Kendall Jenner Probably Lied About Tipping That Bartender

There is a reason why I never posted about Kendall Jenner stiffing her bartender on a $24 tip last weekend – I didn’t care. She seems like the kind of entitled diva that wouldn’t give a shit that a bartender bent over backwards to make whatever kind of annoying, low-calorie cocktail she drinks.

In case you missed it though, here’s an unenthusiastic recap:

-Kendall Jenner went to a bar and didn’t tip.
-The bar called her out on Instagram by showing the receipt.
-Kendall tweeted back that it was a cash tip.
=The bar is now quoting Nietzsche and we’re still hearing about this shit.

It’s common knowledge that Kendall Jenner is pretty out of touch when it comes to dealing with what she probably calls “worker people”, lest I remind you of the time she miraculously stopped racism with a soda? This tipping fiasco however, proves for the bazillionth time that America has created a gang of monsters by giving the Kardashians so much money. She probably thought that gracing the bar staff with her frequently exposed nipples was reasonable enough gratuity.

Just to put this in perspective, Bill Murray tipped a bartender $50 for a glass of water and cried at a play last night while Kendall Jenner probably banged Blake Griffin.