Kelly Osbourne hopefully received pants for her birthday

October 29th, 2007 // 44 Comments

Kelly Osbourne celebrated her 23rd birthday Saturday at Maya in Soho. It appears she’s not wearing any pants. Hence why there’re no other pictures of her besides this one. Sure these paparazzi-folk put themselves in harm’s way to get any shot. There is a limit. A large, pale cellulite limit. How this photog’s camera didn’t burst into flames is beyond me. Unless. I’ve seen this angle before. Could it be? No. But, maybe. Satan?


  1. Jared Leto

    she could go as herself on Halloween, she is scary looking

  2. Texas Tranny

    She’s bat-shit crazy.

  3. Bigheadmike

    Im blind im blind!!!!!!!!

  4. Owww. That hurts. Poor Kelly!

  5. tanya

    She’s a large, abnoxious, spoiled brat who hurts my eyes to have to look at.

  6. Daryl G.

    Wow, I thought that guy’s hand was her right leg.

  7. bubba lubdubski

    Lick it. Lick it good!

  8. pawelo

    she as well its raked figure

  9. maurice

    I’m scared, she’s gonna eat me. :(

  10. Just in time for Halloween! How spooky!

  11. Dick Richards

    You know Ozzy is the reason behind some of the darker aspects of metal, hardcore, all that shit but; I’ve never wanted to fuck him. Ever. That’s all I see when I look at Kelly. Ozzy. Plus, I’d be afraid Kelly would suck my dick off, what with the size of her jowls. Am I wrong, or does she not look like a catfish? I could just imagine her grinding my testicles between her molars. At least Kelly has a music career. WHat? She sucks and the only reason she’s anybody is because her dad’s the Prince-of Darkness? Shame on you for not believing in Kell’s ability.

  12. schack

    @10- what’s your book about again? what your palm looks like after you jackoff 10 times cause you’re a LOSER????!!!!! hahahahaha!!

    buy it now boys! ha!

  13. snatch whisperer

    She’s simply ghoulish. She’s one of very few people who can perform the monster mash without a costume and make up.

  14. PunkA

    Yawn. Put KO and Nicole Kidman together and you have the whitest humans eve rthat weren’t vampires. oh wait. they aren’t? Hmmm.

  15. veggi

    britney looks different.

  16. blpressure

    My poor eyes! Okay, let her have some fun then put her away out of sight when Halloween’s over.

  17. Cliffhanger

    Who is this transsexual?

  18. ubee0173

    i wonder if her parents were trying for a halloween baby, ya know, because theyre spoooky. only they got this and it was more frightening than anyone couldve imagined. and thats why you dont play with ouija boards.

  19. gertie

    stop eating fat pig

  20. IFuckingHateYou

    The Fish should go to hell and suck Hillary’s balls for putting this picture up.

    This is an ugly, annoying, loud, ugly, smelly, pale, ugly, no-talent, ugly cunt.

    Did I mention that she’s fucking ugly?
    Why post her picture here? Isn’t it bad enough to see Brit’s gaping pussy every-other day, now we’ve got to look at this ugly bitch too?

  21. schack

    @10 Will you come over and do me? If you can masterbate 10 times a day, I know you can get it up long enough to do me. I will let you read my palm.

  22. Soy

    is she Hot in England?

  23. schack

    I really need to get screwed. Where is Mike when you need him.

  24. Scrotum

    I’d fuck her.

  25. schack

    You would fuck me Scrotum? Where do you live?

  26. Joe C

    Why?! Why did you find it necessary to show us that monstrosity? I was enjoying a perfectly good bag of cookies and then I see this. Why?

  27. Italian Stallion

    What fucking contest did she win? Miss Bloody Ugly……………

  28. lopelus

    Who the hell wrote the entry for this one? Sorry if you’re just having an off day, Mr journalist ma’am, but if it’s a new staff member it’s time to reevaluate your career choice.

  29. chokeonit

    cellulite? i don’t see any cellulite. maybe you people need to buy a new monitor. just because doesn’t have long blonde extensions, a spray tan and her tits hanging all over the place doesn’t mean she’s not pretty.

  30. sea

    That guys hand really does look like a leg with cellulite. Glad I wasn’t the only one fooled at first.

  31. Emmyem

    Why is Kelly Osbourne anywhere? What’s she doing? Going to a white BLOB convention? Well, at least we all know this. She was INCREDIBLY WELL PARENTED. I mean, she had to be! Right? Didn’t she graduate from Yale, or something like that? With honors?
    And poor little brother Jack. No matter how fit he gets, which I do commend, he will always look like a muppet. A muppet with a hideous face.
    And I would like to shoot Sharon Osbourne with a Crossbow. I need to find one………………

  32. Emmyem

    …And yes, WILL THE ORIGINAL MR. SUPERFICIAL, aka “FISH”, please come back from Tahiti or the MOON or wherever he/she went, because your fill-in is NOT FUNNY. I used to throw my head back in hearty laughter all the time when I read THe Superficial. Now, I just get disgusted and kinda mad, and barely smile.
    Please come back! We need you!

  33. Makemepuke

    Oh no, please, no please don’t tell me Kelly Osbourne is the latest crotch shot attention whore!!! I’m gonna be sick……our world is doomed, where’s Jack Kevorkian’s number.

  34. sarcastire

    Look Again!
    Look Again!
    Look Again!
    Look Again!

    All you see is the side of her thigh..that is someone’s FIST in the frame, not wobbly thigh fat like I previously thought.
    She is sitting like a cellulite…a few stretch marks, but what’s the big deal?

  35. Me

    seriously? I must have a warped sense of vision because I think that Kelli is actually one of the prettiest girls of rock daddies, if not THE prettiest. she certainly beats out rod stewart’s, mick jagger’s and all the others, daughters, hands down. just because she’s not a broomstick with teeth does not mean she’s ugly. you people who think otherwise seriously need to consider slitting your wrists.

  36. choocher

    Kelly eating chow in masseehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs….
    Full of turd that never passehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzz….
    Daddy’s mind is past destrucshuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnn…
    Will not pay for lipo-suckshuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhnnnn….

    I’m here all night, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  37. yucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  38. BishOP

    Holy shit. I just threw up a bit . Manish–to the extreme.

  39. Manchester

    Eat it. Lick it. Snort it. Fuck it.

  40. Love Ozzy, Like Kelly

    I like Kelly. She does her own think (what ever that is) and enjoys herself. I’ve always been a big fan of her father too.

  41. zz

    leave her alone…
    she isnt that big
    she is in a car with a skirt so obviously
    leg will show… its normal
    its not like she lifted her skirt up in the middle of times square

  42. Emmyem

    #41..Yes she did. Well, she lifted it up somewhere, anyway. Come on, she is a tubby temptress! Just leave out the “temptress” part! and # 3…. Heavy women always yell at people who call things as they see them, in other words, Kelly Osbourne is overweight, as is 65% of America. 35 % are MORBIDLY obese.
    If someone is naturally thin? Well, being naturally thin, (NOT skinny), people actually WALK up to me and say things like “I hate you, you’re so thin”.
    Nice. I should walk up to fat people and say “You are WAY too fat”. Let’s see how that would go over.

  43. Gloria

    they are lovely sexy but a little bit fat, i heard tha they have account on a dating site called unbelievable.

  44. Hard thing

    Well, let’s face the fact that Kelly looks the way she does (and propably will continue to look like this).She is not that ugly anyway,just fat.And she’s certainly looks a lot more beautiful than that stupid-babyface blonde Charlize.

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