Kelly Ripa’s husband fears the penis button

April 20th, 2010 // 56 Comments

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Mark Consuelos lives in perpetual fear of Kelly Ripa’s penis button, according to People:

“He actually pays me money to keep my clothes on!” Ripa, 39, joked to PEOPLE of husband Mark Consuelos at the Point Honors benefit on Monday night in New York, which she co-hosted with Bravo’s Andy Cohen.
“I’m actually given money to put on a parka. ‘Put your parka on! Here’s another dollar. Put on that hat!’”

So basically Mark Consuelos likes to bang the Gorton’s Fisherman. Or am I the only one who got that mental imagery? Also how hard up is Kelly Ripa for cash that she’ll do freaky shit just for a buck? Because I’ve got five right here and a Grimace costume. Just throwing that out there.

Photos: Splash News

  1. rrew


  2. Dan

    It’s horrifying.

  3. EB

    It’s kind of like a third nipple

  4. Crusty

    Hollywood types get unnecessary surgeries every day so they can make themselves more “marketable” to the masses (us).

    Here’s one chick who should do a quick outpatient procedure and correct what HAS to be an annoying thing to live with.

  5. Taz

    I’d drop my load on it

  6. Amber

    I agree with No. 5… it must be an annoying thing to live with. Why not just correct it? She can’t actually enjoy it. There must be a reason she isn’t doing anything about it.

  7. terry

    hhmmmm…wonder if he has gone down on it. Otherwise she is hot!! Would just enjoy it.

  8. missywissy

    hmmmm….. I think she was just joking. Her humor is lame. Still can’t get over she’s the co-host.

  9. girl

    Maybe, she’s just okay with it. It is an outie, people- not a third eye growing out of her groin… I am an innie… but really- who cares. I think its great that she is fine with her outie, her itty bitty bits and her man is too… besides… look at that smile! She’s a cutie.

  10. Stella

    ew it’s like one of mila jovovich’s nipples

    she’s also way too muscular

  11. Tek

    I’m an outie, but my bellybutton doesn’t look anything like that. In all honesty there’s absolutely no way that thing can go unnoticed! All together now: EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! *points*

  12. Neorules2112

    Who Care’s .. Would Still bang her, then again I would nail Klhoe Kardashian

  13. Mary Jane

    Her body has no fat on it so an outtie on her looks like “ of Mila Jovavich’s nipples.”
    LMFAO I know exactly what that means and that’s such an accurate discription.

    =/ I’d rather look feminine than be as.. idk what the word is.. healthy? toned? hungry?
    very pretty tho.

  14. SOS

    ughhh why is she only 39?? She looks so much older…

  15. justifiable

    A navel that’s hung is one thing, but I’d actually believe this if she said he really wants her to stuff that hat and parka in her mouth. Bitch has the most annoying voice on the face of the earth. When her earsplitting dental drill whine of a voice in that fucking appliance commercial comes on I’m under the sofa with the dog.

  16. SATAN

    what’s the opposite of a butterface?

    man, i used to think this chick was pretty damn hot until i saw her body.

  17. Sardonic

    She has an umbilical hernia. Why not fix this? Odd, for sure.

  18. Sardonic

    She has an umbilical hernia. Why not fix this? Odd, for sure.

  19. Regis

    She is hotter than hell, and if her husband doesn’t want to fuck her, I gladly will, over and over again. She is fucking wicked hot!

  20. wooww kelly superr

  21. shadowpuppet

    That friggin thing casts a shadow!?…yikes.

  22. sharon H

    yeah, she has an outie and without an ounce of fat anywhere on her emaciated body, it sticks out all the more. She is very pretty but she should gain 15 lbs or so. She would still be rail thin but at least she wouldn’t look like she is starving to death.

  23. Really?

    Really guys? Calling her emaciated and starving, etc?? Look at her body, do you see bones ANYWHERE? She’s solid muscle. Granted, she has so little body fat that she looks scary, but it’s nothing unhealthy. To sustain a body this muscular she actually would have to eat quite a lot. Stop acting like she’s anorexic and address the real issue here… her horrifying belly button

  24. missfortune

    How in the HELL has this Woman had 3 THREE!! kids?!?!? She’s a freak of nature! And yes, I have one baby and a ginormous muffin top. I’m jealous.

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  26. karen

    Newsflash: when you are extremely fit, this is a “burden” you must bear. She is what we call “extremely fit” as an athlete and this happens. Ask your doctor if you’ve seen her lately. Sorry (probably fat) haters, she has a passion for fitness. It’s bothersome that you even have an opinion about a freakin’ belly button (and probably think Mo’Nique looks “healthy”).

  27. Prospects

    I don’t understand why someone as incredibly vain as Kelly Ripa doesn’t get that hideous bellybutton fixed. Or why she had some of her huge moles removed but left the rest. Weird.

  28. Hey she is looking disgusting in above pics I must say. I don’t know but her navel is really odd then regular women. She is sexy but looks somewhat different .

  29. captain america

    are there persons besides FAGGOTS who like this body, folks?

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  33. Gary

    actually, yes — sad, awful chicks who feel the need to defend these disgusting old ladies. “you men are awful! she’s a beautiful woman! i wish i looked like that!” the bitch has a goddamn penis sprouting from her abdomen and the rest of her looks like she’s a 15 year old boy, but there’s bound to be some apologetic broad out there saying how beautiful she is and how those of us who are actual heterosexual males with functioning penises are wrong.
    so yeah, awful chicks and fags. basically, the same people keeping sarah jessica parker’s career going.

  34. dudelookslikealady

    How is this sexy? Looks like a little, muscular man IMO.

    Funny how women are brainwashed to think that looking like a little dude is hot. Granted Coco is a freak as well and looks like a joke. Something between this little piece of jerky and the overabundant and ridiculously exagerated Coco would be nice.

  35. Rhialto

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these kind of belly buttons inspired the creator of the ‘Alien’ movie.

  36. omg..look at her navel..its different..but she is sexy

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  40. YourMom

    She looks fat!


    dis-gust-ing…surgery, fer sher!

  42. gotmilk?

    the bellybutton should be the least of her worries.

  43. AMO

    If I were him I’d fear how fuckin’ annoying she is instead;! (Although the belly thing a muh gig is weird…)

  44. ghd

    oh, beautiful girl.

  45. ghd

    oh, beautiful girl.

  46. heydud

    would stop me one bit shes the sexiest thing alive

  47. heydud

    would stop me one bit shes the sexiest thing alive

  48. mikesby
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck she is disgusting, man I see better women on the subway.

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