Kelly Ripa in a bikini

May 5th, 2009 // 195 Comments

Kelly Ripa is filming Live with Regis & Kelly in Miami and decided to take a swim this morning before taping. You know when a woman works out too much and ends up looking like a incredibly ripped dude? That happened here a long time ago and someone forgot to yell “Stop!” Mark Consuelos, I’m looking at you, bro, but mostly because I’m afraid to look at the tiny penis sticking out of your wife’s stomach again. — AHH!

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  1. hety


  2. Regis

    I would fuck the daylights out of this woman every day. Oh wait, I already do!

  3. hety

    not hot

  4. hety

    Reminds me of an old SNL skit where Adam Sandler had a hot dog for a belly button

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    Well, she has a body that any girl would be proud of – any 12-year old girl that is.

  6. Rachel

    Her belly has a bigger penis than most of the male Superficial commenters.

  7. Randal

    Kelly is looking fine and has a body to go along with her smashing personality! No wonder she has so much energy on the top TV morning show, she’s fit to the bone.


  8. daguz

    she has a penis coming out of her belly.

  9. What the fuck is going on with her belly button, how has no one pointed that out yet?

  10. Lain

    She’s not too bad. I’d do her.

  11. Valerie

    I think she looks gross, but you definitely have to give her credit for working her ass off! Literally….no gross fat, though, and that’s very difficult to achieve at her age.

  12. Mark

    those are pecs, not breasts

  13. mark

    those are pecs, not breasts

  14. susan

    is it possible to do so many crunches that your inny becomes an outty?!

  15. lelle


  16. jzhz

    Good lord, that is a MAN.

  17. dirk

    Her outie is bigger than Mark’s little Mexican weener.

  18. LPB

    She should get a set of fake boobs (so the commenters here could bitch about her having fake boobs).

  19. joe


  20. josh

    Hum, who is that random girl anyway ?

  21. omg

    Anyone who finds that body sexy needs help.

  22. D4P

    We loves the precious…

  23. Erica

    Jesus. I like athletic girls but that is wrong.

  24. Start_the_reactor


  25. Photoshop Police

    Ripa’s too ripped.

    Mark, please take her out for some cheeseburgers and pizza.

  26. desi

    #6 nailed it. :) haha

    She’s smokin’ hot with clothes on. Like cover her (and that thing on her stomachh) up in a fitted tee and give her some tiny shorts.. everyone on here would be saying they’d do her in a heartbeat.

  27. Alex

    AHA!!! I knew it. Ellen Ripley is really based on Kelly Ripa. Ripley…Ripa. Not a huge stretch.

    Meanwhile, expect an alien to explode from her belly and eat off Regis’ face tomorrow morning.

  28. justifiable

    I could forgive the lack of anything registering on the intelligence scale. I could forgive the relentless shilling and sucking up to Regis. I could forgive the micropenis staring at me. I could even overlook it swivelling around to track me as I move about the room.. But that voice? The one that sounds like nuclear-force chalk being excrutiatingly scraped along a board? HELL, NO! NEVER!!!!

  29. marme

    She looks like that she male character that Jim Carey plays on in living color.

  30. mike

    that belly button is the sickest thing I have seen in quote some time.

  31. alex

    Ewwwww. She’s got a belly boner.

  32. dew

    I’m guessing her belly button might stick out so far because she’s had 3 kids. Any photos of her belly before she had kids? Although I think a few pounds of fat might soften her to a more feminine look, at least she’s not anorexic, and her skin looks great.

  33. Richard

    I think she is one of the hottest anchorwomen ever. she is super hot. period She had not an ounce of fat in her body. Imagine how much fun is she in bed! I bet she

  34. justifiable

    #32 No, they may pop like that “done” plastic button on a turkey but they go back in (if they were innies). I’d start thinking “conjoined twin that died after the fifth week” here.

  35. Considering all the pigs thats walking around without any kids, Kelly looks wonderful after 3! Id suck on youre belly button till you get flooded Kelly!

  36. PunkA

    Rumor has it that she loves to give mark a Dirty Sanchez every morning before work. All that grunting and standing is great for the abs.

  37. Krassy McKrass

    I know first hand that is actually her clit.

  38. Wonder if Regis’s going to give it the old Tug, after he lay eyes on these pics! WELL, WELL, WELL!!!

  39. Mia

    I wonder if her stomach looks the way it does from a tummy tuck? I give Kelly credit for not getting breast implants, exercising regularly, and pushing herself from the plate.

  40. Jibbly Biggins

    Pecs any guy would be proud of….

  41. Megan

    God damn, a belly button should never cast a fucking shadow. Cover that shit up.

  42. Mike Hawk

    im a fan

  43. Isabella

    She’s talked many times before of how she has always had and hated her outie belly button. It’s not just a result from child birth or over exercise, she’s mentioned how she has always had it.

  44. That Nimkova broad had an introverted belly button that was kinda freakish, kelly is fine!

  45. SlowMonkey

    Her fully erect belly button is bigger than the nubbin on that guy that got tased multiple times for being nekkid (featured on Geekologie)

  46. titsonsnack

    Ladies, there’s a point (when you start growing a Y chromosome) that you look yourself in the mirror and say “You know what? I think I can skip today’s 5-hour long stint on the eliptical.”

  47. titsonsnack

    Also, the mere thought of my belly button protruding so far that I might get it caught on something sends chills up my spine. Does she catch it in her zipper? Knock it against the countertop?

  48. kitty says

    Shes a very beautiful woman, but she needs to let her body re-feminize. Those abs should not be on a girl.

  49. Frank

    Get dressed Kelly you are grossing me out…. Is your husband a fag and he @#$% you belly button

    • Jackie

      talk about rude!! she is beautiful, I have 4 kids and wish like hell i looked that good! and i8ts called an outie!! Your just jealous cause Mark has her and you dont! get over it lol

  50. really???

    Really?? Come on people. This woman is gorgeous. How many moms have this muscle tone. Are we seriously giving her a hard time for having an outie???

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