Kelly Osbourne is going bald

*kelly_osborne_thumb2.jpgKelly Osbourne has apparently changed her hair style so many times that it’s starting to fall apart, much like the rest of her body. Kelly is rumoured to have needed hair extensions to attend the premiere of Casanova due to premature balding resulting from years of dyeing. “It was horrible,” she said. “Because I’ve fiddled with my hair over the years, it started falling out in clumps. I had to get extensions for the premiere,” she said.

The only way Kelly Osbourne could become less attractive is if she started growing horns. And even then, other horn-wearing animals like bulls and minotaurs and unicorns would be like “Dude…slumpbuster.” The idea of waking up and having Mr. Clean’s cold, clammy head pressed up against you is not pleasant.