Kelly Osbourne back in rehab

January 23rd, 2009 // 42 Comments

On the heels of news she was arrested for assaulting a photographer, Kelly Osbourne has checked herself into rehab, according to People:

Her reps say in a statement to PEOPLE, “Kelly Osbourne has voluntarily entered a medical facility to address some personal issues. Her family stands by and supports her.”
Late Thursday, Osbourne’s mother Sharon was quoted on as saying, “Yeah, Kelly’s in rehab. What else can we say? She knew that it was the right thing to do at this point and we’re proud that she did it. The family is all standing behind her. Kelly knew that she needed help and she’s getting it.”

Unless this rehab facility can go back in time and magically make Kelly fall out of a different vagina, she probably had the right idea with all the drinking. Trust me, I’m a doctor – of love.

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  1. Bongybats


  2. Laura




  4. PoohEater

    God I’d love to bang her while she’s wearing that dress in pic #1, with War Pigs blaring in the backround.

  5. Aanjo

    She’s very pretty.

  6. mambo

    a friend of mine has slept with kelly and had dinner with mommy and daddy – you may remember him? he was in that pop-punk band ‘son of dork’ :D

  7. Vessel

    @2 FAIL.
    What is it with these attention seeking wankers? The average kid on the street in the UK drinks twice as much and just gets on with things. Not like the yanks who drink piss-weak lager out of a tube, whoop a lot, and then fall over. When I stayed in Cancun at an all inclusive, the yanks were all whooping and hollering and saying ‘let’s get this party started’ (LOL) by 3pm, then by 5.30 they were all in bed. The Brits meanwhile, were just getting warmed up and would drink until 3-4am. Then start again the next day. Wandered off-topic a bit there but you get my point.

  8. Dr. Phil

    Umm…hmmm…Kelly, sweetie, rehab doesn’t really work for problems caused in utero.

  9. I’m glad she’s finally recognized that she eats too much and needs to get her mouth stitched shut. That first step always takes a lot of courage.

  10. Sam

    She needs to focus and work hard at rehab, and not spend all her time jawing with Rumer Willis.

  11. azzman

    im oddly attracted to her…

  12. pete

    Reached for comment, her dad said “Wh…wh…wh…wha…the fuck…the…the…the…fuckin how…the…the…did…diddiddiddid…fuckin…fuuuuuck.”

  13. Paco

    I’d rather jerk it to Ozzy than her.

  14. ambidextrous handjob

    #12 That’s because Dad’s one of those multi-pint-swilling Brits that #7 is so proud of. BTW, #7, what makes you assume she’s in rehab for alcohol abuse? She’s doing a preemptive strike to keep out of jail for assault.

  15. Vessel

    @Ambi Handjob
    Drink or drugs, doesn’t matter. We still cane you when it comes to ingestion. And you still get rich stars going into ‘rehab’ ‘cos they took a pill or woke up with a mild hangover. All attention seeking bollocks. Thanks for biting though. Regards.

  16. Rachell

    Wow she looks really good. I guess this is a plus of crystal meth addicition!

  17. ambidextrous handjob

    #15 Actually, I think they only go when forced to by circumstance – like to avoid an assault charge or to try and defuse really nasty career-threatening publicity like Duchovney – there are easier ways for them to get attention than to publically put down the pint glass for 28 days in a row. Its’s not all bollocks, either. Makes you wonder what would’ve happened if someone had forcibly pointed out to Heath Ledger that he was abusing his meds, huh?

  18. Don’t the Osbournes get the family discount by now?
    Like the “Friends and Family Plan” they just pay one price and then there’s no limit to the number of drunk Osbournes who can stumble and mumble into the clinic in a given month.

  19. Don’t the Osbournes get the family discount by now?
    Like the “Friends and Family Plan” they just pay one price and then there’s no limit to the number of drunk Osbournes who can stumble and mumble into the clinic in a given month.

  20. Vince Lombardi

    Just another attempt by lawyers to pervert the justice system. Advise a client, who just committed a crime, to immediately check into “rehab” and issue a statement that they have “issues” so when they go to court, they get a “diminished capacity” defense in front of a jury. What we ought to do is seek out the Osbournes’ lawyer and jail him.

    Oh, and Kelly? Take some fucking responsibility for your actions. Yeah, you lost the parental lottery and ended up a “fringe celebrity,” but you bought into it as a kid and signed on for a TV show. So you get paparazzi up your nose for your decision. Live with it, act like a human. Plead guilty, take your anger management classes and your public service – you’re not going to jail, you silly git.

  21. Joe O

    I never found her very attractive, but she looks really fuckable in that black dress

  22. Pooping open than dress would look a lot like opening a tube of Pillsbury biscuits.

  23. you do what you gotta do!
    and i think she looks great

  24. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  25. EuroNeckPain

    Betty Boop type of beauty.
    I mean, yuk.

  26. lola

    #8 hahahaha good one. for real 3rd time in rehab at 23, maybe she should just give up and be a drug addict/alcoholic…

  27. MR. T

    Multiple news sources are saying the rehab is for cheeseburgers and buckets of ice cream.

  28. camilondriz

    Nice boobs! she surely reminds me of the hot and sexy cougar I once met on __Agelessdate.c om__ the place where hot cougars and sexy young men;and handsome old folks with sensual chicks meet and mingle! You may wanna check it out!LOL

  29. HankTheDwarf

    Look at that fat pig.



  30. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Well… I almost gave a fuck…… let me try again…………… Nope, I just can’t give a fuck about her. I tried though…..

  31. Cartman

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Ozzy’s dick.

  32. Sushi

    She’s PRETTY!!??!
    Ehhhhh…. she is average.
    With all that mony she SHOULD be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. WELL, we got a TOUGHgirl her who wants to get slim…………………FAST, folks!!

  34. shut_it!

    Ive never seen her with long hair…hmm….she rockin the short do but I longer hair would look nice.

  35. Min

    She has gorgeous skin. I like her for being different – not a blonde, over-tanned super-skinny Hollywood type.

  36. hahaha

    # 7 Um yeah and consequently the UK has the worst violence, VD and crime rates in the Western world, even worse than our country. Or maybe it’s because Americans know how to hold our liquor. But if you’re proud to be from the chav-ridden cesspool of gray skies, burberry and vomit you call Britain where you can’t walk out the door without getting assaulted with a knife or broken glass bottle be my guest.

  37. Shep

    #37, but at least they didn’t let a moron run their country for 8 years. Only in America!

  38. Ummm...yeah...

    I love you #31!!
    Hahahaha, so true…I don’t give a fuck either!

  39. OMG!

    Not 2B a hater, but it must’ve been coke or meth because this is the thinnest Kelly’s ever been. What would Ozzy do?

  40. Kelz

    @ 41 Not 2B a hater, but it must’ve been coke or meth because this is the thinnest Kelly’s ever been. What would Ozzy do?

    Ozzy would do coke AND crystal meth, probably through a baby’s skull. And still be slightly more interesting to listen to than this mess of a person. I want to like her, but common sense dictates she’d just piss me off.

  41. Stomp

    LMao at #24 but you know i like kelly her mum too!

  42. i wish the osbournes would just go away, this is probably just another publicity stunt…

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