Kelly Clarkson to Kanye: ‘What happened to you as a child?’

September 14th, 2009 // 180 Comments

Kelly Clarkson hopped on her blog to tell Kanye West about himself:

Dear Kanye,
What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like shit. I mean, I’ve seen you do some pretty shitty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, asshole ways. It’s absolutely fascinating how much I don’t like you. I like everyone. I even like my asshole ex that cheated on me over you…which is pretty odd since I don’t even personally know you. The best part of this evening is that you weren’t even up for THIS award and yet you still have a problem with the outcome. Is winning a moon man that much of a life goal?? You can have mine if it will shut you up. Is it that important, really??
I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won and I was excited for her…so why can’t you be?? I’m not even mad at you for being an asshole…I just pity you because you’re a sad human being.
On a side note, Beyonce has always been a class act and proved again tonight that she still is. Go TEXAS!!
Taylor Swift, you outsell him ….that’s why he’s bitter. You know I love your work! Keep it up girl!
KC :)

Because writing full paragraphs is hard, other celebs took to their Twitters to bash Kanye:

“Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.”Pink


“I’m gonna say this, we should always have respect for each other! End of discussion”Diddy

“congrats @taylorswift13 on your vma!!! you deserve it more than anyone!! I saw the devil in action when kanye west stole your mic! u rock!!!”Heidi Montag

Okay, I think Kanye is a giant egotistical cock, but something freaks me out when a rich, Republican white woman starts claiming a black man is possessed by Satan. So, thanks, Heidi, for officially jumping the shark on this one. I’m sure Kanye’s check is in the mail, or he’ll be over later to pay Spencer. In ass dollars.

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  1. Que

    Que dropped upon head.

  2. cate

    I hate Kelly, but that’s pretty awesome haha.

  3. J

    Sounds like Diddy has an itchy vagina too.

  4. Chris

    The title of this blog entry = my thoughts exactly

  5. AmyM

    This is why I love Kelly- she never minces her words. I’m glad people are calling him out.

  6. AmsterdamDude

    Fucking no talent assclown. Me thinks he has little dick syndrome.

  7. Gay Fish Man

    No talent and no class….what do you expect from a Gay Fish?

  8. n

    yesss….don’t let the doorknob hit ya is the ass on the way out kanye…additionally, i wish security would have let pink kick that moron’s ass.

  9. AGame

    ahhhhhh – KELLY CLARKSOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  10. AmsterdamDude

    Fucking no talent assclown. Me thinks he has little dick syndrome.

  11. esophus


  12. Dr Truth

    Hahah at P. Diddy. He knows that Kanye has been trying to be him for years but has failed in every possible way.

  13. rustingrabbit

    Kayne West is just mad that he was nominated for the Best Female category. I mean, he clearly is the biggest pussy in the music industry, right?

  14. rach

    Right, because calling Kanye the devil is a symptom of some right-wing racism– but the Fish’s comments are good-natured fun. Get over yourself. This site hasn’t been funny in a while, and the pseudo-political commentary doesn’t help any. Thanks for the blogroll, it’s a good place to start for finding a celeb gossip site that is actually amusing.

  15. Maggie

    He thinks he should be the new king of pop. HA YEA RIGHT! He just needs to effing disappear!! or better yet….wire his jaw shut again…PLEASE!!!

  16. F*ck you back dude

    Kelly Clarkson said exactly what most of us were thinking but unfortunately she was still nice about it. Kanye West should have been called every name under the sun in one continues sentence (I would do it but I am too lazy).

  17. gil

    I know what happened, his stupid ghetto trash mother told him daily that he was the next fucking ‘Jesus’. Seriously, look it up. His mother caused him a massive disservice. Everyone who is a stuck up, whiny bitch can now be referred to as having Kanye-complex.

  18. ADIOS!

    @14: Shouldn’t you be getting a sandwich ready for when your husband comes home to beat you with the Bible? He’s gonna be pissed when he done sees you reading.

  19. Irene Barcelo

    I have never appreciated this comments and tantrums in other shows, but this one right here, takes the cake. Maybe the doctor that treated his jaw when it was fractured in a car accident should have left it wired shut. Oh, what that rude of me to say?

  20. It's Me Fuckers

    I think people should be getting after MTV for letting this stupid prick into the VMAs or any other award show. I hope he never gets invited back or nominated for anything ever again. If he does get nominated or ever wins, they should have a crew of people come out on stage and kick the living shit out of him and leave him as a bloody smear on the stage.

    I’d call him a cunt if he had the warmth or the depth to fill the term.

  21. to 14

    In plain common parlance or English, please explain what you are trying to convey. I have no idea where you’re coming from with that random comment.

  22. AmsterdamDude

    Fucking no talent assclown. Me thinks he has little dick syndrome.

  23. umm..


    Not only was that not funny, it made no sense. I see what you were trying to do, but yeah..comedy writing is not your thing.

  24. GTBurns

    Kayne has proven himself time and again that he is just straight out unprofessional. This latest stunt pretty much won him the golden taco, now his professional peers( who are far more professional them him) are all trashing him. He can kiss any more awards goodbye as he probably never get a CD published again as no one is going to want to work with him.

    When Beyonce gave the stage to Taylor, It gave me a idea they should do a single together, that would ROCK.

  25. Susan

    KW is an egotistical ahole with no self-awareness. He lives in his own little world. He’s such a momma’s boy — who never grew up. People should boycott his music!

  26. moshi moshi

    yayyy go kelly. fuck kanye and his attention whore behaviour.
    katy perry sums this up perfectly.

  27. Imperialwizard

    Dude..I think Some Curse has Taken Over these Black People..Since Obama has become the President….Kanye West,Serena Williams,Lebron James(you are not a KING)…All the Black People….You were Bought for a Purpose…….Dont Act Too Much…I know you guys Have Talent….it Does Mean you Know this Country….This Obama is the President..

    DO your Stuff…Go Home..Have some Fried Chicken,Smoke some Tree..GO to BED…

    Kanye West…..I think you Really Need HELp…START WITH GET Ride of that Whore GF NeXt to you..Stay with your MOM for Few Months…I hope she Might HElp you out….

  28. Josh

    Kanye is a beast. He has more talent than any of those fags who dont even write their own songs. He produces and writes his own music and has full artistic control over his tours. He WILL outlast all of those people in the music industry, fuck, Diddy and Pink’s careers are already over.

    And katy perry sounds like that kitten would getting stepped on.

  29. DrAero

    @23 actually, 18′s comment was funny.

    Anyway, Kanye’s an ass to begin with. Add a pint of Hennessey to an ass, and you get Kanye last night. This all has to catch up with him eventually, hopefully today a bus runs him over or something. I don’t even like country, but to bash a 19 year old while she’s nervously talking on stage, talk about a low life.

    You know what would be great? If we could get Serena Williams and Kanye to throw temper tantrums together at the same event. That would be fucking awesome…

  30. so nice i post it twice

    kanye – you need to calm down – go east some fried chicken and watermelon… then you can polish my shoes.. its very relaxing

    after that, you can go out to my cotton field and pick some of that

    your name’s toby, boy

  31. Shep

    Too bad Kelly’s middle name wasn’t like Francine or something cause then her initials would be KFC.

  32. Winston Smith

    Ha Kanye is awesome and he knows it. I’m sure he’s getting a lot of heat right now but right on man keep fighting.

  33. Winston Smith

    Ha Kanye is awesome and he knows it. I’m sure he’s getting a lot of heat right now but right on man keep fighting.

  34. be good fo massa

    in other words: DANCE, LITTLE MONKEY – DANCE!

  35. Eventful Disaster

    Disrespectful or not, three of the celebrities quote above probably weren’t already big fans of his. They are PETA members, one of which was recently quoted in the press as being very critical of his appreciation of fur…In my opinion, I’d say there’s reason to be cynical about their motives.

  36. James

    28 Josh, the fact that you defend Kanye shows your lack of character. I like his music too but fact is the guy has no class or grace. He is an attention whore who continues to make a fool of himself, he has lost any and all respect from his peers. No he will not outlast anyone, people are already sick of him.

  37. hahaha

    I thought kanye’s outburst was douchebaggery at its finest. poor taylor was so excited and he just jumped on stage like a crazed lunatic. oh and that video of beyonce’s wasn’t that great. Nice song, but a video of women dancing around in leotards? I thought the only reason it would win would be becacuse so many people have made their own versions. @18 lol

  38. rick

    @32 and 33

    Keep fighting? If you’re the one starting the fights, an instigator, why is that the way to be?

    Remember when he (Kanye) went on a tirade at the Michael Jackson remembrance party a few of Kanye’s “friends” were throwing or something like that? He was criticizing all the guests for not understanding MJ’s message while Man in the Mirror was played. This site pointed it out too. Kanye needs to change his ways. Fight the good fight when there is a fight to be had. Not when the fight just revolves around a person being a dumbass and whether he can continue behaving like a dumbass.

  39. Randy

    It is no surprise he takes company with a chick that looks like a rap video whore!

  40. Ted's Bartender

    Gay Fish is no P Diddy…..

  41. Ken B

    kanye did what he does, he once again forced his ‘opinions’ on the world at large. when voting is involved its imperative that the individual accept the majority, agreed to or not. it was not the kanye decides whos is bitchen this year awards it was the vma awards. kanye summed up his own self righteousness when he said, ‘i’m a LET you finish’, it was not his to ‘LET’ anyone finish as he should not have been up there in the first place. Beyonce’s video is basically the same stuff shes done many times, why cant she do anything but dance with the same two girls in ANY of her videos, and if hers was indeed the best than the bar is at the floor! in one act of arrogance kanye has single hand idly brought the n-word back into social acceptance, as horrible as the word is thats the only way to sum him up…

  42. snakeskin

    ok, remind me… which one in the photo is kanye?

  43. wohoo

    Kate Perry = Best Comment

  44. Kanye needs to be punched in the face with a rottweiler.

  45. medi0169

    He is the reason why George W Bush hates black people. Punk Bitch.

  46. n

    Dear Kanye “idiot” West-

    Controversial does not = Rude.

    You suck.

  47. whattheshit

    Normally I couldn’t care less about what goes on in the “pop” world or on MTV. Before last night, I didn’t even know who Taylor Swift was and only vaguely knew who Kanye was (basically just the “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” thing). But I watched the video of West acting like a tool last night and I couldn’t help but feel really bad for that poor girl. It was a total douche-bag move. That guy should get punched in the balls if he actually has any. And for Taylor to go out and put on such a great performance after that proves she’s a total pro. I mean, personally, I think her “music” is pretty terrible, but she’s a hell of a performer and I’d split her assways. Kanye is an assbag.

  48. Chicago James

    No excuse. Like who asked for his opinion? No one. Cat is wrong. Taylor got a bad deal on that stage but will absolutely to be great in spite of jealous haters. KW pray for help.

  49. Chicago James

    No excuse. Like who asked for his opinion? No one. Cat is wrong. Taylor got a bad deal on that stage but will absolutely to be great in spite of jealous haters. KW pray for help.

  50. Soupmanson

    If a white male country star had done something like this, on stage with a black female singer, NAACP, Rev Sharp, and other assorted racists would be screaming bloody murder, and its pretty safe to say there may have been a murder at the VMA’s. Double Standards baby. Kanye West hates white people.

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