Kelly Clarkson was bulimic

June 21st, 2007 // 274 Comments

Kelly Clarkson says she used to be bulimic, and developed the eating disorder after she was passed over for a role in her high school musical. She tells CosmoGirl:

“I thought…If I came back and I’m cuter and thinner…then I’ll get the role.” For six months, Clarkson was bulimic, until a friend discovered her problem. “One of my guy friends caught on to it, and I just felt so ashamed and embarrassed,” she tells the mag. “I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it.”

Ahh, high school. I see. So she’s no longer bulimic. Because I was about to say … you know … *casually walks away while whistling*



  1. Screaming Meat Nugget


    …..goes the sea monster as it emerges from the water.

  2. no1justminda

    Kelly Clarkson isn’t fat you jackasses!

  3. WHAT’S WRONG WITH A GIRL, THAT HAS BODONKADONK? I Suggest you ladies get ass implants like Kim k.!Because that ass look’s good!

  4. C2daDiddy

    I don’t see the BIG deal. She was thirsty, went to the beach to get a drink of water, obviously she swallowed a bit too much.

    I still think she’s HOT.

    But then again, I watch my huge collection of Ms. Piggy porn all day…so what do I know?!

  5. justsayin

    How come nobody here has picked up on what she claims about her bulima: “I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it.” That’s insane, so far from the reality of it, and unfair to all bulimics trying to get better from this highly addictive, mind altering disease. You don’t “snap out” of something this serious. You just don’t!

  6. Darth Hater

    WTH happened to her? Never thought she was all that but at least she was kinda cute. But that picture…yikes.

  7. Slappy White

    I don’t think this girl ever had a good looking day in her life.

  8. carsten5577

    A beached whale is more attractive and slimmer. Fat pig.

  9. Nitr0

    Damn, her head is soooo small…

  10. PsychoChild

    Damn really slow day…

  11. Sarah

    I don’t understand how you people think that is fat? I just don’t get it. She looks normal.

  12. Hollywood Agent

    Anyone who talks back to Clive Davis is an idiot. He’s been around even before there were 8-tracks, tapes, and CDs; he goes all the way back to Vinyl Records, and Kelly Clarkson thinks she knows more about music than him. She really has no clue into the marketing of music. Clive has been around for so long because he knows what his market wants to hear. Kelly only thinks she knows, and a little knowledge is very scary. No Wonder All Her Concerts Have Been Canceled. I guess there are not enough parents of ten-year olds that will cough-up the money for her terrible album or concerts. Her appearance is very alarming for an entertainer. In the photo, she looks like she has downsyndrome. Well, at least that would explain her mental abilities.

  13. Beautiful Deaf Girl

    I can’t hear very well, so I don’t watch American Idol. I have no ideal who this person is, but I see that she is FAT and UGLY. All the people who say that this is not so…..are either blind, or are FAT and UGLY too.

  14. Stacey

    Bet she looks better than most women in bikini’s at the beaches you all go to.

  15. JackOff

    Without watching the first American Idol, I only found out who she was when I saw a pic of her and Justin Guarweirdo in the newspaper the week of the finale. While interestingly cute, she was a chunky monkey then and is a chunky monkey still. Not the worst kind, but you can’t deny it. Case CLOSED.

  16. B737

    Mooove over!

  17. sarah jones

    so you diss on people because their too skinny and then you give them shit if their gaining weight… interesting. well as long as you don’t contradict yourself.

  18. Iniquity

    “I don’t understand how you people think that is fat? I just don’t get it. She looks normal.”

    If this should be accepted as normal then all of us men are truly damned to hell.

  19. Kelly Clarkson

    I’m not fat. It’s just that I have such a small waist it makes my butt look big!

  20. HeavenScent

    why is it that so many stars [Clarkson, Lohan, A. Simpson etc] go the eating disorder route for like “6 months” ???

  21. HeavenScent

    p.s. Coke and Rum- “bi polar jackasses” lmao

  22. AmericanIDiOtL

    Where is the undertow when you need it?

  23. Pikachelsea


    “Your the one who says she’s ugly and looks like and ewok, and you are also the one who says she’s stupid to take it personnaly? What kind of moronic logic is that?”

    No, I said she’s stupid to think that an eating disorder will solve all her problems. Here’s a newsflash for you: EVERYONE gets picked on at some point in their life. Everyone gets laughed at, and everyone gets made fun of. The strong ones get over it, develop a sense of humor and/or do something productive to boost their self-esteem, like go to the gym. The weaklings like Kelly Clarkson adopt an eating disorder and blame it on everybody else so they can keep acting like martyrs and victims.

    Oh, and I never said I wasn’t going to laugh at her. It’s part of life, GTFO over it. And more importantly, you’re at a site called The Superficial. So please GTF over yourself as well, THANX.

  24. Is she from the midwest? She looks midwestern.

    And whoever the one was that said that the Down’s Syndrome jokes were getting old…I agree. I’ve used it WAYYYY too many times. But what do you expect? I used to have Down’s syndrome. I just felt so ashamed and embarrassed I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it.

  25. Cindy

    She’s not fat. The swimsuit is unflattering for her body type and that’s a bad camera angle. She needs a padded push-up top for one thing.

  26. star69

    What a gorgeous face. What marvellous body.
    When you open the dictionary and look up the word “hot” you’ll find a picture of her under the description.
    That’s how hot she is.
    Nuff said.

  27. roughdaddy

    wait a minute, i thought micheal moore was doing promotion for sicko whats he doing at the beach?

  28. roughdaddy

    alright, let me say something nice here,,,@least she doesnt have the muffin top over her pantys, her hips make her look fat,,shes a regular chic what do u want? and her face, ive seen pics of her, shes one of billion of people on earth that shouldnt be making faces after that shes average…

  29. frenchie

    His girls is a 12 sandwitch eating, large curd, dumpy ass, pudgy nosed refregirator. She is so gross looking I would advise her to try anorexia. Look at that picture! I can’t find ONE nice feature! Thank you reality tv! Now we’re force fed this garbage in addition to all the Hollywood crap. This bitch ain’t hittin’ at all.

  30. The Superfish guy is on coke

    You people are smoking crack if you think thats an attractive body. She got legs like a linebacker. I won’t hold her pasty complexion against her. There really is nothing healthy she could do about that.

  31. dbone

    seems like all the people who thinks this person with a BMI approaching 30 are bitches so self-righteous they use their first names on a blog. listen ladies, you are the reason people are lulled into thinking obesity is “normal” and “healthy”. accept that kelly is fat and you are fat and adopt a healthy lifestyle. or don’t and kill yourselves off with heart disease and diabetes and see who cares.

  32. domingoflores

    look at her fucking face.

  33. dbone

    wait a minute, mia. “a fat person should only exercise when [his] health is in danger.” are you fucking kidding me? you say this as if it’s a fact. EVERYONE SHOULD EXERCISE. dumbass. again, go ahead and die.

  34. squirrel

    #61 Being 5″4 and weighing between 135-140 lbs would make you overweight! In case you haven’t taken a health class, there is something called an “ideal” weight for each age group and height and for a female that is her age and would be 5″5 it would be 121 lbs. I know the amount for someone 5″5 because that’s my height. So if she’s 14-19 lbs heavier and an inch shorter that would say something…it wouldn’t hurt for her to go to the gym a bit. Her stomach is fine, but the legs and arms could use some toning. 50% of Americans are overweight so being overweight is a huuuuuuge problem! You don’t have to be anorexic to be lean, it’s called eating healthy food and anyone can do that if they have the will power.

  35. Dan

    98: If you’re fat, your life’s in danger. That’s why overweight’s such a big deal and always in the news and stuff. There *is* obviously a fucked-up ideal, but weight isn’t just a stylistic choice.

  36. Dan

    I should’ve said “health” instead of “life” in 185.

  37. Ally

    i’d rather have the body of nicole richie, to be completely honest.

    i think it’s fascinating that kelly was able to “go cold turkey and snap out of” bulimia. i feel like eating disorders don’t really work like that. she was one of those wanna-be bulimics who is now looking for pity in all the wrong places.

    i wanna buy her one of those t-shirts that you see really fat men wearing as jokes. ya know, the ones that say “I BEAT ANOREXIA”.

  38. Lale

    Ha ha! I know eating disorders “aren’t funny,” but they sure are when you write them up!

  39. i think that the bulemic comment is just an attention grab since her most recent album is getting ZERO attention.

  40. Jenny

    Face it, this is what a normal, average woman with no makeup looks like! Boob jobs, fake tans, hair extensions, pounds of make up–we set the standards so high, it’s impossible to keep up. Kelly is an AMAZING singer and that’s what counts! Honestly, how sexy would you like with squinted eyes, slicked back hair, half naked, getting toppled by a wave?! :)

  41. Jenny

    WOW so mean

    and fyi, there is a difference between anorexia and bulemia..
    anorexics’s bodies are clearly underweight and bony cuz they stare themselves.

    bulemics ‘s body size actaully range from normal to overweight. Bulemics binge and throw up their food. Usually this isnt an successful way to lose weight cuz the binges are usually junk food and u arent able to throw up all that u ate.

  42. Wheird

    looks like photoshop to me

  43. miss oblivious

    WAS is the key word here, as we can see from the above pic that its no longer a problem. She’s not a very attractive girl, any way you slice it. But she’s got talent, and I give her kudos for just going w/ what she’s got, and kinda saying F you, this is me, take it or leave it… because I’m not changing or making myself sick for anyone.

  44. Insomniac Mrs. Science

    Just an FYI, the BMI chart is not considered an accurate way of calculating weight. Measuring body fat is probably a more sure method, but even that is not an indication of health. 14 to 20 percent is ideal for athletes, 21 to 24 percent is considered fit and 25 to 31 is considered acceptable. At 5″1, 125, I would be considered overweight by the BMI but in actuality I am at about 21% body fat which makes me a fit girl with a thick (i.e. curvaceous) body. I don’t know where Kelly Clarkson falls in the range but it really just looks like her biggest problem is she’s extremely bottom heavy. Not fat. Not to mention all these hollywood bimbos who live off a diet of cigarette and cum probably have higher percentages of body fat since the only thing they press are their faces into the sweaty crotches of drunken cokeheads.

  45. sharpeidude

    I’d definitely tap that and come back later and tap it some more.

  46. xoxo

    well she aint exactly fat, besides this pic is old, i saw this up on the fish last year. she probably lost weght since then, give the girl a break…geez

  47. CountDrunkulaXxX

    I know this site is superficial and all, and usually Im not quick to jump to anyones defenses, but come on jerks, you REALLY think THAT is fat?? She has an amazing body. Thats the way that women are suppossed to look, but I wouldnt expect most of you uneducated fools to know that.

    And why is it that people can pick on people for being fat, but I cant pick on people… for example… for being black, or hispanic, or chinese?? Thats racism, and what you guys are doing is SHAPEism. Who cares what someones body type is! That girl has more talent in her little finger than any of you have in your entire bodies! Have you never heard her voice?? seriously.

    And to say things like SHE SHOULD START UP AGAIN (in reference to her having been Bulimic) is just pathetic. What do you get out of that??

    Ya’ll could learn a thing or two from the chocolate brothers… They love them some curvy women… ask any african male, and I guarantee he will find something sexy about that body.

    You guys are assholes.

  48. MoFo

    There´s a line between Nicole Ritchie’s “sekeleton wrapped in human” look and Kelly Clarkson´s “Free Willy”… she is fat, she might have a flat stomach in that pic ‘cuz she is leaning backwards, and cellulite its not a sign of fattnes, some girls just don’t have it and they’re as big as a fucking 18 wheeler. I think she could shove a finger or two down her throat, and while at it, try to reach her vocal cords and rip’em out, she would be doing us a favor

  49. Nicole

    Leave her alone! She is a talented singer! At least she doesn’t look like a fake tanned anorexic whore like most celebrities do these days!

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