Kelly Clarkson was bulimic

June 21st, 2007 // 274 Comments

Kelly Clarkson says she used to be bulimic, and developed the eating disorder after she was passed over for a role in her high school musical. She tells CosmoGirl:

“I thought…If I came back and I’m cuter and thinner…then I’ll get the role.” For six months, Clarkson was bulimic, until a friend discovered her problem. “One of my guy friends caught on to it, and I just felt so ashamed and embarrassed,” she tells the mag. “I literally went cold turkey and snapped out of it.”

Ahh, high school. I see. So she’s no longer bulimic. Because I was about to say … you know … *casually walks away while whistling*



  1. bungoone

    i love people who work out like crazy to be “healthy” yet they step out of the gym during their workout to smoke cigarettes. that’s my favorite.

  2. blimpie

    #93 – sorry about the weight gain! (fatties always point to anorexics and say “so that’s what you want?” when a guy rejects a lardass).

  3. woodhorse

    AND of course people who are under/overweight are just as worthwhile as anyone else the same as I am just as worthwhile as a person with beautiful brown skin. We are all just trying to have fun here.

  4. bungoone

    Mia, what are you, Mia, M.D., Physican to the Stars? how do you know about their health?

  5. woodhorse

    #99 No. Sorry for offending you. In Nacho Libre Jack Black is a babe.

  6. rebecca

    106 – not offended…just fucking scared for my life, that’s all.

  7. nFILtr8

    I’d still do her. I’m bringing chubbyback!!

  8. woodhorse

    #107, again, I apologize. Jrz says I’m crazy.

  9. LeeLee

    Ehhhh her thighs are thick but her tummy is nice and flat. At least theres no cellulite.

  10. Tough World

    Hi, it’s me, the cold cruel world. Kelly has juuuuust a little bit of talent, and her career is going down the crapper right at this moment. And she porked. Related? No – if you have exceptional talent. Yes otherwise. Sorry about that (actually I don’t care at all).

  11. schack

    but woodhorse,

    why is health the new god? gm uses cheap lead parts in their brake system that bleed lead into the water shed, causing massive health problems. cocacola uses aspartame, which is made of three kinds of chemical poison whose neurotoxic character has now linked the product to alzheimers.

    we all accept that certain pleasures (without which life would not be worth living) are bad for our health. life itself is bad for your health, considering you have to whither away and die. we make these compromises all the time.

    so to pinpoint fat people or smokers as the target of ridicule is unfair. they are making the same trade-offs you make when you drive your low-price vehicle or drink your formaldehyde cocktails.

    but you feel entitled to berate them because you take health to be unconditionally good. i agree with you, if you mean health of the soul, but being a healthy body does not ensure you will be a virtuous soul. capish?

    all the health nuts out there can kiss my cigarette butt.

  12. Bob

    @109 Why would you give a shit what Jrzmommy says?


    Jack Black, Is not hot! He’s funny as hell, but NOT HOT!

  14. yolatengo

    does anyone else think its funny that Kelly’s crappy music is available ‘free’ on the right of the screen?

    ahhh…the irony.


    Dude, Kelly has more cushion for the pushing! I love her! FUCK WHAT THE BONEY ASSES SAY! They can’t make up their fucking mind! One minute, they’re talking about how boney Nicole R. Is, and the next talking about My baby Kelly is to Fat, WTF? is going on! Ok, Bi-polar jackasses what is it going to be?

  16. Amber

    I just have to say there are some ignorant motherfuckers that comment here…

    Do you REALLY think that all skinny people are healthy? Do you really think that all fat people are un-healthy?

    Personally, I think it’s about HEALTH, regardless of your weight. Skinny people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and eat nothing but grass are just as bad as fat people who do nothing but sit on the couch and stuff their faces full of twinkies.

    Not everyone fits a stereotype and if you believe that they do, then you’re pretty damn stupid which is worse than any number on a scale.

    Being healthy is all about exercising, eating a well-balanced, nutritional diet, not smoking, and drinking plenty of water.

    If you do those things, you’re going to be healthy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to gain weight if you’re thin or lose weight if you’re fat, though.

    I think it’s great Kelly Clarkson has the self-confidence to wear a bikini. AND she has a great voice.

    But that’s just my personal opinion… self-confidence is always sexy.

  17. Mia


    Do YOU have a medical degree to say that this girl is obese and should exercise cause her health is in danger? She has a pear shape. And it is not dangerous. Apple shape are.

    I mean, wake up silly, its called ”common sense”. Stop living in your anorexic/fake boobs reality. You don’t know anymore what a normal being should look. I mean, no way everybody here exercise and eat vegetables everyday. Nobody’s perfect. I’m not, she’s not, and you are not. I don’t say don’t laugh at her huge tighs, I just say, don’t say she needs medical help. Geez, fucked up humanity.

  18. rebecca

    k…just listened to her new song “sober”…WORST SHIT OF MY LIFE. she can sing, but that song is god damn awful.

    i still maintain that she’s not fat, though.

  19. woodhorse

    112: it’s just the new god for me. what works for me is not necessarily what will make someone else happy. Enjoy your smokes – the oldest person who ever lived was a woman in France who drank and smoked all her life. I think the biggest thing is to enjoy life no matter how long it lasts and there are always trade offs. There is such a thing as too much excercise as well. If I were in the public eye like Kelly, people would find things to criticize me for too.

  20. 20-20

    The best part of this picture is how the ocean is receding as Kelly waddles out…

  21. schack


    “i think the biggest thing is to enjoy life…”

    then health isn’t your god, it’s a means to your god, which is the end of all your actions, viz., enjoying life

  22. bungoone

    Mia, I asked you a question. I didn’t say Kelly was fat/overweight/obese. Did I? Well, I don’t remember saying that. Anywho, I was just wondering where you get off saying who’s healthy & who’s not. Unless you’ve looked at their medical records, you have no idea. That was my point. The only thing I do know is that you got a little too defensive.

  23. jrzmommy

    Hey, assbandits…Woodhorse, Rebecca and (Kneel and) Bob…how did I get dragged into your fucking circle jerk?

  24. she needs a tan :\

  25. woodhorse

    #124 I think crazyhot ‘sicked’ you on us….

  26. bungoone

    additionally Mia, looking at someone’s “shape” doesn’t determine their health. for all you know, she could have high cholesterol! again, just wondering where you get your information.

  27. viz(zle)

    I’d fuck this fat tard – really, I would, I’m a nice guy that way – but she’s too much of a failure now. And she’s retarded. And fat.

  28. rebecca

    yeah…uh…i don’t even know who you are…at all. leave me out of this one.

  29. schack

    i will quit smoking. i was a pack-a-dayer from 16-21… now i happily smoke 4 or 5 a day. but sadly the all-or-nothing mentality of the health worshippers often makes it easier to freak out and fall back on old comforts. i don’t think in terms of “quitting.” if i did, i would be devastated every time i had one: “well, i can’t quit, so i may as well smoke…”

    which is why rehab is ridiculous. unless you get addicted to the meetings, it never works. but are you really a better, happier person for it? no, you just live a longer, dumber life. better to go out in flames. even better to learn to be a master without white knuckles.

    the best thing, i think, is to do whatever it takes to stop freaking the fuck out…unfortunately easier said than done

  30. I probably weigh more than she does and i would still look better in a bikini then she does. lol sad.

  31. schack

    *i won’t quit smoking*


  32. jrzmommy

    schack I hope you never quit smoking. It might be the only thing that keeps you from talking for a few seconds.

  33. schack

    well, if you have something to say, then say it. it’s not my fault you don’t! jesus.

  34. Mia


    I don’t say she’s healthy or not. NO i’m not a doctor. I just say that it is totally ridiculous to even think that her weight might be a problem. I mean this girl isn’t fat. She’s a little chubby on the thighs thats all. You can laugh at her all day long for all I care. I don’t say she’s healthy and doesn’t needs a doctor. I say, her weight is not problematic cause this girl is not obese.

  35. redink

    her waist is wide

    that’s the problem here

    aside from her face being horrid

  36. jrzmommy

    133 was brought to you by Jrztroll.

  37. Bugman4045

    She should get implants. Not massive silicone bags, just nice saline implants to balance her squarish figure. Her songs are catchy, I think she is cute. But she really needs to consider going under the knife.

  38. Mia


    I know she might have health problem… Geez… She can have cancer or be diabetic. I’m just saying her weight cannot be a problem cause she’s not fat! Come on…

  39. Mia


    And for your information, studies have proven that the fat you have around your abdomen is more dangerous than the one on you but or thighs.

  40. fro up

    Did she just vomit up the entire Pacific Ocean?

  41. mr. right

    She’s not grossly fat, but she sure is bottom-heavy. She needs implants for sure. And also that face surgery they do for Down’s patients, so that they can pass in public.

  42. Mia

    *your butt*

  43. kelly the belly

    I just purged in my mouth a little bit.

  44. Lys

    What’s with all those down syndrome joke? You can’t read a post here without someone doing this joke. It’s no more funny. Its like you guys have down syndrome.

  45. julie

    sure her body might not be great
    but theres no reason to be so arrogant about it

  46. Corky

    Lys – sorry to hear about your Down Syndrome child. I’d love to say “it’s not your fault” but jesus, nice fuckin job handing off the chromos.

  47. Jeremy

    She is the Queen Latifah of white people. Get them out of their makeup, into a bathing suit, and onto a beach, and they look like your gross looking neighbor.

    Not everyone in Hollywood looks good and has talent. We just expect too much

  48. Kristen

    PEAR shaped

  49. Lys


    I didn’t know you were my child…

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