Kendall Jenner In The Shower Is The Spirit Of Christmas

Every year, LOVE Magazine does a video advent calendar featuring almost naked hot chicks doing weird shit only Japanese businessmen understand. They even put Lindsay Lohan in one last year, because if there’s no option to purchase, it’s not really about Christmas, is it? Anyway, this year Kendall Jenner kicked the whole thing off with a Landshark/Psycho parody that’s so bad you’ll forget Jesus doesn’t answer prayers for anyone’s death during his birth month. You have to wait until April, when he’s good and salty about that whole being crucified so you can jerk off at work and still come live in his sky castle for eternity with him thing.

Gigi Hadid was Day 2, but her mother never sold her into sex work, so she’s down her– Wait, what? Her mom is a Real Housewife? Nevermind, this kid was a child prostitute too.

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Photo: LOVE Magazine