Kelly Clarkson celebrates Easter in Bahamas

April 19th, 2006 // 480 Comments
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  1. suzy

    i think she looks like a normal girl..

    this society we live in is freakin stupid…

    if they are too skinny they’re anorexic.. but if they look normal, then they’re fat… no one ever wins

  2. Italian Stallion

    Hey Kate go eat on a donkey dick…..

  3. kate


    can *leave* the real ladies to the rest of us

    lol. it’s been a stressful day and i’ve lost the ability to type.

    you can take that as a reitteration. :D

  4. kate


    kiss my ass man.

  5. CruisingForCock

    Hey Kate, Stallion doesn’t do fat chicks.

  6. HappyTimeHarry

    lol #45

  7. SuperSpence

    I wouldn’t pork that chick with PapaHotNuts’ tallywhacker. I just admire him too much to do that to his man-spear.

  8. shell

    ooohhhhh no good without makeup

  9. CancerNipples

    Not a terrible body, just a sad lack of tits.

  10. She’s been looking skinny lately, especially her arms. In these pics, her arms look fat. Are we sure these are recent or really her?

  11. LookAtME

    Hey Kate & Suzy… speak for yourselves… Just ‘cuz you two are fat chicks, not everyone else is. I personally find it attractive to barf up my food.

  12. Spangler

    Who wears makeup at the beach? (except maybe someone like Melany Griffith) She does look like a normal girl. Isn’t the average female like a size 12 these days? Some girls don’t have boobs or a waist. Look at Sandra Bullock. We need to see more shots of normal girls in all shapes and sizes, not airbrushed. Everyone is spoiled by these “perfect” images. No one really looks like that.

  13. LookAtME

    I’ve seen better stumps on dead trees.

  14. Jacq

    #42 – You wouldn’t have heard of that because people constantly call you fat, by any chance?

    She should have been in that Amanda Bynes movie where she’s a boy. They could have saved a lot of time in make-up because she wouldn’t have needed any. As long as wardrobe dressed her in pants and a shirt, staying away from flannel of course, she would definitely pass for a boy and not a lesbian.

  15. LookAtME

    God Spangler… the website is called The Superficial?!?!? We’re here to pick on celebs, not worry about teens developing anorexia.

  16. grateful

    Damn , I wish I looked like Princess Fiona in a bikini.

  17. lurkerx

    Well, with thighs that big, she won’t have any problems kick starting her vibrator. She looks like a young, more attractive Rosie O’Donnell without the makeup, which adjusted for normal standards is still ick. My johnson just pulled back into my body like a turtle.

  18. terrier

    Kelly, you’re amazing. I can’t believe the majority of people are critical of her because she’s got some meat on her bones. Look at her stomach. She’s not fat at all, she’s my ideal of what a healthy girl should look like. What a babe Kelly Clarkson is!

  19. jugsgirl

    A normal female is a size 12!

    That makes me wanna run to the toilet and throw up my lunch.

    Why are we discouraging eating disorders? We should encourage little girls to find new eating disorders! After all they are our future. I don’t want a fat future!

  20. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    no matter what that girls got a rump. i would knock it down so fast…

  21. Chrystal03

    She should have that schnoz removed and have it replaced with a carrot.

  22. fowler

    why is she famous again?

  23. Fisher55

    Ladies: you’re delusional if you think Kelly looks even okay. She may resemble the herds of obese American women that make up the majority of y’all, but that doesn’t mean she looks GOOD. There’s a reason women strive for anorexia: skinny chicks create erections.

  24. Niggerinnis

    Fuck her body. She;s ugly because her face is more repulsive than the innards of my intestine. Maybe.

  25. FriarTuck

    Casper, the friendly ghost,
    The friendliest ghost you know.
    Though grown-ups might
    Look at him with fright,
    The children all love him so.

  26. TG

    right on to #62, i’m with you.

    the thing is, i’ve met her in person and she is really cute – with or without makeup. she has charisma. is she SKINNY? no. but she’s also short, and in person, her body looks totally proportional.

    the problem is that the stick figures we’re accustomed to seeing in photos makes normal people look big by comparison.

  27. Italian Stallion

    Is she Canadien?

  28. mamacita


    No, but I’m pretty sure #73 is.

  29. Dino

    what a surprise, the superficial fans(faggots), have a problem with the way a cute chick looks. If she’s skinny, then she’s on coke, if she’s regular size than she’s fat. Bunch of shit-dicks, meet some real woman and get laid.

  30. Land-Man

    Hey! If you think she’s not fat, shut the fuck up. Fucking fat women should all die. Go eat some more fat you fat women bitches.

  31. Trotter

    @77 I don’t care if she’s American, let’s deport her to Canadia and how BigJim marries her. Oh, sorry, BigJim is gay. I guess it would work perfectly then.

  32. Land-Man

    Hey! If you think she’s not fat, shut the fuck up. Fucking fat women should all die. Go eat some more fat you fat women bitches.

  33. frangly

    #67 lurkerx, bet that wasn’t a long trip for your johnson, was it?

  34. Iambananas

    How is she fat? I think she has a cute shape… just because she dosen’t look like a twelve year old boy with no boobs and a ruler-figure dosen’t make her fat… makes her pretty, I think.

  35. Voracious

    Snort @ #15

  36. CancerNipples

    ^ word

  37. neatokim

    Girl needs to lift weights. Her only problem is her lack of tone–it is NOT NORMAL for 24-year-olds to have that much cellulite. Start squattin’ with some barbells.

  38. tits_on_snack

    “skinny chicks create erections”
    Like Zelda from Pet Sematary. She was hot. Totally gave me a chub.

  39. Land-Man

    God I hate fat women, most useless creatures on earth.

  40. Chrystal03


  41. Land-Man

    God I hate fat women, most useless creatures on earth. Stop eating and you won’t be so fat like this piece of shit obese bitch.

  42. seminole

    you can go to the beach and see lots of real women who look way better than her. In fact I just saw one posted here the other day–her name is Scarlett Johansson. People were actually calling her fat–until they saw this atrocity.

    real women don’t look like logs with a bikini wrapped around them. They’ve got some curves to them, like SC, without needing plastic surgery.

  43. Steph

    She could stand to lose a little but she’s not obese or anything
    I’m not a fan of her bikini though

  44. Land-Man

    that’s cuz you’re obese you stupid fat-ass steph.

  45. Foxbase Alpha

    Kelly Clarkson, your American Waddle

  46. Courtney

    Wow, her lower half totally looks like mine from behind…

    …screw all of you!


  47. Foxbase Alpha

    Kelly Clarkson, your American Waddle

  48. Courtney

    Wow, her lower half totally looks like mine from behind…

    …screw all of you!


  49. mamacita

    Land-Man, it’s ok. I know you just have a lot of repressed angst, what with having an Air-Cock and everything.

  50. VeroMango

    54 posts later… I’m still laughing at post 44… totally wasn’t expecting that ending…

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