Kelly Clarkson has a taste for flesh now. RUN!

July 31st, 2009 // 122 Comments

None of us are safe.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Darth

    Does obesity run in her family? Or did she start a whole new branch in the family tree on her own?

  2. Racer X

    I’d hit it like a single up the middle.

  3. Anon the wise

    I have no problems with skinny chicks on TV. Do you think 60% of this country is obese or suffering from anorexia? Those skinny hot chicks on TV are good role models for the fattest country in the world.

  4. IKE

    @ 70. Lawn Gnome Council
    Thank you. :)
    Your boyfriend is a smart guy.

    #71 & #74……. Haven’t you heard that “curvy” women are smarter?
    Click on my name and read the article.
    Plus, here’s another one:
    I’d give Kelly more of a Pear-Shape label, but still, she fits the bill more than the Olsen twins (I hate to continue hating on them, but they fit the 6 o’clock shape sooo well). 6 O’clock Def: straight up/ straight down.

    Listen, Clarkson isn’t fat. I’m not talking about heifers that you’d rather milk than shag. If Rosie O’Donnell were thinner, she still wouldn’t be attractive. She’s shaped like ball with sticks for arms and legs. A smaller version of her would simply be a smaller version of yuck. Who knows…if she got small enough, maybe she’d look like an Olsen.

  5. A Frauenglass

    That’s Sam Champion! He does the weather in NYC. Wow. I guess she’s not aware that his proclivity is toward the same sex. Or maybe gays just taste better, they do have excellent grooming habits.

  6. WTF, is this the Kelly Clarkson, as in pop starlet???? she is fucking huge now, wtf happened, did she do a night raid on Burgerking. That’s just fucked up. WTF goes on over there, you guy’s in the USA need to get your shit together before you turn into blimps!!!

  7. way too many WTF, sorry, but seriously folks wtf is going on?

  8. FACE

    WHat a fat unattractive heifer.

  9. amy

    I want to hook up with you! Stop sending mixed signmals. –

  10. Elizabeth

    Grammatical correction, none of us is safe

  11. Fati

    Man, she should really lose some.. I don’t understand why somebody would want to be ugly, if they can not be ugly.

  12. robert

    Quick, get these pix while they are hot! Kelly Clarkston pictures where she is NOT eating something!!!

  13. Hey truly i like this pic. But i must say she has put on so much weight. I like her voice but she has to loose some weight.

  14. vanessa

    ALL YOU GUYS SHOULD GO TO HELL WITH YOUR RUDE COMMENTS. Shes a beautiful person with a lot of talent. What the fuck do the rest of you got going for ya? Exactly! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  15. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!

  16. mike j

    Iam a big guy six foot 325-340 so i prefer a gal with meat on her bones unless naturally small framed and cannot carry alot of weight.

  17. moooo :) :) good

  18. Iam a big guy six foot 325-340 so i prefer a gal with meat on her bones unless naturally small framed and cannot carry alot of weight.

  19. good article,thank you

  20. OK! All ….. The first is that big! He sides with a bit more then a girl “Girls ….! normal” I understand that you all are annoying when you normally “the next American supermodel looking” because they girls are sick! So rather than those looking for the girls like Kelly! Open your eyes, look at some normal looking girls and then judge him!
    A more realistic world to wake up people!

  21. damon hynes

    Oh Deere Lowered, I’d be all over her.

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