Kelly Ripa in a bikini

May 5th, 2009 // 195 Comments

Kelly Ripa is filming Live with Regis & Kelly in Miami and decided to take a swim this morning before taping. You know when a woman works out too much and ends up looking like a incredibly ripped dude? That happened here a long time ago and someone forgot to yell “Stop!” Mark Consuelos, I’m looking at you, bro, but mostly because I’m afraid to look at the tiny penis sticking out of your wife’s stomach again. — AHH!

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  1. supersex

    i’d fuck her but i don’t want to be stabbed in the stomach, maybe doggy style will work

    • Jackie

      I doubt she’d even look at your tacky a** twice, look who her hubby is, hes hot and shes a doll!! jealous are you??? lmao!

  2. SoTe

    Wow! I like her and she is super fit, but that belly button is freaking me out.

  3. justifiable

    #50 When your ‘outie’ needs a jockstrap, yeah, we are.

  4. Dave

    Fucking gross.

    • Jackie

      you rude people need to find something else to look at lol, jealous are ya?? and hell, LOTS of people have outies, at least she aint fake like most chicks!!! All natural…………..keep it up girl, your doing great and made a great life along with mark for yourselves and your kiddos!

  5. dbsphx

    Not every big outie is a repairable hernia or even fixable with plastic surgery. I’m sure because I’m married to a girl with one that is twice the size of Kelly’s. Since there’s nothing she can do about it, and it’s impossible to hide (wearing anything remotely sexy, anyway), she doesn’t even try. She wears bikinis and shortie tops the same as any other pretty girl.

    I’ve gotten used to the stares, snickers, and “Alien” comments, but will never understand them.

  6. Expert on Everything

    C’mon. She is FUNNY! We all have disgusting embarrassing things we hide on our bodies. She has the guts to wear her ‘flaws’ out in the open. That’s a real bitch. I love her and Regis together! Stop saying she brown noses him. I met him and Kathy Lee when my bro was on his show for his cookbook, anyhoo, Kathy Lee was damn pretty in person (not as hot on the tv tho -hmm) and Regis was adorable and frikkin hilarious! He never stops making the people around him happy with his wit and charm. She is genuinley in like with the Reg. Now that Kelly is on, I wish I had the time to sit on my ass and watch late morning TV. The times I’ve cought it it was too funny! The amount of work this busy bitch gets she must be PHAT rich. I love you Kelly! Your a doll with an awesome personality.

  7. High

    You all are retards for saying anything bad about something she has no control over and would love to get rid of her self but cant. At least she aint heidi montag skag with all the plastic surgery in the world but still an empty shell of a human being. Kelly is a fantastic Mom, wife and has a brilliant career. What have you got ‘Dave/fucking gross’, a small weiner from being inbred at the trailer park? Your a homo and would kiss this chix shoes if she snapped her fingers at you you punk bitch fag loser dork homo-douch bag!

  8. tarts n' cream

    This woman is a crazy fem-bot ho. Did you see her on that appliance commercial she was doing? Completely a crazy-assed Stepford wife. First she was anorexic, and now she looks like a twelve year old boy hopped up on steroids. I think her new body fits her soul….not that she has one.

  9. Pilatunes

    That bump will go away when the bot fly larva crawls out.

  10. billabong021

    She looks a little off in that first pic, im gonna file this one with those Serena Williams bikini pics..

  11. Sport

    someone get her a cheeseburger!!

  12. double abalone

    #56 OK, I’ll stop saying she brown noses him. You brown nose him enough for the both of you. I fucking hate Reeeegis Philbin, and fuck Notre Dame too while you’re at it.

  13. Sin

    #22 and #24, you guys are hilarity! pissing my pants at both references. kudos to you both.

  14. fitzwilly

    Are belly buttons supposed to cast a shadow?

  15. Racer X


    /I’d hit it …. With a STICK!

  16. you can really see the belly button’s shadow in the second pic.

  17. casey

    she’s a fucking alien.

  18. CakeSnifferer

    damn, that thing looks like Qwato.

  19. kelly

    # 31 wins today’s best comment award for “belly boner.”

  20. beaubeau

    this looks quite different from

    and .

    but… i give her credit for being herself. and being fit. however, i would still like to give her a twinkie. or a few plates of spaghetti. love ya kelly !

  21. Beth

    I’d just like to say it looks like someone stole wee-man’s arms and attached them to kelly ripa’s body… it’s just not right…

  22. beaubeau

    gotta admit her husband is a total cutie.

  23. dbsphx

    70 — It looks like the Fitness cover was airbrushed to “soften” her bellybutton, and the Shape cover was shopped outright. I wonder what she thought when she saw them? Pretty insulting, actually, like the way she REALLY looked was going to break their magazine or something.

  24. kelly ripa fuck that belly button all nite long oxox

  25. Leo

    wow, that belly button

    boos helps me get down the stairs with style

  26. frank

    she could take her top off and pass as a man

  27. meghan

    She could hang her husband’s purse on that thing

  28. JPRichardson

    Looks insanely hot to me, whoever she is.

  29. Not bad, for 70

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  30. Hugh Jorgan

    #6 wants to check out your junk.

  31. balls

    That’s fucking disgusting. Someone kill it! Kill it!!!!

  32. his

    Anyone who has criticized a buff woman who is the mother of three is most likely tipping the scales around three bills and covered with Cheeto dust. Jealous much?

  33. Fati

    What the fuuuuuck?! I want to shoot my eyes out. What the hell is that thing sticking out of her belly button?! It really looks like a penis!

  34. I think her NAVEL is some sort of SECRET clitorus, folks?

  35. awesome !!
    Nice Figure!!
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  36. smarg


  37. If U Seek Amy

    Fuck me dead it looks like this bitch could bend you over and assfuck you with her belly button!!!

  38. Newcastle

    I don’t say this often but oddly enough….she looks better with clothes on. Belly button FAIL.

  39. dbsphx

    Wow. Even knowing she can’t help how her bellybutton looks doesn’t matter at all to most of you guys. Do you honestly think it’s that horrible, or is being snarky just the tradition on this site and you aren’t serious? I’m asking because as I said earlier (#55) my wife has a MUCH bigger “completely inside-out” outie like Kelly’s, and though I’ve always been aware that people stare a lot and look sort of shocked when she lets it show, I never imagined they were thinking thoughts as vicious as you’ve posted here.

  40. The looks the a screen shot from the scene in Alien, right before the crawly little fuck blasts out of its victim…

    The bitch has had more surgery than that chick who’s face was ripped off by that chimp. Not impressed. Seriously, her skin is stretched so taut, that one paper cut on the stomach will likely cause her guts to spring across the room.

  41. bleh...

    Wow that’s a nasty looking hernia. She needs to get that fixed.

  42. bleh...

    That’s a hernia.

  43. I’d rail her!

    and for Rachel # 6:

    Based on your comment, I’m led to believe that you have close personal experience with every cock that has ever posted anything here. I guess that makes you a Jizz gargling whore!! Every straight guy loves a Jizz gargling whore even if you are butt fuck ugly!!

  44. one word:

    EW. and I’m eating breakfast, fuck.

  45. chupacabra

    it wouldn’t be so bad if she was wearing an adult, sexy bathing suit, instead one of her daughter’s suits. Jesus lady. Where did get that suit? Toys R Us?

  46. Rhialto

    Who is this? And now we know why a belly button is called a belly Button.

  47. denise

    LOOKS GOOD for a midget with little flipper arms.

  48. Galtacticus

    Something went wrong at her birth.They cut off a piece of her arm instead of her umbilical cord.

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