Kelly Clarkson rocks out with Chivas Regal

August 17th, 2006 // 40 Comments

This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen latey. Kelly Clarkson is watching a performance of Metal Skool on the Sunset Strip when she gets brought up stage, chugs Chivas Regal from the bottle, and then sings some Guns N’ Roses cover songs with the lead singer from Yellowcard. The whole clip is 10 minutes long and not particularly interesting, but if you’re a fan of Kelly Clarkson or the Yellowcard guy or Guns N’ Roses cover songs you might get a kick out of it. Otherwise just skip it and go straight to the Lindsay Lohan topless pics. I know that’s why you’re here anyways. That and the free cake.

Thanks to P for the tip, and for having the shortest name of all time.


  1. Kelly Clarkson? She’s still relevant?

  2. fowler

    Metal Skool is no longer cool. Fuck your kelly clarkson!

  3. ImSuicidal

    “Yellow Card” in my country means “Butterscotch Stallion”

  4. fuck! she just HAD to be from texas, didn’t she?!

  5. Cruzadas

    not worth watching.

    BTW: she’s fat & ugly

    BTW2: The guitar dude with a 70′s rock style is in serious sexual need. The only thing that comes out of his foul mouth is how hard he wants to jump on kelly clarkson

  6. Libraesque

    this looks like it’s old, isn’t she hella fat now, she looks too skinny here

  7. amaritimer

    I thought it looked like fun…

  8. Wanna Pet My Beaver?

    That was worse than a David Hasselhoff video.

  9. travis-160

    I thought that was pretty damn cool. I wish that when I go out drinking that the performing band would pull me onto the stage, give me free whiskey, offer me sex, and ask me to sing.

  10. That guy has cool hair. Otherwise, uh, what the heck. Dasselhoff videos as least make me laugh at the stupidity. And I’m actually a fan of hers :/

  11. DrDanny

    The potty-mouth singer dude invented a verb, too: he wants her to audience-participate with him. I’m not sure what he should have said instead, but that sounds wrong. Or wrong-ish. Maybe.

  12. Equalparts

    haha, ya.

    This just goes to show that it’s a huge mistake to invite real talent onto the stage when you have none yourself. He’s all, “harmonize, harmonize.” and she’s all like, “how do you expect me to do that when you can’t carry a tune?”

  13. cleo

    there was cake? which one of you mofo’s ate all the cake?

  14. Nameless

    #9, AMEN.

  15. bakismaki

    Kelly Clarkson is harder than Yellowcard. Seriously, that band really sucks.

  16. Danklin

    So i guess Kelly’s no longer a virgin? hmmm *goes off to cry like a little girl*

  17. ChickenScratch

    There are 5 points I would like to address:
    1. What did she do to her hair?
    2. Her fingers look like sausages.
    3. Love the puffy shirt, Seinfeld.
    4. Who the fuck are these guys?
    5. She is starting to look like a troll doll.

  18. BJ

    Metal Skool shows are always a blast…I’m going next week. They play every Wednesday in San Diego.

  19. Okay, I admit it… as a big Guns N’ Roses fan I was not sure how Kelly Clarkson was going to sound singing them (I like her… just did not think it was her cup of tea), but my likey! However, the Yellowcard guy should not be singing. He sings as badly as the she-bangs guy William Hung. Yikes. Metal Skool is fun and takes me back to the good ‘ol days of big hair, spandex and shoulder pads. I think I am going to run around the house now singing She Bop by Cyndi Lauper in my underwear. Good times!

  20. SuperShallow

    okay, I like Kelly Clarkson…. commence the whipping….

  21. jrzmommy

    I wish she would have gotten up there with her half-empty (half-full?) bottle of Chivas and hanging onto the microphone all unsteady (picture Jim Morrison) and started slurring out a diatribe of drunken shit about Paula Abdul:

    “Sheesh a fuh-kin shlut fuh-kin Poorto Reekin what-ever the fuhk she ish….brown ugly bish…her fuh-kin fuhked up tits mustache havin…what the fuhk are you fuhkin ash-holsh lookin’ at! I got your fuhking ‘mareyKin idol right fuhkin heeeere!”

    and then ended it with a wobbly crotch grab as she fell off the stage!

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  23. GG 4.33

    Man, today’s artists are SO FUCKING LAME. At least the guys in the 1970′s partied AND made good music. How much coke can one put in one’s system? How many whores (both male and female) can one date?

  24. HyperCalcium

    I thought she seemed like a pretty good sport about the whole situation. Hell, she even teased the band with the tossing off of her shirt, and “playing” with her nipples.

  25. #7 – “Skinny pig, skinny pig, what are they feeding you?”

  26. bunnyhugger

    uh, suicidal…
    promotional comments? back off, dude, folks know where we hang out. say it ONCE.

  27. KoolAidMan

    Metal Skool is always a great time. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen them.

  28. thesarahficial

    I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

  29. thesarahficial

    I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

  30. walter3ca

    Somewhere, an A & R drone is commiting suicide.

  31. FirstTimeLongTime

    I would go Owen Wilson on that ass. That shit is PERFECT!

  32. FirstTimeLongTime

    I would go Owen Wilson on that girl’s ass. That shit is PERFECT.

  33. thesarahficial

    I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone…

  34. anchower

    Is that Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Osbourne? Snap!

  35. anchower

    Is that Kelly Clarkson or Kelly Osbourne? Snap!

  36. RichPort


  37. missaddicted

    Ha Ha Ha.. I love this girl.. She’s damn fine and extremely talented.. Wish I could sing like that! But what’s with this new boyfriend? I think she could do WAY better ya.. unless.. oh right.. he must have a ‘great personality’ ya that’s it right?

  38. darthelvis

    You people are trash.

  39. yeah, ot really interesting at all….cept for her alcoholism

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