Kelly Clarkson celebrates Easter in Bahamas

April 19th, 2006 // 480 Comments
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  1. snoopy

    I can picture oshkoshb-goshdammgosh (oshshit)on a parade float for gay pride day. Coming out. It would be good for you, but give our date a try first. That is if Mamacita won’t mind.

  2. snoopy

    mamacita stupida:
    I am not here to spell perfectly. I have to type quickly and send. You know what I am writing, so get over it. I will be on this thing for as long as I want. Just consider me the Warden. I will keep people in line. I am protector of women and that includes Clarkson. What if I made your new name Cara de Culo? I think it may fit.

  3. Princess Di's Ghost

    Oshkoshb-goshdammgoshboogoocunt, what the fuck is “Are you being served?”

    “Another little-known fact about English people: They’re incredibly bigoted and stuck-up.”

    Who’s the bigot now eh?! Haha. You pointless waste of a life. I love the way other people on this site actually know you which means you’re probably on it everyday attempting to “insult” people! No doubt typing furiously with one manly hand and fingering your filthy, overgrown minge with the other. God I’d love to see what you look like. Why don’t you put a link up so we can all judge for ourselves?

    I hope your mum dies. Get raped, you ape-like piss bucket. Mind you, someone like you would probably enjoy it!


  4. snoopy

    tisk, tisk Oshsit. you nasty jackass. Insulting that nice Brit. The British are our allies, dumbfuck. If you don’t think so, you need to relocate to Iraq and offer to beheaded.

  5. owenluvsdd

    #262 fucking brilliant!!!!!

  6. Princess Di's Ghost


    The Iraqis would treat her well. They may mistake her for a cow, which is the sacred animal of the sand nigger.

  7. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    What a lovely English Rose you are. Here’s a picture for you:
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go finger my minge.
    Most Kindly Well-Wishes to You and Your Kin,
    pointless waste of a life

  8. toxic.boy

    I doubt Oshkoshb-goshdammgoshboogoocunt even has a mother. After giving birth she probably took one look at the wretched, filthy creature she had expelled from her body and scrubbed her vagina with bleech before running away.

  9. Princess Di's Ghost

    Oh dear…it seems you actually think I care about my country. I’m the first to admit that it’s a shit hole and I fucking hate the place…so you can’t offend me that easily. What a pathetic attempt as well!

    Looks like I’ve hit a nerve. You scummy bitch. Hope you enjoy the fingering, it’s probably all you’ll ever get.

  10. snoopy

    Oshshit is evil. She is mean spirited and probably looks like that serial killer that was featured in the movie Monster.

  11. mamacita

    This is funny:

    “I am protector of women and that includes Clarkson.”


    “tisk, tisk Oshsit. you nasty jackass. Insulting that nice Brit. The British are our allies, dumbfuck. If you don’t think so, you need to relocate to Iraq and offer to beheaded.”

    Great job being “protector of woman”, you halfwit.

  12. Princess Di's Ghost

    It was funnier than anything you’ve written, you boring twat.

  13. snoopy

    the Mexican jumping bean’s name is Culo(mamacita stupida). She has no substance. Just a fat, ignorant Mexican Culo.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I’m surrounded by retards, and they’re multiplying like rabbits!

  15. snoopy

    haha… Oshshit, you are so funny. What a riot you are. You don’t stop. You wrote: “I want to roll her in flour and find the wet spot…” You are sick. You need psychiatric assistance. Weirdo

  16. Princess Di's Ghost

    Is that seriously the best you can do? Hahahaha. I thought you were better than that oshkoshb-goshdammgoshfatarse.

    You pathetic wimp. Stand up for yourself properly.

  17. snoopy

    I do not consider Oshsit a true woman. It is just a blob that breaths.

  18. mamacita

    Hey, PrincessDi, I wonder if this occurred to you. See, if you will take note of snoopy’s broken English, he’s probably either

    A) Hispanic

    B) Asian

    C) some other nationality that doesn’t include American or British

    which is really funny since you’re apparently a racist piece of shit. Hmmm, internet fighting makes for strange bedfellows. I guess logic doesn’t enter into your decisions. But what do I know, I’m a boring twat.

  19. snoopy

    Buenos dias, senorita Culita. Si,si, me either Hispanic or Asian like you. Mamacita CULO why do you like to start trouble? I think you need to let Oshshit sit on your face and get rid of your sexual frustration/tension.

  20. Princess Di's Ghost

    You’re not even worth bothering with mamacita but since you asked, Snoopy earlier said she imagined you or oshkoshb-goshdammgoshoogabooga (can’t remember which, and I’m too lazy to go back) to be a “dark skinned cell block H type”.

    So not necessarily. Regardless, Snoopy is far funnier than you will ever be.

    Oh and why is it okay for all of you to laugh at Canadians, the British and constantly ask “what is ur real language” when someone makes a few mistakes? Hypocrites. At least I admit to being racist.

  21. snoopy

    I used the term “dark skinned” to be polite and not sound racist. I think Oshshit is African American… so is Boogaloo. And mamacita is a Mexican. Why do some minorities have such chips on there shoulders?

  22. snoopy

    I used the term “dark skinned” to be polite and not sound racist. I think Oshshit is African American… so is Boogaloo. And mamacita is a freakin’ Mexican.

  23. SoupaSarah

    I think Kelly looks great :) IF she had bigger boobs she’d be my ideal woman :D. Still, big boobs or small ones, i still would do her :) hehe.

  24. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    This, people, is the reason why comments get turned off…

  25. snoopy

    mamacita… tu etes un puta. How is my Spanish?

  26. snoopy

    You started it, Oshshit. Are you happy now?

  27. snoopy

    It all goes back to you criticizing poor helpless Kelly Clarkson. Shame, shame. You have too much hatred in ya, girl. Calm down, get a life (even you said you don’t have a life), get a job… it will help you to feel good about yourself.

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I’m ecstatic, thanks for asking!

  29. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    All I was saying was Kelly Clarkson looks like she’s going to come down my chimney with presents and say something jolly and/or merry. What’s wrong with being jolly and merry?

  30. snoopy

    Mamacita probably works in a torilla factory… maybe she can help you get a job.

  31. mamacita

    Wow, PrincessDick, I guess you really told me. Last I heard, making fun of a country (especially if you’re not doing it in seriousness) doesn’t constitute racism, you fuckwad. And snoopy, yes, I’m sure you were attempting to “sound polite” while calling me a criminal. Also, PrincessDick, I would never say “what is ur real language” because I type in actual words, so it would be more like this “Sooo, what is your first language anyway?”. Oh, wait a second. That is EXACTLY what I did say. Point being, I didn’t ask because I was being racist. I was asking because I think it’s ridiculous to try and put someone down in a language that you don’t speak very well. For instance, if I tried to call you a piece of shit who has serious anger problems that probably needs psychiatric attention and medication in Spanish, I really wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Also, snoopy, I can’t really be said to have a “chip on my shoulder”. When I called her a racist, it was because she said something about black people and Middle Eastern people, of which I am neither. Stupid.

    OshKosh, I completely agree. From now on, let’s just talk to each other ABOUT them. That should really piss them off and it’ll save us from trying to answer their copious comments that are basically just saying “You’re fat. You’re a lesbian. You’re insane. You’re a wimp. etc. etc. etc.”.

  32. mamacita

    Damn you, OshKosh, you DID start it. You started it when you said this:

    “I bet there are a few of you with asses that could be harpooned.”

    Oh wait. That was snoopy.

    P.S. OshKosh, what’s a “torilla”?

  33. snoopy

    Oh oshshit, oh mamacita… kiss kiss. “let’s just talk to each other ABOUT them” What a pathetic excuse for a tortilla worker.

  34. Dr.Rokter

    Everyone here who doesn’t have an Aryan Nation coffee cup in their dishwasher right now raise your hand. This thread has sort of reached its nadir.

    Kelly Clarkson is a repugnant piewagon and a kiddie-raper.

  35. snoopy

    you must have an ass that could be harpooned, mamacita culo. Otherwise, you would not have taken offense to that.

  36. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I have a job, although I’ve always wondered how torillas are made, or how the word torilla was made up. Your spelling is awesome! You don’t understand me when I crack on you because you’re ignorant and barely speak English well enough to ask for directions to get across the street! Your level of name-calling is below most kindergardeners! Even Kelly Clarkson thinks you suck.

  37. toxic.boy

    OMG you are going to talk about them to each other!!! What are you like 5 years old??? Maybe you could steal their dollies and make them cry too!!!

    Snoopy is funny, something which you other frigid bitches can only dream of being. I can imagine your other dreams include…

    Not weighting 300lb.

    Getting a boy to look at you.

    Getting rid of the smell of rancid fish which is secreted by your unused vaginas

  38. snoopy

    weep, weep. You are so abusive to me.
    Enough of that, Oshshit. I meant tortilla, ass. so what if I misspelled it. There are more important things in the world than perfect spelling.
    Let us see, what does Oshshit do for a living??? CK clerk? no…. CELL BLOCK GUARD! You probably sit in the office down from the cell block, twiddle your thumbs and waste time on the computer and start fights with people on comment boards bc you have no life, freak! Physical description of Oshshit:211 lbs., broad, big chested and spiked short hair, numerous tattooes. AM I right?? :)

  39. brooke5301

    honkies, wetbacks, chinks(sp..i’m sure i mispelled it), and niggas…can’t we just all get along…gaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! faggots!!!

  40. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Absolutely! You guys are hilarious! Well, I gotta go make some torillas, I hope I can get a boy to look at me while I’m at the factory. Hopefully if I do he won’t notice the smell of rancid fish.
    Have a great day!

  41. snoopy

    mamacita culo, where are you… you little fatso? Your girlfriend has left. Are you headed to the factory too?

  42. mamacita

    OshKosh, you know what’s funny? Snoopy said this about you:

    “waste time on the computer and start fights with people on comment boards bc you have no life, freak!”

    and that’s EXACTLY what he/she is doing. Don’t you just love irony. Man, that snoopy is stupid. He thinks I took offense to his ass/harpoon remark, when in reality I was just pointing out the fact that he started this little spat. That silly racist!

    Anyhoo, kiss kiss, I’m off to dream about not being a frigid bitch, getting a boy to look at me, trying to rid my vagina of its rancid fish smell, and “Not weighting 300lb”.

    *raises hand*

  43. Trotter

    Sorry, I was drugged out for a while. Did Kim finally come out? Is MeganHarris still here?

    Oh, for you idiots who can’t spell properly, there are solutions.

    The hard one for you is:

    The easy one is to put a loaded, sawed off shotgun to your temple…

  44. mamacita


    Do you agree with me on the point that there is NOTHING in the world that is more important than perfect spelling? NOTHING. See, snoopy seems to think that there are more important things and I simply must disagree.

  45. Princess Di's Ghost

    Why doesn’t it constitute racism? People who say that are fucking arseholes. People can’t help where they come from the same way they can’t halp the colour of their skin. Why is that any different? Anyway, I only say things like that to piss off self righteous cunts…and hey, it worked.

    I can also see that you’re desperately trying to copy oshcockohmygosh by attempting to use sarcasm (the lowest form of wit)…but even she outshines you.

  46. snoopy

    trotter -trot on over to your nearest organ donation facility. Donate anything but your brain. You really are addicted to prescription medicine, aren’t you?

  47. snoopy

    mamacita puta, your sweetie left already. She was called to restrain an aggressive inmate with her large chest.

  48. mamacita

    Oh God!!! Now I’m a fucking arsehole, a self-righteous cunt, and a person that is desperately using the lowest form of wit. I guess I will go ahead and kill myself because someone that I have never met and will never meet has made a completely inaccurate summary of my character.

  49. Evangelia

    who are these strange people, princess di and snoopy? and why are they here?

  50. snoopy

    mamacita puta, your sarcasm is pathetic.
    Princess Di is right “I can also see that you’re desperately trying to copy oshcockohmygosh by attempting to use sarcasm”
    Sorry, mama, you don’t cut it. Have you thought of organ donation?

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