Kelly Clarkson is what a ‘real’ woman looks like*

May 18th, 2009 // 194 Comments

Kelly Clarkson attended Z100′s Zootopia 2009 yesterday and, alright, we get it, lady; You hate jogging. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what she’s trying to do here, but it’s one thing to say the media encourages an unnatural depiction of women (Paris Hilton in a bikini, anyone?), and another thing to pick up a cheeseburger and say “I’ll show them! Nom nom nom!” Fortunately, it’s not like Kelly’s encouraging obesity which will be our ultimate downfall against the robots. Wait a minute– what are they paying you?!

*Right after giving birth.

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  1. CakeSnifferer

    This flabbiness really seems to be striking a nerve with some. Odd.

  2. Sheva

    Who wants to see that in a bikini? I have a policy not to date women who have bigger thighs than me. And since I can’t do the same type of exercise I did, my thighs are smaller.

    Look at the “outfit” if you can call it that. She’s one step away from living like Al Sharpton and going 24×7 in sweat pants. She’s a mere step away from that.

    Sorry, this is a fat girl. Those thunder thighs are rubbing so much she needs to pack a tub of vaseline everywhere to keep the chafing down.

    She’s gross.

  3. indira

    i’ve always wondered how someone can manage to be fat and flat chested. Nice going, Clarkson!

  4. LOL

    140 – Fat people always think everyone smaller than them must weigh ‘like 100 lbs.’, it’s the fat people cliche, lol!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nikki

    She is short and stocky.. big deal. Alot of girls look like her. Who cares?? If you don’t like her then don’t listen to her.

  6. Nikki

    She is short and stocky.. big deal. Alot of girls look like her. Who cares?? If you don’t like her then don’t listen to her.

  7. zooey

    does anyone know how tall she is? my guess is around 5’2 or 5’3… weight, around 160-170. again, a guess, but the correct weight for that height is probably closer to 115-120.

    as i said earlier, around 40+ lbs overweight and that weight came on quickly. face it fatties, it’s just not good for your heart to keep yoyo dieting 40 to 50 lbs every few years.

  8. PunkA

    First off, anyone who thinks she looks normal is in denial. This girl is about 70 lbs over weight. 70 freaking pounds. That is really fat, borderline obese. hate to break it to you, but obese is not hot. It is the opposite. Fit and healthy is hot. Obese is not healthy either. Bet her cholesterol is way high, and she has other risk factors. That is the reality for fat people. Time for people to lose the denial,get off their fat asses and burn some calories exercising. Then, start eating less and better. I bet Kelly eats horribly and gorges on sugar and fats because it shows.

    Wake the hell up people. Fat is not attractive. Is shows laziness, sloppiness, and general apathy towards life.

  9. CakeSnifferer

    I’m with Sheva up there, she’s headed for elastic wasteband territory in a hurry – her pants will be like Huggies with legs.

  10. mike

    if I own an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and she walks in,…. I’m losing money

  11. zooey


    word :)~

  12. She will diet, sooner or later. I still love her. Very talented.

  13. Lee

    Excuse me, but how in the hell is Kelly Clarkson overweight?

    She has the exact same (hot, except for Clarkson is lacking in the bust department, quite frankly…) figure as my wife. My wife is definitely NOT overweight, and I find her to be extremely attractive.
    My wife is about 5’5″ and 140 pounds, and she looks exactly like that.
    She is not overweight, she may be at the far end of the BMI scale for a healthy weight, at 23 (normal range is 18.5 – 24.9), but she is still a normal weight, and God damn it, she’s sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, really, I don’t know how you people think she’s overweight. She isn’t. You people suck at judging a person’s weight, plain and simple.

    Maybe you people are just stupid, and don’t realize how the body is slightly distorted on camera, as opposed to real life. I’m quite certain if any of you were to see Clarkson in real life, you would not be calling her fat, you’d be asking to borrow her jeans because you’re probably the same size as she is.

    Okay, maybe think, hey, if she gains 10 pounds? Yeah, she’ll be right at overweight, BIG DEAL. Even healthy weight people die from diseases and such all of the time.

  14. Petahater

    Who gives if this chick is a fat ass? She has the medical benefits to be an overweight, obese person if she chooses. She’s got insurance to live her life bloating up, getting super skinny and doing all the unhealthy things possible. She’s no “real woman” in my opinion but I could care less what she does with her life as long as she isn’t mooching on me for money and other things.

    Those people who whine about celebrities getting fat, wasting money are simply democrats who believe that those celebs should make generous contributions to their pockets.

    The idiots who say she “looks good” are liars. Clearly K. Clark doesn’t give a hoot what she looks like as long as she can pierce our ears with her voice and make us deaf.

    Now it would be a different thing if some poor yet fat person was constantly getting sick and taking money from my paycheck to pay for their medicine.

  15. whatever

    Shut up all you self righteous people who pretend like they wouldn’t turn her down for a date if she wasn’t famous. You know you wouldn’t hit that unless you were totally desperate and wasted. And stop pretending that it’s acceptable that an “average” American is a fatass. SHE IS FAT. Plain and simple. Are a lot of people in Hollywood too thin? Yes. Someone like Scarlett Johansson is more of an average healthy not emaciated person. If your BMI is not where it should be you are a fatass too, and you should get up off your lazy ass and exercise, and stop eating twice as many calories as your body needs. It’s that simple!

    That all being said, how can someone be that chubby and not have boobs? Meh.

  16. Gar

    She’s perfect.
    nuf said.

  17. Jen

    150, wow, angry much?

    I was just pointing out that we have a distorted view of what different weights actually look like. And yes, my friend was skin and bone. She had a completely flat stomach, teeny thighs and no tits. But she had tone and definition to her body, and she worked out like crazy.

    I’m not going to defend my own body, mostly cause I don’t give a shit what you say, but also because whatever I say, you’ll respond that I’m fat. Which isn’t exactly a shocker, because judging by your posts, I’m guessing that YOU’RE fat and have a serious case of self-loathing going on. No one’s that angry and bitter for nothin’.

    I do think that Kelly’s overweight — close to 160-170 pounds, I’d estimate, and she looks unhealthy and tired during her appearances. But she seems like a yo-yo dieter and she’s adorable and funny during interviews and she also just seems like a girl who hasn’t gotten it all figured out yet. I’ll give her a few years. I’m sure she’ll settle on a weight she feels comfortable with.

  18. Lloyd Johnson

    Good to see she’s finally growing into that chin…

    as far as fat girls go, my rule is; the boobs and butt but must stick out more than the belly.

    If a 5’6″ woman is lazy, never exercises, and eats junk food she can make 130lbs look gross. If she lives healthy and exercises she can make 150 look amazing.

  19. @ 167

    ahah, I’m supposed to be the bitter one, yet who’s spewing “not all women can be a size zero just for yeeeeewww”. Sounds like someone who can’t shake those extra 30 lbs. FYI, I’m not even a man, or fat – project much??

  20. DJ

    I’d do her.

  21. person with eyes.

    That’s a huge bitch.

    “She looks fine. She’s immensely talented. This is an unfortunate choice of outfit. And that’s all.”

    You mean she’s wearing a fat suit? Aha! I thought so.
    Since most of the fat is in her FACE, and on her arms.. I doubt it has anything to do with her ‘outfit’


  22. awc

    she has a great personality. very similar to rosanne barr

  23. awc

    she has a great personality. very similar to rosie odonnel. heck, she is even beginning to look like rosie.

    Is kelly a lez?

  24. Marie

    A size 7?? Are you kidding me? I weigh 116 and Im a size 4! This girl must be like. size 16. She is HUUUUUGE!

  25. Daisy

    I don’t know why I am commenting here considering this site is called the Superficial, but here goes.

    If you would look at any picture or drawing of “desirable” women up until about the 1940′s or so, most women were right about Kelly’s size. Don’t believe me? Go take a look at pictures of your own grandmothers or great grandmothers. If you were too much thinner than Kelly’s size, people would assume you were unhealthy or poor. Or perhaps both. If you were too much bigger than Kelly’s size, then you would be considered overweight of course. However, for 99% of human history, a woman being this size was considered healthy and desirable. It is not unhealthy at all. If you were much thinner than Kelly, you were not considered sturdy or healthy enough to take on as a wife who could take care of a home and bear children.

    Americans have very skewed views about weight. A women has to be thin as a model to be considered desirable now. There is no middle ground anymore. It’s very unhealthy. If you have to starve yourself and work out a million hours a week to be thin, that isn’t how you are naturally suppose to look. You aren’t supposed to sit around and eat sweets all day either. Where is the moderation?

  26. debutante

    All she has to do is drop 15 pounds and get some Breast implants !! Jesus, she has nothing up top at all ! The implants would definitely balance out her body— but why do I get the impression that she looks like she might prefer the ladies ???

  27. debutante

    All she has to do is drop 15 pounds and get some Breast implants !! Jesus, she has nothing up top at all ! The implants would definitely balance out her body— but why do I get the impression that she looks like she might prefer the ladies ???

  28. debutante

    All she has to do is drop 15 pounds and get some Breast implants !! Jesus, she has nothing up top at all ! The implants would definitely balance out her body— but why do I get the impression that she looks like she might prefer the ladies ???

  29. justifiable

    #175 Family pictures won’t prove the point and drawings aren’t the reality check you need – get a vintage copy of PLAYBOY from the ’60′s and compare the centerfold with the concept of “fat women” today. Shel Silverstein once commented in a retrospective, “Women then had great back porches!”

  30. hmm

    She looks fine! Well.. she has very small boobs, which make her look manly(ish), but the rest is fine, average, normal. Right, real women, exactly. It’s really the flat chest that messes up the image.

  31. Mr Semprini

    Wow, 180 fat jokes.

  32. CakeSnifferer

    Yeah, let’s talk the ’40′s and the ’50′s…when rotting teeth were still at least marginally acceptable and gyms were places that even a lot of professional atheletes didn’t bother with. And you’d better spend a little more time poring over those old Playboys – granted they are more “varied” that’s what’s in there now (boring) but for every shoot that supports your point there will be one that contradicts it. A little flabbiness being acceptable half a century ago really has nothing to do with what’s going on today.

  33. Trixie

    5’4″ and 140 is chunky. Plain and simple. Own it. America has gotten FAT, so now FAT is the norm. If you don’t have love handles or a dunlop, people call you a skinny bitch. It’s ridiculous. I realize that overweight people can be healthy, but you’re still OVERweight. Just because so many people are overweight, that doesn’t make it a good thing. Put down the burger/chips/ice cream and MOVE YOUR ASS!

  34. thatsright

    Woman naturally look however they want.

    Some look skinny. Some athletic. Some voluptuous.

    And some look too lazy to work-out and too self-indulgent to lay off the pizza and pasta.

  35. fat is not normal

    That is not what a normal woman looks like. that is what a normal fatty- male or female- who has given up on caring about themselves looks like.

    Tired of fat chicks (not plump, not round, not a bit overweight, but stone cold fat like this fatty) hiding behind the “normal woman” banner. The only reason there is room for them behind that banner is because they ate the actual normal women holding it.

  36. backinblack

    she’s pretty, not a beast and far from obese!

  37. wendy

    To those who say “She looks fine! That is a REAL woman’s body, and anyone skinnier is anorexic!”

    …go to China or Japan, and then you’ll really get thrown into perspective regarding your weight. Kelly is obese, that is a fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise just has grossly low standards due to all the other Americans with Kelly’s body.

  38. *8thed

    lose some weight bitch, and do your job because youre good at it… sing and thats it. and yea lose some weight. real woman does not have 35 pounds more than she needs. real woman has curves which do not include love handles and such.

  39. Dya

    Umm.. People.she’s not fat.. she just looks like she gained a few.. it happens.

    Shes not morbidly OBESE like you people are trying to convince yourselves that she is.. Sorry

  40. eddie

    She’s beautiful!!! Anybody who doesn’t think so is a fool.I personally would give my left arm just to hang out with her for a day!

    Kelly, please don’t listen to these idiots who are talking badly about you. You are completely gorgeous. You always have been and I suspect you always will be.

  41. Dave

    She’s the size of a fucking manatee. Saying she looks “typical” is absolutely right … because the VAST majority of Americans are obese or morbidly obese.

    Kelly is a small-titted lard ass who tells people it’s OK to be huge and unhealthy with statements like this. What a frigging whale.

  42. Erin

    Why do overweight people always say this is how real women look? She has an attitude about everything–I love her singing, but she needs to lose weight.

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