Kelly Clarkson Only Talented American Idol

20050204clarkson.jpgThe “New York Post” claims Simon Cowell was overheard talking on his cell phone to an “American Idol” producer while lounging by the pool at a Beverly Hills hotel. Simon supposedly said that there is “very little talent” in the group of contestants that made it to the finals in Hollywood. He also said the only standout, as far as he was concerned, was a country-western singer from Missouri. Simon was also heard saying that the rest of the contestants are all untalented “Usher wannabes” and he said that someone like Ruben or Fantasia would end up winning again. He also said that Kelly Clarkson was the only one with true talent who ever won and that “without my pushing, Clay Aiken would never have gotten as far as he did, and look how well he’s done.” But we also have to keep in mind that nobody cares about American Idol or any of the contestants. Unless they’re absolutely psychotic. The contestants I mean.