Kendall & Kylie Are Trying To Escape Kris Jenner

On its surface, this post might seem like it’s about Kendall Jenner’s ass in a bikini. And it is entirely about that, but I also have to make it look like I actually write something around here, so here are some words about Kendall and Kylie trying to escape the Kardashian machine and start their own empire. Radar reports:

According to a source close to the Kardashians, although the 19-year-old supermodel and her younger sister are under contract with the show that forced fame unto them, they are itching to leave the series once and for all to start their own brand when that contract expires.
“Kendall and Kylie have both wanted out of KUWTK for quite some time now and they are starting to realize their power because people are focusing on the two of them more than ever before,” says the source.
“The know that they are hot right now and that is why they are constantly together.”

Of course, the important question is how do this affect the porn? Will there still be a porn?! And I’m pretty sure you still need at least $10 million to start a brand, so the only factor is whether or not Kylie needs to be under the influence of powerful spells and incantations like Kim was. — Haha! I’m joking. She didn’t need any of that. None of that was needed.

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Photos: AKM-GSI