Kelly Clarkson loves her girth

August 10th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Kelly Clarkson is fine with her weight and decided to fire back at critics in an interview with Self magazine who ironically wasn’t fine with Kelly’s weight because they airbrushed the shit out of her (above). People reports:

“When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t. I’m fine!’,” Clarkson, 27, tells the September issue of Self.
She also notes, “My happy weight changes. Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more.”
The Texas native admits she still eats chicken-fried steak, but also has days when she prefers salads. “I love healthy stuff and junk an equal amount,” she tells the magazine. “Whatever I’m craving, I go for it.”
Her secret to losing weight, in fact, is to not go on a diet: “For me, it’s the times when I’m not paying attention that I end up losing weight. But I’m never trying to lose weight – or gain it. I’m just being!”

Why do I get the feeling Kelly’s one of those people who orders five Big Macs and a Diet Coke? Or eats an entire buffalo because she ate a salad for lunch. With only 10 chicken wings in it. Let’s go with that last one.

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  1. Gando

    She looks like she can really kick some ass.

  2. Rhialto

    How about a wrestling match between her and Rosie?

  3. James

    Unless you have a glandular problem, no young person has any excuse to be fat and unhealthy. Jeebus, Kelly, go exercise for fucks sake. Stop convincing yourself that the “real you” is overweight. It’s sad that stupid lazy people try to convince others to be stupid and lazy. “Whatever I’m craving, I go for it.” JFC! Mmm that reminds me of KFC.. I’m outta here! Getting a whole bucket and eating it by myself! Don’t convince me otherwise. This is how I am!

  4. Oscar

    Wow the people commenting on here make me want to vomit!! Kelly is not morbidly obese she is actually only probably a little heavier than what normal should be. The people commenting on here are the reason that women shove their fingers down their throats after they eat. I wonder what all of your bodies look like. I doubt they are perfect and you are all obviously total losers, bitches, and assholes to have nothing better to do than say “moooo” or call someone a fat cow. Go to hell.

  5. James

    “Why should she be forced to starve herself silly and kill herself exercising just to be thin?”

    Listen. There is starving yourself, eating healthy, and pigging out. Considering that she is gaining weight, what do you think she is doing? We know what she used to look like. She was never really skinny but she had a nice figure imo.

    Also, exercising is not killing yourself. Not only is a certain amount healthy, it can also be FUN or relaxing. Go for a walk, ride a bike, take a hike, play catch with some friends, etc etc.

    “People’s bodies are pre-programmed to stay within a certain weight range. To go beyond that you have to take extreme measures that just aren’t sustainable.”

    Exactly. Her weight is going up because she is pigging out. As you get older, that pre-programmed weight tends to go up as the body tends to maintain less lean muscle mass. She is still young.

  6. RedFantaGirl

    Okay, so I totally love this girls’ voice, but let’s get real. She is huge!!! Worst part is that she admits the reason why she gains weight is because while she’s recording she eats nothing but junk food and doesn’t work out. She’s fat because she has bad eating habits, and there is no excuse for that. Why are celebrities always complaining about us demanding they have good bodies. With all the money and resources they have, they have no fucking excuse to be fat when normal people stay thin by eating healthy and jogging a little around the block. Stop being such a fat ass, Kelly. Your voice is not enough to keep you famous, as long as a skinny Christina Aguilera exists.

  7. AJ

    @50 Prove it. Also, go to hell.

    Did you ever consider that maybe the only reason she was thin was because she was going to extreme lengths to get there? No one should have to spend half their waking hours exercising and counting every calorie just to meet some arbitrary, constantly shifting, subjective standard of attractiveness. There’s a difference between getting moderate, regular exercise (which I agree is great for your health) and spending hours a day at the gym.

    It sounds like she eats like a normal person. She eats healthy, but she doesn’t deny herself the occasional splurge. Are you a saint when it comes to food? No. Get off your high horse.

    If Kelly were naturally skinny and admitted to eating chicken fried steak now and then, people would commend her for her down-to-earthness. But since she’s predisposed to being larger, every splurge is ammunition. Sure, it’s possible that she’s a lazy couch potato–but given her success and stardom, I tend to think not. I think it’s more likely that she’s given up the 24/7 quest for the perfect body and accepted that it’s OK to be healthy and average-sized (and that’s what she is–pretty much average).

    She’s nearing 30. It’s natural for her metabolism to start slowing down. Cut her some slack. Stuffing your face isn’t the only reason you gain weight.

  8. Yeah

    I’d hit it.

  9. Always First



  10. waah

    She’s not that overweight, christ. You people need to smoke a fatty and chill the fuck out. How old is this general crowd and who the fuck taught you to treat another person that way?. Obviously she’s a bit delusional about her weight, considering she let that cover fly. She needs to eat healthier, plain and simple. Don’t behave like a child and call her names, inform her that her diet is working against her and she needs to be eating healthier. We all have our fucking battles, everyone needs some encouragement once and a while.

  11. Jesus, Son of God

    Damn this ho is morbidly obese! She may the fattest bitch I have ever seen on TV other than LuLu from Hee Haw. How the hell can this dumb, fat bitch even be remotely famous. Oh wait, I know, because all of the fat American bitches who are even fatter and think she looks beautiful. All of you fat American sluts need to take notice. We ain’t gonna bang your ugly fat asses. Got it? Lose some weight you American skanks! You are repulsive!

  12. tromba

    I’m betting that she doesn’t care about looking like a cow is because she doesn’t care about appealing to men. I’m not saying she is a lesbian – I lied – I truly think she is totally gay. The closet door is open. Who cares – other than the people who are paying her?

  13. Fati

    To AJ

    I don’t care why she is fat. But I hate the hypocracy. NOBODY likes being heavy, NOOOOOBOOOODY. I used to be chubby when I was about 16. I weighed 146 lb at 5″6 and I was miserable! Being overweight is disgusting. Are you seriously telling me that you believe that she loves not being able to wear anything she wants? You believe that she loves it when she looks at pictures of herself where the camera caught her at an especially fat angle? You think she goes – ‘awww, I look sooo sexy that fat’? No, trust me, she doesn’t. It feels really lousy when you see a cute little skirt in the window of a store, and you take it into a fitting room, put it on, and you look like a fucking cow in it! Nobody loves that feeling. Nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing multiple chins and cellulite on their ass. So I guess people are not obligated to be fit and “starve themselves silly and kill themselves with exercise”, but don’t sit there and don’t tell me you would rather be fat than fit. So, to summarize, I guess you have the right to be lazy and not do anything about your weight, but do the rest of the world a favour – don’t tell us you like being one of the fattest girls in the room. Jessica Simpson tried doing that. Then a couple of months later she is telling the world she wants her old body back, dieting and jogging. Looks like a patheic idiot, doesn’t she?

  14. kagrez

    i’d hit it 2

  15. James

    The problem I have with her is not mostly her weight. Actually, let’s say she wasn’t famous and was just some women I met. If she had a decent personality, I’d be very interested. The problem is that she is getting heavier and that she is not only in denial but encouraging other women to do the same, eat whatever they fucking want and be lazy.

    Some of you are right, she isn’t that fat. But she is getting fatter and developing poor habits. I just hate this attitude that some people have of “I’m OK, you’re OK” when there is a problem. Some things that people expect of you ARE OK. It is OK to eat healthy. It is OK to exercise.

  16. Jibbly Biggins

    18 – douche alert, Tim cited for douche-like behavior. Observe and report when he graduates to full tampon status.

    “#3 – why do people have to be skinny? Um, because thin is healthy, it is attractive, and it is NORMAL. ”

    People with a BMI under 18.5 (think all supermodels) risk malnutrition, death, and early mortality at a greater rate than people with a BMI of 25 – 30, who are considered overweight by the outdated 19th century body mass index. Even Brad Pitt and Michael Jordan are classed as overweight or obese according to these scales. And many female models report losing their cycle because the body goes into shutdown mode to preserve vital processes. Thin is not healthy. Chubby is not unhealthy. Only diet and activity matter. Only the extremes carry excessive risk.

    “Normal” is whatever characteristic is found in the majority of any given group. In the United States, being overweight is normal – over 60% of the population.

  17. Jibbly Biggins

    18 – douche alert, Tim cited for douche-like behavior. Observe and report when he graduates to full tampon status.

    “#3 – why do people have to be skinny? Um, because thin is healthy, it is attractive, and it is NORMAL. ”

    People with a BMI under 18.5 (think all supermodels) risk malnutrition, death, and early mortality at a greater rate than people with a BMI of 25 – 30, who are considered overweight by the outdated 19th century body mass index. Even Brad Pitt and Michael Jordan are classed as overweight or obese according to these scales. And many female models report losing their cycle because the body goes into shutdown mode to preserve vital processes. Thin is not healthy. Chubby is not unhealthy. Only diet and activity matter. Only the extremes carry excessive risk.

    “Normal” is whatever characteristic is found in the majority of any given group. In the United States, being overweight is normal – over 60% of the population.

  18. AJ

    How do you know she’s lazy? You ASSUME she never exercises and stuffs her face. But how do you know? You’ve never even met her. Maybe she’s finally living her life like a normal person after years of starvation, and her body is reverting to the size it wants to be. Maybe she’s getting a moderate amount of exercise and eating a reasonably healthy diet, just like any “normal” person. Maybe her metabolism is just slowing down gradually due to age. You don’t know. So you can’t fucking judge.

    Just because you clearly have a pathological hatred of your own body does not give you the right to make assumptions about the bodies of others. And, by the way, being 5′ 6″ and 146 lbs falls right smack in the NORMAL range. Not even overweight, at least according to the BMI standard. Since you have such a massively disordered view of your own body, I’m pretty damn reluctant to buy in to your body image arguments. Get a therapist.

  19. Fati


    Being lazy means not doing ENOUGH to get in shape. So, pardon me, but when I see an overweight girl and hear her say that she loves her weight, I rightfully ASSUME that she is lazy, because she has clearly given up. Hey, once again – you have the right to be fat. Just don’t tell me you think it’s hot.

    Fucking give it up with the bullshit! You are giving me bogus arguments and you know it. Just because I don’t think that a fat ass and muffin tops are sexy, does not mean that I hate my body or I have a ‘massively disoredered view’ of it. It simply means that I do not like lying to myself and making excuses for being “average” or “BMI normal”.

    AJ, you are clearly an angry overweight girl who is lashing out against people saying that fat is not OK. Instead of sitting here and thinking up clever arguments for fatness, and trying to make people that do not want to be fat cows look shallow and mentally unhealthy, get off your big arse and do something about it. I promise, some of that anger will melt right off along with the pounds. And once you get your own butt in shape, you sure as hell will stop advocating for chubby girls to be viewed as “normal”.

    So long, you healthy, healthy fatty.

  20. Fati

    #67 – Really? Normal is whatever characteristic is found among the majority? How about if the majority starts fucking their family members, will that become normal too? That’s some fine logic to live by.

  21. AJ

    Believe it or not, I too fall within the “normal” BMI range. I exercise and watch my diet, thankyouverymuch. But what the fuck does that have to do with pure and simple logic? You are by no means obligated to find Kelly Clarkson attractive, but please stop spewing uninformed drivel. The fact that you addressed not a single one of my points proves that you’re MISSING the point.

    I take huge offense to your assertion that anyone who isn’t doing enough to stay skinny is lazy. Studies have shown that even those who conform to militaristic diet/exercise regimens will gain the weight back within five years, even if they stick with the program (and they’ll fuck up their metabolism in the process). Studies have also shown that people who are naturally skinny can’t get–and stay–fat, even if they try real, real hard. As long as you’re living a relatively healthy lifestyle, your body will settle at the weight it wants to be. Period. Who’s to say Kelly isn’t doing just that?

  22. Jesus, Son of God

    AJ tell us how much your fat ass weighs!!!

  23. Fati


    The fact that you take huge offense just proves that you have a weight problem.

    Studies also show that fat people are fat either because they have health problems, or because they eat a lot and don’t exercise enough to burn the calories they consume.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Kelly Clarkson. The thing that gets to me is when people like you go out of their way to make fatness normal. North America is already mocked around the world for being obese. You are not helping by trying to adjust universal standards to fit the fat American majority.

    Why don’t you just keep telling yourself that as long as you fall into the “normal” BMI range, you look fine. Maybe you will convince yourself. But don’t count on anyone else buying into that.

  24. ham

    Clearly, Fati won this argument, although you seem to have focused too much on looks (with the mirrors and skirts and all). AJ, you had a few good runs but hey, time to give it up. You also sound like a determinist, or perhaps even a fatalist (like, it’s all genes anyway, weight can’t change much, etc. which is fallacious).

  25. Joseph


  26. Rogue

    She’s overweight and she’s getting bigger. It will work out for her BIG time because about 50 more lbs from now. Jenny Craig will offer her a FAT contract for crazy CHEESE to lose weight and do commercials about it.

    Your internal organs and joints don’t think it’s so great to have to withstand the added pressure or working harder to keep such glorious girth up and running. Your body also doesn’t think Type 2 diabetes is normal either. True story.

  27. zizzy

    She has hot dog fingers.

  28. Bert

    “Her secret to losing weight, in fact, is to not go on a diet”

    Oh yeah, that is really working for her.

  29. Don’t blame her for having a stomach in each asscheek you heartless motherfuckers… blame genetics…

  30. dee

    Hey #8 Karmen
    you’re a stupid fucking idiot

    STFU you he/she bitch

  31. Deacon Jones

    @80 – Seriously Dee, THAT’s the most offensive comment you could pick out?

    @71 And AJ. I’m going to go out on a limb here….you don’t “exercise”.

  32. AJ

    Totally, totally irrelevant. What does my lifestyle have to do with logic? I’m not going into any more detail about myself because you people will just use it as fuel for the fire. If I say I work out X times a week, you’ll say “why not X+1?” I can say I’m healthy until I’m blue in the face, but you guys won’t believe it. It’s completely irrelevant, and it’s your cheap way of getting around responding to any of my arguments.

    The point of my posting in the first place was to argue that Kelly should be allowed to live a normal life without being held to a different standard of nutritional sainthood than a skinny person. It says right there in the article that she works out (boot camp, even!) and eats a balance of healthy food and junk food. Who here can say their diet and exercise regime is perfect? It sounds like she’s happy and healthy and confident, and her weight is nowhere near high enough to cause obesity-related illness or joint/bone damage. (By the way, those “obesity-related” illnesses are caused by inactivity, not fat. Active fat people don’t have them.) I’m not arguing for the rights of all fat people everywhere, or arguing that there aren’t fat people out there who are fat because they’re lazy. There are. But that’s obviously not the case here.

    You don’t have to find her attractive, but for god’s sake stop judging her for being happy with herself. Stop vomiting up this stream of (practically illiterate) hatred. It’s disgusting, and it’s getting all over your shirt.

  33. Bob

    I love reading the comments from fat people pretending to be skinny online. Always get a kick out of it.

  34. curious

    how tall is she? she looks like a midget in the picture where she’s smacking her ass

  35. hog farmer

    total pig …end of discussion

  36. #82 – Dude, you’re swimming upstream in a river full of sewage… I mean, are you new here?

  37. Karmen

    Lmao @dee, your moms abortion didnt quite work did it?

  38. Lalah

    A confident woman can be intimidating, especially to geekazoids who rip on the *talented* and *successful* anonymously, lol.

  39. she's put on 50

    Kelly’s coming to your town to rock the stage !!! ………..literally

  40. SheIsSoFat

    She is so unhealthy fat. The only people that think she isn’t are fatter than she is. Everytime Kelly’s takes a dump her bowels make sounds that sound just like a baby saying the word “fat”. It is so cute that her parents filmed/recorded it and showed it to the guys she brings to their home for dinner.

  41. Alchemiholic

    #83 – I’ve seen stuff on similar studies. It’s actually really interesting to think about. The human body is so smart about a lot of things. Obviously, people should exercise and not eat McDonald’s all day every day, but messing with the way you’re supposed to be to excess can lead to some seriously weird body issues that are equally as unhealthy as those caused by overeating.

    And also, bless your heart. This comment thread is hella creepy. Kelly Clarkson’s job isn’t being skinny. She may be heavy, but she’s not obese. No one has to find her attractive if they don’t want to, but wow. The comments have been incredibly unstylish.

    And it’s not like she’s promoting eating nothing but junk food. She’s acknowledging that junk food is awesome, which it is. These soulless harpies are probably just allergic to awesome.

  42. Nice Pete

    Good Lord you are shallow.

  43. Big Kelly booster

    Come On People ! : Kelly is a huge massive talent

  44. Kaitlin

    I love that she looks so normal. Self sucks for airbrushing her that much. She should be happy and proud to be able to be in the spotlight not caving in to judgmental media and people. I don’t know her music but I think she rocks!!

  45. Dooode! Your site got farked! Kudos!

  46. chubby chaser

    I love big ‘ole sloppy girls like Kelly….good pushin’ on the cushion’

  47. Des Moiner

    She’s yummy fat! I’d love to spend 3 quality minutes with her. Why is everyone so pissy over her being overweight? Nothing else to complain about? I’m sure the rest of your pathetic lives are simply perfect. Live and let live. Kelly…call me!

  48. Joe Stahl

    Who is this woman, and why should I (or any of you) care?

  49. Kid Kline

    I love Kelly just the way she is. Beautiful, talented, sweet, with curves like a woman. Stick figures, beware! My dog buries bones in the back yard. Love ya, Kelly !!!

  50. Fatty Jane

    I’m a big fat bitch. And I get laid. ALOT. From guys who love getting their dicks wet with chubbies. I probably have more fantastic sex then all you whiny stick’re too busy complaining and being offended by us fatties. Well, GET OVER YOURSELVES. I’m here, I’m big and I’m not goin’ ANYWHERE.

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