Kenan Thompson: ‘Chris Brown still welcome on SNL’

Kenan Thompson probably just got himself fired from Saturday Night Live. The comedian, in a shockingly honest statement, says SNL would welcome Chris Brown back because it’s all about the ratings. Us Magazine reports:

“It’s not up to me, but I’m sure we would if he had another hit single,” Thompson tells “We don’t care about scandal. We just care about what brings us ratings!”
“If we had them both on the show, that would be crazy,” Thompson told Us at the GBK Luxury Lounge in L.A. on Friday.
Thompson, a regular on the sketch show, says that this particular scandal is “an unfortunate situation.”
“I don’t know the whole story, but I know how women can get when you get a text message from another female, so I’m just saying, you have to learn that you can’t put your hands on a female.”

It’s kind of refreshing to hear someone say it like it is. My only regret is that Kenan didn’t keep his streak going by ending the interview with: “But, you know, it doesn’t really matter because Jay-Z is offering a solid gold jet for Chris Brown’s head. And on that note, click click, motherfucker. Peace!” Because let’s not pretend that isn’t what’s happening right now. Now, has anyone seen my harpoon gun? No reason.

Photo: WENN