Kelly Ripa still wearing bikinis

May 7th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Here’s Kelly Ripa going for a swim at her hotel in Miami, and before you run off screaming in terror, you can barely see her “penis button.” Which is actually kind of messed up. Was she aroused the other day or something? You know what? Don’t even answer that. I want to be able to get an erection later.

Photos: Splash News

  1. KC

    Kelly looks better with clothes on because she is underweight. She could be looking a lot better and enjoying life more if she allowed herself to be at a realsitic weight. While the family enjoys a regular dinner, Kelly is probably drinking water and eating a salad with fat free dressing feeling light headed from lack of nutrient; what a life.

  2. JPRichardson

    I like what I see.

  3. maddy

    I have to say 10 years ago, she look chunkier and great, but i have to say, yes although she is slim and trim and buffed up, she looks to buffed and to manly, which makes me wonder if secretly her husband likes young men or is bi-sexual… she has no boobs and no butt…Welcome to the 20th century, you can buy some now, and while your at it kelly, maybe you can operate your belly button, it really looks penis like, not very attractive, and with all the money you spend tanning and working out, you should in vest a little to improve your looks, like the belly button surgery or breast implants….unless of course your husband likes the boyish look in you, which would all make sense if he is bi…..LOL. You look okay, but you could look a lot better, facially your very pretty and have gorgeous eyes.!!

  4. That is not a woman.

  5. World Swimwear has some cute swimsuits.. I would have never guessed Kelly to have an outtie.

  6. Alex

    I would hit that….

  7. She still looks great. I would make love 2 her every night

  8. The only thing that is her belly button looks kinda gross. All those pics she looks hot. Most of you women here, including me, could not pull a two piece. She looks great, especially the children are eating. And you men, some of you fuckers should take off his shirt. It’s an honest comment that thinks Kelly RIPA is a fake and dirty cunt.

  9. You people are probably just a bunch of jealous lazy fat asses that think you can just sit there and pick others apart. I’m sure she works hard at being healthy, fit, and strong. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  10. Paul
    Commented on this photo:


  11. Alicia

    Some of you people are horrible. FIRST OF ALL, eating disorders are not something to make fun of. Second of all, anyone without an eating disorder does not get a right to diagnose her. Third, it makes you an ignorant jerk if you are making fun of anyone’s body type. Fourth, what she does with her body is her business. EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT BODY TYPE.

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