Here’s Kellyanne Conway Telling #AlternativeJokes

“What do you mean ‘Was that outfit part of your act?'”

In case you somehow don’t know who the hell this person is, Kellyanne Conway holds the vaguely evil title, Counselor to the President. She was also Trump’s campaign manager, and is largely considered to be the architect of his win. Which I guess means she’s the one on election night who got to slap the phone out of Trump’s tiny hand as he was about to press the last number to call Hillary Clinton and concede. Anyway, for some ungodly reason, she performed standup at a charity event in the early 90s, and because sometimes the internet can be used for good (Sit your ass down, mommy bloggers.) you get to see that now.

Woof. That is painful. Thank God no one pays her to go on TV and communicate important information to an entire country. – Oh, wait. – And if you stuck around til the end, which I know 99.999999999% of you did not, you got to see her finish the whole thing with a song called “Pundette Blues,” which is the shit pickle on this turd burger. If there’s a better argument out there for why conservatives should never do comedy, I don’t know what it is, except yes I do, and it’s this time Fox News came at The Daily Show hard.

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