Kelly Clarkson has a taste for flesh now. RUN!

July 31st, 2009 // 122 Comments

None of us are safe.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. deddog

    [yawn] boring…

  2. chupacabra

    here piggy, piggy. here piggy, piggy. SUEEEYYYYY!

  3. chirs


  4. immune

    wow, that dude looks just like the bad guy from die hard 2. is that him??

  5. What the hell is this scale buster doing to our local weather man? run Sam run…

  6. Ego

    she’s famous & rich, wtf is up with no plastic surgery. She should have already been lipo’d, stomach stappled, and boob implanted. I mean it’s only her career.

  7. ado

    dat’s a biiiiiiiig bitch

  8. clpierced

    Umm Kelly can you please either A. lose some weight and wear tight clothes or B. cover your gross body up. Thank you.

  9. Val

    Okay, here’s the thing… if you want to be fat, fine. I get it Kelly, it’s your bodytype, whatever. Could you please do us all a favor and wear clothes that fit you?

  10. Unreal101

    i’d still hit

  11. PlushBarbieTits

    The sad part is she is probably only a size 10 or 12, which is still under the “average” woman size…….. but yea, lose the spandex lady. At least she’s not wearing bright colors!

  12. ron

    Now I know why she “does not hook up”


    umm…when did she get so fat? pic #3 is just scary. I can visulize that ass slap and then the ripples going around her body for the next 5 minutes.

  14. Naven

    I know most of you are way too good for her, but I would hit that like a golfball.

  15. Simon

    That is absolutely dreadful!

  16. Simon

    That is absolutely dreadful!

  17. HuckyDucky

    Hey Kool-Aid!!!

  18. Desi

    How about fixing this site so it doesn’t take forever to download all the crappy ads just so I can see some who cares about singer stick her tongue out.

  19. Andy

    Agreed, Naven. I ain’t to good for that.

  20. CaptainMorgan

    Lower….lower….*zipp*….that’s it. Good girl. You’ll know when you’re done. You’ll know.

  21. quake

    She shits gravy.

  22. Harold^Sick


  23. WellUh...

    Be honest, you’d still bang that from behind.

  24. Uncle Fester

    #18 The internet is obviously too complicated for you; please turn your computer off before you hurt yourself. If you had a clue as to what you were doing, you wouldn’t get the ads to begin with.

  25. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  26. KFD

    Id still bust a nut on her man chest.

  27. Fat girls are fat.

  28. Notfunny

    Damn she’s huge, Im all about women with curves but these chicks are are bordering the obesity line forget that looking like (.) means you got 1 curve, not curveS. So yea real women have curves and then pigs have only 1.

  29. jabba?


    Hit it with a turkey leg……..and a sausage on a stick….and a funnel cake…..and a corn dog……and a box of salt-water taffy…etc please don’t eat me

  30. shelly

    CaptainMorgan- we need to talk….seriously

  31. Rupert

    You’re all being to hard on her. There’s a long-standing precedent of fat chicks singing stuff.

  32. who is the guy in the picture?

  33. Moto Moto

    I like ‘em big, I like ‘em chunky
    I like ‘em big, I like ‘em plumpy
    I like ‘em round, with somethin something
    They like my sound, they think I’m funky
    My name is Moto-Moto, ya you say it double
    Say my name girl (Moto-Moto)
    Say it again (Moto-moto)
    I’m nice and smooth, so nice and sassy (sassy)

    No other hippos don’t wanna get next to me
    I like em chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    I like em hippos
    That’s in the wild
    I like they attitude
    I like they style
    The way they walk, walk
    The way they talk, talk
    I like em witta appetite
    To eat a shark, shark
    And when a dog barks, she’ll eat em too

    I love every inch,
    Oh yes I do
    I like em chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy
    chunky, chunky, chunky
    Plumpy, plumpy, plumpy

    Ain’t nottin wrong
    With lovin chunky
    I like em funny
    I like em spunky
    I like em witty
    I like em smart with brains
    Girl I Like your big.
    What you say
    Your big ol heart
    Girl you crazy
    She drive me crazy
    I love my lady
    She nice and shapely
    She nice and spacey
    Take so much space up
    Like a big ol spaceship
    Movin so gracious
    It’s all in the way she moves
    It’s all in the way she moves
    It’s all in the way
    It’s all in the way she moves
    When she do, what she do
    What she do, what she do, what she do, what she do
    Get it girl
    Ain’t nottin wrong
    Ain’t nottin wrong

  34. lolcat


  35. shelly

    Moto- what in the hell was that?

    CM- still we need to talk

  36. Jones

    Still would.

  37. CaptainMorgan

    shelly – I will talk….you cannot. It’s rude to speak when your mouth is full.

  38. clarkehead

    I totally thought she was trying to eat his face in that first picture.

  39. grammar is good

    None of us IS safe. None is the subject and it is singular.

  40. shelly

    CM- a place where you can anonymously act like that while sitting in your cubicle at work. I love it! More!

    forward an email address so I can tell you what I REALLY think.

  41. A body only a black man can love……..oh wait im a blackman id hit it and quit it!

  42. Danklin24

    I’m sorry, normally im the last guy to tell celebs to lose weight because they’re perfect the way they are but this is just gross. Kelly Clarkson use to be so hot and now she just looks unhealthy and unattractive. Her face is massive with all the fat rolls on her chin and her arms are like tree trunks. Get a trainer Kelly, stat!

  43. samantha

    Most fat chicks can distract you with their proportionately huge tits, but the sad thing is that Kelly Clarkson’s fat migrated to her thighs. Its like a great darkness blotted out the sun the day she was born, and she was forever physically cursed.

    FYI– I heard the asian eclipse was caused by Kelly Clarkson being airlifted to a Japanese movie studio for blob porn.

  44. Danklin24

    #39 you’re an idiot. When saying none in that context it refers to a group of people. So you would use ARE not is. If he said no one then he’d use is…no one IS safe. Christ if you’re going to correct someone’s grammar make sure you know what you’re talking about.

  45. big teeth

    where’s the dude who always posts the ‘heeling the shit down the shower drain’ comment about her?

  46. Superbiggerevil

    I’ll bet she’d eat the corn from my shit if I brought a five pound sack of white fudge to bed, eh?

  47. Mortar Forker

    why do chicks wear sleeves like that when they got them huge meat hock arms?

  48. Meghan

    #44…. None is derived from the words “not one” but you probably already knew that. That being the case, you will find that #39 is in fact correct. Just so you know. Maybe you should try getting your GED

  49. yuki

    omg did she eat conan obrien?
    and she needs to stop with the skinny tight clothes.
    shes neither skinny nor tight.

    she needs to start wearing tablecloths.
    saves time.

  50. Alex

    She is still very beautiful. The last few pictures are just unflattering.

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