Kendra’s Breasts Aren’t Wearing A Wedding Ring

July 2nd, 2014 // 18 Comments
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Yesterday, because we’re in the middle of the whiz-bang, non-stop action vortex of the days before a holiday weekend, I posted about Kendra Wilkinson flushing her wedding ring down the toilet because it was given to her by a man who swore solemn vows of faithfulness only to turn around and give a transsexual $500 in exchange for mutual handjobs. It was a taut thriller as much as it was a childhood limerick. And now here she is in public without said ring even though just 30 seconds of conversations with Kendra would make “maybe she swallowed it” the most likely scenario. Regardless, there are at least five other more important things my trained eye noticed in these photographs:

1. She’s not wearing a bra.
2. She’s not wearing a bra.
3. She’s not wearing a bra.
4. The way she holds her phone in her left hand suggests she recently consumed a meal that was Mexican in origin. Chipotle. With fajita veggies, but no quacamole because her brother’s an alcoholic who’s prone to making rash accusations such as avocados are burglars and Diet Coke causes rickets. But she drank the Diet Coke anyway because her white blazer suggests rebellion in an unrebellious world. She took two sips before realizing her nanny’s cousin recently purchased a Hyundai. I want to say Sonata, but possibly an Elantra. It will last 47,572 miles before suffering a broken axle. She’ll forgo a free refill in light of this information.
5. Haha! Turkey’s done.

Photos: The Media Circuit/AKM-GSI


  1. Cock Dr

    IMO if it wasn’t for the big implants & her willingness to show them few people would ever look twice at this woman.

  2. Juano

    Who cares? Always sorry to see a marriage break up, but it isn’t like either of them had a lot of depth. They are what used to be called “D-players” (no pun intended), until the entertainment industry needed fodder for the public.

  3. I always thought it wasn’t cheating if it was with the same sex.

    I’ll be down at the highway rest stop off exit 143, if anybody needs me.

  4. Veronika Larsson

    Manufactured-for-reality-show drama. And they hooked at least one fish already, so to speak.

  5. Kendra Wilkinson Cleavage Mom Boobs No Wedding Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is she a celebrity? Someone please remind me.

  6. First you say “she flushed (it) down the toilet.” Then you say “maybe she swallowed it.” Please tell me, exactly, what is the difference?

  7. She’s already on the hunt for a man to replace Hank.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    …i love “the mentalist”.

  9. Bob

    Did she wear a ring before?

    I’ve been married for years and we don’t wear our wedding rings.

  10. Kendra Wilkinson Cleavage Mom Boobs No Wedding Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    In some of these pictures, she looks a lot like Katherine Heigl.

  11. Mr. Friendly

    Nobody wants a washed out white hag that has had her vag hollowed out by a BBC.

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