Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton BFF?

kelly_osborne_thumb2.jpgAt one time I had the impression that Kelly Osbourne was kinda smart and self-reliant and not an idiot. Of course at one time I had the impression that the old guy who used to flash us on the way to school was Santa Claus, so maybe I should’ve seen this coming. Kelly, obviously very confused, recently said the following about her friend Paris.

“She was one of the few people who were willing to drop everything and come to my (birthday) party… We have fun together. Every other celebrity who is supposedly my friend said they wanted to go on the private jet and have their own (hotel) suite. She’s a fun person, and there is a sincerity about her.”

So it seems that Kelly is saying that Paris Hilton is a good friend and somewhat trustworthy. This is basically the same as saying that Hitler was black. You know how good-looking girls like to keep one ugly girl around to make them look better? Obviously neither does Kelly.

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