Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Went to An Art Gallery

Kendall Jenner gets away with ‘freeing her nipple’ far more than any other pap-heavy celebrity. Perhaps she’s just been on damage control ever since she tried to cure racism with a can of soda. Either way it seems like a biweekly thing for me to sit down and find that she’s blasting her headlights while meeting the Pope or slangin’ sideboob at some equally inappropriate public outing like a Sesame Street fundraiser or a fancy Cannes gala.

Is it that bad though? Seriously, if she wants to air out those pups – who am I to stop her? Does anyone care that I have a massive hole in the crotch of my pants that creates a grundle nickelodeon every time lean back in my chair? Personally, I enjoy the breeze and I bet KJ feels liberated as well.

So props to you, Kendall Jenner for keeping it Japanese. Nippon, madame nipple queen… nip on.