Kelly Clarkson celebrates Easter in Bahamas

April 19th, 2006 // 480 Comments
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  1. snoopy

    Evangelia – we are bringing order. You asses were out of control and we are here to put you slim balls in your place, got that?

  2. Evangelia

    snoopy, you’re annoying. go take a nosedive off the top of your doghouse.

    princess di at least has interesting things to say; unfortunately, i hate all british people.

  3. Evangelia

    lol snoopy. “slim balls”. unintentionally funny…but funny nonetheless, i must admit.

  4. mamacita

    snoopy, haven’t you already used that organ donation line? Isn’t it ironic that you’re [attempting] to make fun of me for “trying to copy” OshKosh, when in effect, you’re parroting everything PrincessDick says? Seriously, you made the remark that “your sarcasm is pathetic”, which is something PrincessDick said first, then you actually QUOTED something she said and used it as YOUR argument. Way to contradict yourself while trying to insult someone.

    P.S. Evangelia, I think they’re here in an attempt to work through their collective “manic phases” in lieu of taking their lithium.

  5. Evangelia

    i don’t get the organ donation insult, snoopy. are you advocating that mama and oshkosh donate their eggs and pass along their genes?

  6. snoopy

    I would suggest these clowns donate a heart, both kidneys or a liver… just make sure thatit is a essential organ. They can make extra points if the donate both corneas. But, NOT their brains or eggs.

  7. snoopy

    Evangelia, who dragged you off the street? Get outta here. Slim ball or slime ball… whatever. I am glad you found it funny. Are you another fat girl loser?

  8. snoopy

    well. mamacita culo it has been entertaining. I don’t even bother to read your comments anymore. They are stupid, like you.

  9. Trotter

    Mamacita, I enthusiastically agree with your perspective on spelling. Proper spelling is a primary function of written communication; cogent syntax and disciplined grammar following in line. Even whilst under the influence of numerous class-one narcotics, I pride myself on spelling properly and constructing phrases that convey my concepts to the literate clearly and, hopefully, with certain wit.

    It is difficult, if not impossible, to accept misspelled or incoherent writing as anything other than lazy, ignorant and immature regardless of impressionistic intent. To consider anything so lackadaisical as worthy of examination would be folly.

  10. Trotter

    That said, Kim (aka Snoopy) is clearly a bitter, adolescent closeted homosexual who most likley dipped his gerbil’s babies in nail polish remover to see if they would dissolve.

  11. Trotter

    Mamcita & Evangelia, do you think Kim, uh, Snoopy and Princess Di are in study hall together?

  12. Jacq

    #358 – First of all, it’s bleAch. Bleech is what I say when I puke. Which is because I am fat. Lastly, WINDEX, you idiot! Windex gets rid of STDs, which I’m just assuming you have.

    #360 – See a speech pathologist for that st-st-stutter. Oshshshshshshit.

    #361 – I looooove that you put that together.

    #365 – See, it’s funny when you first think of it. Then, Osh rolled me in the flour. You see, I’m a really big, really fat lesbian. She was only there because it takes two people to roll my fat ass around.

    I missed this whole thing, but I’m glad because that means it didn’t take me as long to figure out that snoopy eats the corn out of his own shit because “it doesn’t look finished yet” as the rest of you. BTW, snoop, thanks for being so specific as to them donating their vital organs. Do you want them to die? I sorta picked up on that, but who knows because I’m stoooopid. Der. I think we’ve found another one who fails at life!!!

  13. SF Little Bear

    its fun to judge women totally by appearances! Let’s do it some more! How about twice a day, post an article where you judge a woman solely by her weight. That would be great.

    Oh, and I’m afraid your dick is too small – sorry.

  14. Deidre Rashid

    Firstly I would like to say that Kelly Clarkson is far from fat, and I would love nothing more than to see bikini-clad pictures of all you fat-arses who say she is. . . Actually no – I take that back, because I can tell mamacita alone would make me vomit.
    Im not one to give pitty, but mamacita you are beyond sad, I mean you said “Do you agree with me on the point that there is NOTHING in the world that is more important than perfect spelling?” – erm, yeah, actually how about real friends (as opposed to people with quirky screen names in forums and chat rooms), and how about a social life (as in a none virtual social life. . .it requires leaving the house, and yes – alas the fridge containing all your current best friends).
    I know I may not know you personally, but you are obviously an overweight, nerdy twat who enjoys bitching about people who are more sucessful, talented, and better looking than you could ever dream to be. I wont pretend to not be a bitch, I totally am, and I love bitching, however, its people like you making Lindsay Lohan think she has a figure to die for, and unless you too have the body of 6 yr old child with a head that looks about two sizes too big, I dont see how you can call anyone fat.

  15. Trotter


    That corn comment. Oh, God. Oh, wow. I had to read that aloud a couple times and savor it. Oh, wait, there are British people reading. I should put it, savour.

    And, yes, Snoopy also sniffs urinals in public restrooms.

  16. Trotter

    @414 Hey, Deidre! You sound totally hot. Will you post a pic or two of yourself? I’d like to masturbate to your brillian, inciteful visage. Oh, wait. You might need six or seven shots to capture all the rolls and bulges. Hot!

  17. mamacita

    @414 Deidre Rashid

    Actually, Miss Smarty Pants, do me a favor. Why don’t you read over this ENTIRE thread and tell me if I ever uttered a single solitary sentence about Kelly Clarkson? Matter of fact, I’ll make it easy for you. The only thing I actually said in reference to Kelly Clarkson was this:

    17. Posted by mamacita on April 19, 2006 01:29 PM

    Dammit, Kelly!!!!!!! Quit laughing at me!!!! I can’t help it if I’m a fat Mexican lesbian that needs ning-ning to help me get a green card!!!! That Kelly is a mean bitch.

    That post was actually being self-deprecating and making a comment about the fact that she was obviously laughing really hard at something. As far as the spelling comment goes, that was something called SARCASM. See, if you would actually read the fucking comments instead of coming in at the tail end of shit (God, I hate when people do that), you’d have a greater understanding of what the hell is going on. Now, all that being said, since I actually never said ANYTHING about Kelly Clarkson being fat and the one other comment that you singled out (the spelling thing) was sarcasm, your entire comment is fucking null and void. Now, don’t you feel like a big fucking asshole? If not, you should.

  18. TaiTai

    Wow, I must be psychic. Back before I went to bed, at post #309, I mentioned name-calling wars that go on for 100 posts and how boring they are. Then I wake up and — look! A name-calling war that has been going on for more than 100 posts! I am sorry that I predicted that one. It’s beginning to become an everyday occurrence. What happened to making fun of celebrities on this site? Remember? That’s what we used to do.

  19. _goodeyesniper_

    Anyone can look bad under certain lighting and whatnot, I don’t think these pictures can really be a measure of how pretty she is for those of you that obsess over things like that.

  20. snoopy

    post 409, utter babbling. Grow up loser. i was never Kim, asshole.

  21. snoopy

    Trotter, mamacita, boogaloo and Oshsit all most be homely fat chicks that could never get laid. Ho pitiful

  22. Trotter

    I’d like to put my gigantic, throbbing cock inside Kelly’s doughy, supple thighs. I can’t wait to pierce that bikini with my man-meat and push slowly, deeply into her milky warm gash. Over and over again, we’ll pulse and girate until I…

    OK, joke over. I want to munch her clam-dip while she fist-fucks my tuna taco.

  23. snoopy

    trotter scum, I think most women find you totally unattractive. You must be a freak of nature. Ugly and repulsive.

  24. Trotter

    Retard, I mean Scooter, you obviously don’t understand lesbians. You are clearly an adolescent homosexual struggling to understand your conflicted feelings toward strongly identified adults of any gender.

  25. Evangelia

    omg snoopy, get a life. i made a guy come simply by stroking his dick through my sweaty thigh-rolls PLUS ate a cinnabon during the time you’ve been on here insulting innocent people.

  26. Evangelia

    i actually kinda miss princess di. she seemed to be the more intelligent of you two trolls.

  27. Trotter


    I can understand. Princess Di had a real vagina, I surmise. Whereas this Kim-cum-Snoopy has a small penis with testicles that haven’t dropped yet and an anus that quivers nervously whenever he sees any mention of Tom Cruise, Elton John or Cher.

  28. SaSsY

    one comment in a million!

    Am I the only one who thinks that KC is great? I mean, she’s not a sticky girl, bones all over the place… she chubby… I love her…


  29. Deidre Rashid

    @416 Oh Trotter how clever of you. You are named after a pigs foot, so should I assume that you are a pigs foot with eyes, and a gimp hand that can barely be used to type? – Well no because that would be stupid of me. But you all assume that just because my name is Deidre Im a woman!
    Fools, I’m a 6ft hermaphoradite with a body to die for.
    Oh and you might wanna watch your spelling, last I heard ‘brillian’ isn’t a word, and we know how deeply important spelling is now don’t we mamacita!

    Oh yeah – mamacita, believe it or not my first comment wasn’t entirely about you! I started out with my disgust for everyone saying Kelly was fat. . . Then it was all about you. I did actually read EVERY comment on here, and the lack of wit, humour and the very poor sarcasm you used against the very funny Princess Di, Snoop and even toxic.boy simply made me feel the need to point out how patheticly vile you are!

    And oh yeah – you got me! I feel like a big fucking asshole now thanks to your comment, you really are pathetic.

  30. mamacita


    You’re a doody head.

  31. biatcho

    What the? Is biatcho gonna have to choke a bitch. Or three. Where the christ are these people coming from 7 WHY are they allowed to speak?

  32. biatcho

    damn it, by ’7′ I really mean ‘and’.
    Snoopy is rubbing off on me. mmmmmmmmm…

  33. mamacita


    Hey, sure, take over biatcho. I can’t beat these guys. Unfortunately, I only have intelligence, humor, and RULING at everything on my side. snoopy, PrincessDick, and Deidre Rashithead have insanity on their side.

    As everyone knows:

    bat-shit crazy > intelligence, humor, and being RULING at everything

  34. biatcho

    It is much more fun to make fun of the hapless, naive & dumb people on here (megan harris, heiferrzzz, the Jersey housewife) because at least they get genuinely upset & angry and that makes me feel good at the end of the day. I quit abusing Ambien & codeine because of it!
    But I cannot take the 12 year old retards who don’t have friends and masturbate on their keyboard because they like to instigate lesbian fights & think that’s hot!
    You wanna talk about future serial killers of America? Princess Di’s Cunt, LandFag and even that moron who was bullshitting about JustSayNo, or some nonsense like that, can all go eat a dick and choke. Maybe they can eat LandFag’s 12″, no 11″, no 13″ 1 crazillion pound cock!!

  35. mamacita

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That should be *RULING*, not *being RULING*. See, I also RULE at correcting myself.

  36. Trotter

    Obviously, MeganHarris has been working hard in

  37. snoopy

    trotter – How many lesbians does it take to screw on a light bulb?

  38. snoopy

    trotter – How many lesbians does it take to screw on a light bulb? oh, and Cara de huevos de hombre (This name very fits you), how was work at the TORTILLA factory? Were you able to get a guy to look at you and go to a utility closet for a quick screw between tortilla batches?

  39. snoopy

    Cara de huevos de hombre, you probably will take any cock, huh? Even though you are a female, you really have to get lucky to get laid, I bet.

  40. snoopy

    Mamacita, the reason I call you “Cara de huevos de hombre” is that I imagine you must give a lot of head. So much so, you must have men’s genitalia imprinted on your face. This is a turn off for most men. This is why you are having a hard time getting laid. I would suggest placing a bag over your face… this may help in your efforts to get laid.

  41. Trotter

    Psst: 427 still applies. Why update?

  42. Trotter

    @436 Shit. Hit post before my pithy comment was complete:

    They must be ignored or they shall surely cause vaginal dryness.

  43. MustangLaura

    COME ON Dennis Rodman Looks Better In A Bikini , How Can She Be So Curvy Yet So Boobless Ive Seen Cops With Bigger Tits Than Her. One Word Kelly …. Implants Your Clothes Will Fit Better And The Bigger you Get Em The Smaller That Spare Tire Gets !

  44. Princess Di's Ghost

    “An anus that quivers nervously whenever he sees any mention of Tom Cruise, Elton John or Cher.”

    Sorry, but that is brilliant.

    Mamacita, every time you write “PrincessDick” it fails to do anything except make me laugh. It just shows how desperate you are to try and appear amusing. Instead you just come across as lame.

    I anticipate your gloriously witty reply of “oh my god, PrincessDick called me lame and said she hopes I get raped and thrown into a shallow grave. I’m off to go cry!!!”

    You don’t do sarcasm very well love. Hang on, I didn’t tell you to get raped did I? Here goes then. Get raped and thrown into a shallow grave :) “lol”

  45. mamacita

    Hey, Trotter, you homo, check your email.

  46. snoopy

    you lesbos really ban together – mamacita culo and trotter (pig hoof), Oshshit, Boogaloo bitch.

  47. Princess Di's Ghost

    I hope I get banned soon. I’m bored.

  48. St.Minutia

    Princess Di, I love the way other people on this site actually know you which means you’re probably on it everyday attempting to “insult” people! No doubt typing furiously with one manly hand and fingering your filthy, overgrown minge with the other. God I’d love to see what you look like. Why don’t you put a link up so we can all judge for ourselves?

    Please don’t sue me for copyright infringement over this quote I stole from you.

  49. Trotter

    Snoopy, please keep reading this over and over and you might come to a place of peace, once you get your butt plug in place:

    “You are clearly an adolescent homosexual struggling to understand your conflicted feelings toward strongly identified adults of any gender.”

    It’ll be ok. Just remember to breath when you say it aloud the first time: “I am very, very gay.”

  50. snoopy

    Trotter pig hoof, you told me I didn’t understand lesbians… I assumed you are one from that remark. There is no harm in being gay. Be proud.

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