the family will be there to fill the void.

    • Donna Reo

      Oh come one, time for Karma to bite this bitch in the ass. No Minnesota, no husband and no baby either.

  18. Notyou

    While the child may very well be better off in MN, I’d be concerned about an attachment disorder later in life.

  19. Kendra Wilkinson OK! Magazine
    guy rossi
    Commented on this photo:

    Her body looks good. Still dumb though

  20. Kendra Wilkinson OK! Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    I really hope this biotch stay in LA and continue to party and sun her ugly a$$ because no one wants her in Minnesota.

    As for the baby with Daddy, that’s the best damn thing she did for that child. When she is partying and whoring it up in night club, baby Hank is snuggled up close to Daddy who is keeping him warm. And Hank don’t have to pay the Nanny anymore, because his Mom and Dad, and brother is helping him with the baby. Good for the Basketts! Time for WIlkinson to go jump off a cliff and take her stupid trainwreck show with her. Darn HoHoHOHOHOWhore.

  21. Casey

    How in the hell did OK get away with a headline like that witha photo of baby inset under the subhead “Tragic News”??

    • Richard II

      OK did because they paid Kendra $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to post the pictures and run with the bogus story. Watch and see if Kendra sues them. She won’t because her publicist with her blessing conconcted the whole story to keep her name in the public eye, and to get everyone’s sympathy.

      But, little do this idiot realize that none of us intellgent people are buying the bogus story.

      • Casey

        No, I just meant twisting something like “I decided to ship my kid to Minnesota and stay in LA” into something that practically screams “my kid died.”

  22. xtinapoopbutt

    some people have no shame in shilling out their lives. its awful. do they think we dont hate tthem?.

  23. The look on Hank’s face says it all.

  24. wim

    ………….BUT STUUUUUUUPID!!!!!!
    good god.

  25. carp

    We’re trying to keep the wiggers out of MN. Stay in LA Kendra, you white trash cunt.

  26. aine

    @Richard McBeef – fucking right! I too live here (in St Paul), and am thrilled that this twat is not moving here.
    As far as the pathetic Vikings, I would do a damned jig on WCCO if they left. That team is an utter waste of our time and money.

    Of course maybe if Kendra whoever the fuck she is moved here, maybe we would get lucky and the imbicile would carry on with her stellar wardrobe of mini-dresses and stripper heels in the midst of our lovely winter… And get hypothermia and die.
    On that note, bring it on. Minnesota will make sure she’s dead or disfigured before spring. Take that you fake ass Hollywood bitch.

    • Crystal

      aHHAHAHAHAHAHA. And yet another internet high five. Hypothermia will do her in, or she wrecks her damnn car on the snow filled roads and is out for good. Now, that’s the headline the magazines need to write about. Not some stupid ho getting knocked up for more child support.

  27. blerb

    Fuck this twat, she exists…ooooooooo, amazing.

  28. Poor little kid. With the hands that Hank Basksuck that baby is certainly gonna get dropped a lot. Isn’t her 15 minutes about over?

  29. G

    Kendra lost her child… dis someone just checked between her breasts?

  30. Yomama

    Minneapolis resident here. Please keep this skank in LA. We have enough trash here in the Twin Cities as is. Thanx.

  31. Kendra Wilkinson OK! Magazine
    Commented on this photo:

    Just because a beautiful woman is married to a pro football player, that does not make her a whore and/or a bad person. Yes, she’s made mistakes, but who hasen’t. No one is perfect and should not be judged, unless one knows her personally.

  32. Luke

    I wonder if she checked in the closet, I find my baby there sometimes, though I find he is cranky if left there for more than a day.

  33. Ahhhhh yes, she won’t move to Minnesota because she knows her Husband sucks at football and will be cut any week now so no point in moving out there. Wait, why am I typing anything about this? She’s useless.

  34. From Duluth, MN: I honestly loved the show with the three of them on there. Not anymore! My hubby was in the Navy and we got transferred around the country a lot, but where he went, I went. When you get married, you stay together. You don’t whine, you do what is best for your family, ESPECIALLY when there is a sweet little baby. This baby deserves to be with BOTH parents. She is a selfish bitch, and acting like this will probably sink the show. And, she can just STAY THE HELL OUT OF MINNESOTA !!!!

  35. Lindi

    what took so long to take that child away from her, she’s no mother and Hank is hardly a man any longer, she’s turned him into a weak p…y sniffing washrag. She’s too busy spreding her used up arse for old Hef to be a mother. the no good, no count, unworthy skank.

  36. KumaTenshi

    Husband moves: check.

    Baby moves: check.

    Massive mansion orgies to tape in order to release more sex tapes….

    Right on schedule.

  37. MISSJ

    … and this is “TRAGIC NEWS?” How? I would be on my way out there with my son if i was that heart broken, it’s not like she’s on house arrest… regular everday parents have to go through shared custody as well, this is bull.. They just putting this crap on the cover to get you to buy their dumb magazine. She chose to not go out there and be alone screw her!!!!

  38. Angie

    I love the show I love when Hank is on there but I am sorry she did this herself when you are MARRIED you stay with your Husband you go where he goes if his job relocates you did she really think she could keep baby Hank from his Dad nope. I feel this is a better place for baby Hank here in Minnesota with his Daddy. Everyone else is right we have enough fake boobed woman here in Minnesota she don’t need to come now she should of thought about this before when he told her he wanted her with him.

  39. This is as good as it gets whith black and white trash! No morals and no shame! They deserve each other, because their on a collision course ready to crash HARD. The only MIRACLE that can happen out of this relationship is: if their child does not become one of them! BETTER LET THE GRANDPARENTS RAISE HIM.

  40. For a minute there, I was afraid that maybe the dingo ate her baby.

  41. manda

    Mansion that he pays for? REally? You know she makes more money than him right??? Seriously, you used to be cool, but I’m really close to stopping reading your blog b/c you really bash women (which is ok when they deserve it, but Kendra’s the bread winner so don’t act like she’s a gold digger).

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