Those Are Kendall Jenner’s Nipples

February 14th, 2014 // 62 Comments
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Kendall Jenner Nipples
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Here’s Kendall Jenner somehow walking the Marc Jacobs runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last night, and yes, those are her nipples you’re clearly seeing directly through her shirt. And I get it. Kris Jenner has a brand to keep relevant while people lose interest in Kim’s ass, but did she have to drain Kendall’s lifeforce before the show? That just seems like something that could’ve waited until after. Then again, I’ve never raised teenagers let alone whored one out per an accord with the devil. This is all Greek to me.

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  1. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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  2. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Her breasts are almost as nice as Bruce’s.

  3. Ms. Bruce Jenner

    When you pull down the zipper Kris’s manic smiling head pops out.

  4. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Woody Allen
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    Too old. >.>

  5. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    What nipples? They look 12… those aren’t nipples.

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    When did Kendall Jenner start looking like Marilyn Manson?

  7. This might be exciting if she actually had boobs.

  8. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Well, whatever.

  9. The Fantasy: Barely 18 years old, Kendall is ordered to bare her nipples by the conniving Kris Jenner.

    The Reality: She has the boobs of a 12 year old overweight boy.

  10. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    No eyebrows is the new black.

  11. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    Until she bathes in a black, second rate singer’s piss everything she does will be considered tame. We need to hold her to the family standard.

  12. They are not impressive. Why not just to full speed ahead into porn now?

  13. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    This will be damning evidence after the inevitable breast implants.

    • Urbanspaceman

      When she appears with D-cups in a year or so she will claim to be a late-bloomer. And we will believe.

  14. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Sure why not?
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    I imagine it’s like banging a store mannequin heated to 98.6 degrees.

  15. She has the boobs of a runway model. That’s what she’s doing. NBD, but it will probably take up a half hour of air time on that crappy TV show.

  16. since when has Japan started producing replicants? she better watch out for the Blade Runner!

  17. anonymous

    Since the backlash on KK, I guess she’s the final hope?

  18. look at that vacant facial expression–at least they had the good sense to put her on barbiturates before making her do this–she’ll recall very little of the experience

  19. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Is Farscape back on the air?

  20. Tyrone

    When does she ‘leak’ her porno and we get to pee on her?

  21. dennis

    Is it weird that at this point it’s just a check in the box of “Have you seen this Kardashian’s nipples?”

    x Kris
    x Kourtney
    x Kimberly
    x Khloe

    x Kendall

      • scotta

        It’s as though someone placed an LP full of favourites on the record player, and some yahoo comes along and drags the needle across the whole album.

        Apologies in advance to young people who don’t recognise any of the aforementioned objects. And also to McBeef, for whom I have the utmost respect, but goddam, I’m seeing Kendall’s nipples for the first time and you poison me with the mental image of Rob’s? Damn you. Damn you to hell.

  22. wtf

    It’s nice to see that someone in that family didn’t get fake tits.

  23. Deacon Jones

    It goes without saying with me, but… B-O-I-N-G

  24. Cock Dr

    Well I think the blogger’s text sums it up nicely.

  25. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Long Duck Domg
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    I’m glad they are bringer her up to be a whore like her older sisters.

    Great parenting.

  26. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Aleb Urbutt
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    Butterface.. I see she takes after her father in the Breast Dept…. Poor thing.. That Mug! ga.

  27. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Sad, to see someone without a soul so young. The titlets show promise, though.

  28. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Those are some great, small tits.

  29. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    They look even better close up.

  30. anonym

    she really doesn’t photograph well.

  31. She’s looked better in previous pictures, even without the nipnips showing.

  32. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    I’ll do her if she gets a third tit like the hooker in the original Total Recall.

  33. Patricia Mullin

    Way too young! Family is money grubbing whores! No morals, get on your knees like the rest.

  34. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Goddamnit, with that severe look on her face she resembles her fucking mother. Ewwww…

  35. face jizz

    Too small, shooting for the ugly bruce jenner face!

  36. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    All right…ENOUGH of this horseshit. Pussy or GTFO!

  37. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Back pain
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    Just like peanut butter cups…I could snack on them all day

  38. face jizz

    She’s what Bruce Jenner wants to be… and he already has her ant hill lil titties. Fugly…..

  39. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    They look like they’re rolling their eyes.

  40. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    I can masturbate to this, right? I’m asking for a friend…

  41. poop

    i think she has a good “model” face and physique. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got a nose job though. also, plenty of models her age (and many models below her age) show their nipples. I don’t think it’s a big deal in the fashion industry.

  42. wow

    She looks like an insensitive robot.

    Oh, she’s a Kardasshole. Right.

    • Every model in the show that facial expression. She is getting paid to walk the runway in a designer’s show. She has been instructed to have that look on her face, she’s literally just doing her job.

  43. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    And the karTRASHian cycle CUNTinues. Pure white trash at its finest. Pussy sells

  44. She just couldn’t wait to be 18 to show thoses lil one’s!And shame on the them to put her there! We don’t need more of them!And khole now u think u too good just like kim will go fu*k yourself too!!!

  45. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    David B
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    That is the deadest set of eyes that I’ve seen since — or maybe even including — The Polar Express.

  46. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Poor girl. She never had a chance…

  47. kenny

    Love this bitch

  48. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    she’s nothing and her sister is nothing.

  49. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Just another day at training camp on How to Bring up a New Slut through the ranks. Momagers Kris and Kim spreading their legs wide so poor Kendall can get a leg up in the industry. This broad is BORING as HELL. Next!!

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