Kelly Clarkson is what a ‘real’ woman looks like*

May 18th, 2009 // 194 Comments

Kelly Clarkson attended Z100′s Zootopia 2009 yesterday and, alright, we get it, lady; You hate jogging. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what she’s trying to do here, but it’s one thing to say the media encourages an unnatural depiction of women (Paris Hilton in a bikini, anyone?), and another thing to pick up a cheeseburger and say “I’ll show them! Nom nom nom!” Fortunately, it’s not like Kelly’s encouraging obesity which will be our ultimate downfall against the robots. Wait a minute– what are they paying you?!

*Right after giving birth.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Lain

    You know that “overweight” has a technical definition, and since you are unaware of her BMI, stating she is overweight is pure ignorance.

    She’s not skinny, but I don’t think I’d go as far as overweight or obese.

  2. Jim

    only black women look good fat.

  3. Lain

    Ha, double-post!

  4. fapper

    @51 – Unless the bulk is all bones and skin, she’s a cow. MOO MOO HONKY BITCH. She would do well in BBW Porn.

  5. devilsrain

    Nothing is worse than a girl who gains weight everywhere EXCEPT in her breasts? Especially when there was nothing there to begin with.

  6. Name (required):

    FULL SIZE+.. no kidding..

  7. Dr. Ernest P. Worrell, M.D.

    @51 – Keep telling yourself that, fatty.

  8. fee

    When she was thinner and had muscle definition, she was STILL called fat.

    She’s not going to win, because she’s very short and stocky naturally. Any weight over her ideal will make her look big.


    Overweight by definition is like more than 10 lbs over bmi. Obese is over 20 or 30. Seriously, 51, you probably just made it worse by bringing that up.

  10. Leave Kelly alone! shes one of those girls no matter how many time she loses the weight you just know being plumped is her destination!

  11. alaskana

    @5 Hey Mr. Doc.
    I have to fight to keep myself thin; I’m usually about 20 lbs.higher than what’s considered healthy for my height according to charts. But I eat right (no fast foods, no fried foods, and hardly any processed foods), no drinking or smoking, and work out daily, I’m in karate four days a week for the past three years and I walk about an hour a day, five days a week. When I go in for my physicals, my average blood pressure is 118/65, my LDL cholesterol readings are under 200, I’ve never had a high blood sugar reading, and all my blood work comes back showing no problems whatsoever. So, it is possible to be overweight, yet healthy. Btw, I fluctuate between a size 10 and 12.

  12. ***

    #19 Hey saviana, I’m PRETTY SURE that as an average American you’re supposed to be smarter than you are. You better squeeze some more reading into your daily schedule because we’re not gonna lower our standards.
    Clarkson is who she is because of her voice, not like Jessica Simpson for her face and ass. Unless you’re so self-important to think all singers should conform to your standards and Aretha should have been dropped from a label for being fat, it’s not this chick’s ‘job’ to look good for you 24/7. You have NO way of knowing if her weight is ‘unhealthy’ for her, any more than Keira Knightly’s size 00 on the other end of the scale is stressing HER system.
    You sound like someone who looks average like Clarkson but doesn’t have the voice and resents the difference. If she got the gift, you think she should live up to it and look how you know you’d look if you got the shot. If you were blind you wouldn’t have a fucking thing to say about her, you’d just be enjoying the music.

  13. Rob

    Looks like the fat chick from hairspray

  14. It Drips For A Reason

    This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t wipe my ass for a week over. That way, it looks all fudgy, and I can trick the Clarkson into tongue-jacking my shitter while I make that sexy thang Miley walk funny for a week!

    Here let me spell it out fucktards: I want to bang Miley while Clarkson licks my asshole. Yes. That is correct. My asshole will be squeaky clean, and Cyrus will be considering a career in ob-gyn, just to make sense of what just happened to her previously immaculate man-grabber. Win-Win!!!

  15. zognor: ruler of lizards

    Eh, I’d still bend that over a rock and go to town.

  16. Fatty McSweatpants

    LOL @ all the fatties coming out of the woodwork to proclaim to the internet that they’re perfectly healthy even though they’re gigantic fatty fat fucks. Have another twinkie fatties!

  17. CF

    Kelly Clarkson is right. She is exactly what a real woman looks like, which is the fucking problem. Woman shouldn’t look like her. They should look healthy and active and nimble, not like their duodenum is drowing in alfredo sauce.

  18. lark

    Yes, it is.

    The average woman in America is 5’4″ and weighs 140 lbs. It’s normal, and not “overweight.”

    While I strongly disagree with her choice of clothing in these photos, I think that she looks like the girl-next-door and is very cute.

  19. Slutty the Dwarf

    64 Wait,are you saying fat people don’t know the difference between human feces and chocolate? Someone needs a cooking class…..

  20. smallinthepants

    I’d hit it. No, seriously, I’d have sex with her.

  21. The Bong Show


    She’s not talented enough to be this fat.

  22. john

    you fat fucking whore, put down the chicken wings and go run you fat piece of shit bitch

  23. Ashley

    her lipstick looks like it was 99 cents in some discount bin at a grocery store.

  24. Ashley

    her lipstick looks like it was 99 cents in some discount bin at a grocery store.

  25. cadcat

    @72 Angry much?

  26. quake

    #6 You’re fat.

  27. Rossi

    Why are there always douchebags who accuse those who have standards of lying? If you’d hit it, fine, but you don’t have to attempt to drag the rest of us down with you.

    And it’s pretty ridiculous to claim that you have a pristine, healthy diet, exercise constantly, and never touch fast food when you’re overweight or close to it. Stop lying to yourself AND the rest of us. No one is “naturally” overweight. That’s dumb.

  28. b

    140 lbs is a fatass. Sorry, My wife is 5 foot 7 and 130 lbs after 2 kids. Face it, Kelly Clarkston is a total slob and should stop eating for a few weeks.

  29. saviana

    HA, #62, I’d be MORE than happy to share pictures of myself with you if you’ve deluded yourself into thinking that because I comment on Kelly Clarkson being overweight that I myself must be too. Talk about intelligence! And far from the truth, my dear.

    And when did I say shit about Kelly Clarkson’s voice? I could give two shits about how well she sings — we’re talking about the subject of this post, which was her weight gain. She clearly doesn’t respect her body, she looks like crap, and in the performance industry, you’re scrutinized even further. And even if she wasn’t, her current physique is (read it with me now) UN-HEALTHY. And yes, I do know it’s unhealthy for her because she’s 5’3 and is at least packing 20 pounds of extra weight.

    Oh, and #62 I’m PRETTY SURE I studied at Oxford, which CLEARLY means I’m smarter than you regardless of what bullshit you spew. And what reading exactly should I be doing? What does what I said have ANYTHING to do with literature? GOOD ONE.

    And lastly, I’m not blind, so I DO have a fucking thing to say about her, as do all of the other awesome realists on this site. She’s overweight, end of story. And if you want to go down the route of judging people by a post on a blog, YOU seem to ME like a whiny, overweight, fat bitch outcast who was teased relentlessly by everyone prettier than you in high school and is now blaming her morbid obesity on her past. So here’s an idea – put down the donut, stop defending fatasses to make yourself feel better and get to the gym. Who knows, maybe the endorphins will help you to stop being such a bitter, jealous bitch.

  30. justifiable

    #77 “And it’s pretty ridiculous to claim that you have a pristine, healthy diet, exercise constantly, and never touch fast food when you’re overweight or close to it.”

    Guess you’ve never seen a sumo wrestler before.

    Not every body type is the same, nor is every metabolism or genetic makeup.

  31. abolish trollery


    Most of you are such silly little twats it’s awesome. Awesome because I’m not you.

    “she’s a fatty’

    “she’s normal”

    None of you get the point.

  32. cletus

    ? looks like she’s a gettin’ ready to wrassle a bear

  33. lola

    She is chubby, not FAT but overweight. There is twice the amount of food in America than needed to feed the population. Food advertising and marketing is shoved in our faces all day long (to sell off the surplus) so it is hard to be healthy, but not impossible.


    lol shes fat looool. stop eating so many chicken wings you fat whore!

  35. Fat Fat Fat Fat FAAAAAAAT

    @79 – I can’t really understand what you’re saying because you have too many mashed potatoes in your fat fuck whore mouth FATTY.

  36. nigger

    she should start dating blacks

  37. dancingbuggar

    @85 To the corner with you, you naughty naughty filthy mouth!

  38. mmmmmmm

    If I happened be bi, bicurious, gay or a man……..I’d totally get with a woman who looks Clarkson(she has to be nice too). Clarkson is hot. The small waist, the thick thighs, pretty face, the amazing booty…my goodness. She is also talented, natural looking, independent/fighter(she challenged the people on top and tried to do her own thing) and she seems like a nice, wholesome woman.

    I just like to admire beauty. I like to admire good looking people of all shapes and sizes. Good looking people who are down to earth and humble are awesome.

    #40 must attract a ton of decent ladies. With that kind of down to earth and logical way of thinking/atttitude…..I’m guessing he does. A guy who is totally not superficial…and who has not been brainwashed by the media….how refreshing.

    #77..Some people do have medical issues(underactive thyroid, metobolic syndrome, diabetes…etc),which makes it very easy for them to gain weight, and extremely hard to lose weight. Some people just have slow metabolisms. Sometimes, it’s not about poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyles. The beautician who waxes me is thick …and hot, yet she thinks she is fat and complained about how she works out like crazy and watches what she eats, but is not losing weight. She was getting so frustrated, then she found out she has hypothyroidism…which explained a lot… however…she is still frustrated..and pissed off about the situation.

  39. alaskana

    @77 I’m not skinny, but I’m not obese or flabby. It’s because I’m tall and have a lot of muscle mass that I weigh more than what people think I do and more than what the charts say I should weigh. So its according to doctor’s charts I’m officially overweight, but nobody ever guesses my weight right, they usually think I’m 20 or more pounds less than what I weigh. Also, I can kick past my head and do the splits, damn, I is hot ;P

  40. billyboy

    #89 So, you’re saying you’re built like sasquatch then, yeah….that’s hot.

  41. Kelsey

    I’m more concerned about this outfit. Come on, lets put a litttle effort into it Clarkson.

  42. yo

    eh i wouldnt call her fat but i wouldnt call her healthy either. kind of that in between where shes still cute but it would only take about 10 more pounds to kill it. not to make the ladies her size feel bad but its the damn truth.

  43. lickinzeeweener

    She does have one adorable face, aaaawww!

  44. jay

    she looks amazing, end of story.


  46. saviana

    @85 – GOOD ONE!!!! Like omfg I feel SO TOLD. Thank you for showing me the light! But actually, I think you were intending to direct your comments at the lard ass at the top of the page (and likely your mirror). But no, aw, really, don’t worry, it was a good try. It really is so totally hurtful and accurate when people who’ve never seen you tell you you’re fat. OH THE PAIN.

  47. she is not that fat… she is chubby and could definitely to improve her diet and health. I think the problem is that if anyone tells anyone that they are “fat” here that person takes wild offense instead of using it to help themselves.

    It is not just extremely skinny people who suffer from body dysmorphia, clearly.

  48. Robert

    She’s thick, but she ain’t chunky. Totally rocking body in my opinion.

  49. alisa

    now i in no way would wana look like her… but you all are acting like shes obese! shes just chubby. she could lose 20 pounds and look like she did before. big deal. but you guys are acting like she should lose 50.
    but ohhh nooo.. a woman in the entertainment industry cant be overweight and we cant just like someone for their raw talent

  50. Paddington Bear: Love Machine

    @96 – Don’t vent your morbidly obese fat rage on the people commenting, lardass. Nobody here forced you to stuff your useless fat fuckhole with chili cheese fries every day.

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