Kelly Ripa’s husband fears the penis button

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Mark Consuelos lives in perpetual fear of Kelly Ripa’s penis button, according to People:

“He actually pays me money to keep my clothes on!” Ripa, 39, joked to PEOPLE of husband Mark Consuelos at the Point Honors benefit on Monday night in New York, which she co-hosted with Bravo’s Andy Cohen.
“I’m actually given money to put on a parka. ‘Put your parka on! Here’s another dollar. Put on that hat!'”

So basically Mark Consuelos likes to bang the Gorton’s Fisherman. Or am I the only one who got that mental imagery? Also how hard up is Kelly Ripa for cash that she’ll do freaky shit just for a buck? Because I’ve got five right here and a Grimace costume. Just throwing that out there.

Photos: Splash News