Kelly Clarkson celebrates Easter in Bahamas

April 19th, 2006 // 480 Comments
kelly-clarkson-bikini-2.jpg kelly-clarkson-bikini-3.jpg kelly-clarkson-bikini-4.jpg

  1. veronica

    BAHHHH!!! eek…

  2. Jewbacca


  3. ishtar

    she has a cute personality but looks woah without makeup

  4. veronica


  5. Jacq

    She looks like she is far from the United States and having a good time. Nice “curves” fat ass. Someone should have given her an Easter Basket full of anorexia.

  6. Limbo

    And yet… no boobs. Shame of her… :)

  7. trickybtch

    Who beat her with the ugly stick?!?!!??

    She is one of those people who need alot of make-up to be attractive.

  8. Limbo

    And yet… no boobs. Shame of her… :)

  9. Limbo

    And yet… no boobs. Shame of her… :)

  10. Jacq

    Someone should give her an Easter backet full of anorexia. Nice “curves” fat ass. She looks far away from the US, but at least she LOOKS like she’s having fun.

  11. Jacq

    Damn you, double posts.

  12. tits_on_snack

    Buncha broken records up in here.
    I feel bad for her. These are horrible pictures.

  13. Jacq

    She looks like a bigger lesbian than Pink, Rosie and Melissa rolled into one. We’re trying to tell if there is a tatoo on her hip area. I bet it says “Lucky You”

  14. lizzielou742

    Spme of you are horribly mean. So what if she’s not a twig? She never was. She may be thick, but she ain’t fat. She’s on vacation and having a good time. Geez.

  15. mrs.t

    It’s mean to make fun of “little people”. YOU try being sexy at 3’8″.

  16. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Thanks, editors. This picture made me feel really, really good about myself, and I needed that today.

  17. mamacita

    Dammit, Kelly!!!!!!! Quit laughing at me!!!! I can’t help it if I’m a fat Mexican lesbian that needs ning-ning to help me get a green card!!!! That Kelly is a mean bitch.

  18. veronica

    maybe if she didn’t have creases andlumps in her backside and obvious horrible stretch marks on her ass, then she’d be fine.

  19. biatcho

    That first picture is the greatest photo ever posted on this or any other website.
    Fucking hiliarious.

    Is that BigJim?

  20. CoJo

    Now, I’m all for “curves” like Scarlet Johansen curves, Beyonce curves, etc., however, I am not really seeing any here…she’s like a big block of skin and appears to have the torso and legs of a midget where the hell is her waist? Doesn’t she have money to fix all of that? Or a Mirror??? WTF!

    HAH! What do you call a midget with long arms and legs?

    Kelly Clarkson.

  21. Trotter

    Who has the link to the other shots? I can’t find it.

    She’s MOWING down hot dogs in a couple shots. I’m sure she must shove them in every orifice to get that fat.

    I’ll be back in a minute, just have to go wash my face with battery acid.

  22. mrs.t

    PapaHotNuts, where are you???? Don’t leave us hanging.

  23. ImCurly

    Ewwww … Move on over Kirstie Alley, the next celebrity superstar is about to sign up and become the next Jenny Craig postergirl !! haaa !!! She is look’n bad …

  24. biatcho

    and who the hell wears little “dangly thingys” from their bikini top? Trying to distract the eyes from the lack of breasticles.

  25. CheekyChops

    She could kick start a jumbo jet with those thighs! And that’s one hell of a face she has on that nose.

  26. DaveBenner

    In the tradition established by every thread in recent history I’d like to accuse this girl of having breast implants. “But look, they have a slight angle to them in the second picture . . .” or some other ridiculousness. Actually, in the absence of any rack to accuse I’ll beat you all to it and suggest that has ass implants.

  27. jugsgirl

    These pics are out of order

    4th photo, shes laughing at the reflection in the water.

    1st photo, she realizes it her own

    2nd photo, she starts crying

    3rd photo, she decides she must drown herself

  28. I spent my Fat line on avril, and my cottage chees reference on Lily. What’s left for this? Beached Whale? Hefalump?

  29. CheekyChops

    Here is the hot dog picture. She must give good head with a pie hole that big!

  30. jugsgirl

    #28 – just call her a MeganHarris

  31. Trotter

    @28 – just try describing your last victim, you know, the fat girl you’re soaking in lye in your basement studio apartment… Might actually be funny for once.

  32. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I heart jugsgirl

  33. CheekyChops

    Kelly’s lucky someone didn’t come along and harpoon her ass.

  34. mamacita


    Or a fat lesbian. Oh wait, you already used that one too. Well……………………………………..I guess you now have no choice but to kill yourself.

  35. seminole

    to everyone who was dissing the totally hot SJ–this is what a real fat & ugly chick looks like. And people actually listen to this disgusting no-talent.

  36. seminole

    to everyone who was dissing the totally hot SJ–this is what a real fat & ugly chick looks like. And people actually listen to this disgusting no-talent.

  37. bigponie

    my pitbull just saw her pictures and it ran away scared shitless

  38. jkough

    I’m sure there’s some sort of explanation. There just has to be.

    Surely her tits are just hiding somewhere… like maybe beneath the flesh of her huge ass.

    Yes, that’s it… they’ve gone south for the winter… oh, wait, it’s spring ??

  39. seminole

    oh, and she has no tits. Wide with no tits, what a dream.

  40. HappyTimeHarry

    Hurry up throw some water over the blowhole and push it back in the water. It will die on the beach, rescue teams will have to work fast… ba-zing!

  41. Spangler

    Not flattering shots. At least she has a bit of a tan though and isn’t all blotchy. She’s having fun and not pretending she’s a celebrity by wearing shades in the water. What’s with everyone being out of town for Easter. Shouldn’t she be visiting relatives, hiding easter eggs for little cousins or nieces and nephews?

  42. Land-Man

    I’ve heard of being overweight, but this is ridiculous. What a fat, useless piece of crap. Just go die.

  43. schoolgluestick

    She’s far from fat, but her boobs are nonexistant and her legs look really short. Yuck.

  44. Italian Stallion

    “Because of food, I use astroglide to get my bikini on.”

    “Because of food, I can’t stray to far from McDonalds.”

    “Because of food, my boyfriend makes me have sex with a bag on.”

    “Because of foooooood.”

    “I will alwaysssss………be…….Meganharris.”

  45. EastCoastE30

    Wow, I didn’t know pears could grow in salt water environments.

  46. suzy

    i think so looks like a normal girl

  47. biatcho

    It should officially be MeganHairyAss.

  48. CruisingForCock

    #44 LOVE IT. You are PERFECTION!

  49. kate

    oh for fuck’s sake people…

    this is what women look like in bikinis! there’s nothing but a tiny bit of lycra covering your ta-tas and your ladybits and the rest of your body is left to its own devices, swinging about the place. i’m a lesbian and although i’ve seen more flattering pictures of her, i still think she’s hot.

    you don’t like it? you might as well tell gravity to piss off. you whinging bitches calling her fat can the the real ladies to the rest of us :p

  50. Italian Stallion

    It’s alot funnier if you sing it like that stupid fucking song of hers……

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