Kelly Clarkson breaks up

February 8th, 2006 // 26 Comments

clarksonbreakup.jpgKelly Clarkson and her boyfriend of six-months, rocker Graham Colton, have broken up due to their busy schedules. The Grammy nominated Clarkson told Bravo magazine:

He will always be one of my best friends. I’m not sad, really, because our relationship made me believe in love again. Maybe one day we’ll get back together


  1. AmberDextrose

    Oh yippee, another chance for her to pour out more dirgy droney funereal tunes.

    I confess I once bought her album on the strength of ‘Miss Independence’. The charity store where I donated it now locks its doors when it sees me approaching with a bag.

  2. Whatup

    Who the hell is she and who cares?

  3. LaydeeBug

    OHHHHH! Say it ain’t so??? Jeez, I though she was going out with an afro-headed kid named Justin. You know what I’d like to see? A real statement if break up. “Yeah, we broke up because he has a small pee-pee and wouldn’t buy me any jewelry.” Or my personal fave “THAT DOUCHEBAG! I hope he rots and I never see him again. Oh and I banged your best friend, chump!”

  4. crazydelicious

    i love kelly clarkson

  5. ESQ

    Ah, oh……hummmmmm who cares. But she looks better from her days on “American Idol.” Maybe this guy caught wind of her “star power” when she refused to allow the talentless fucks that audition for that show to sing her songs. Well la-dee-da, I guess she forgot what got her start. He probably could not take it after awhile and left her ass.

  6. reesestet

    It is easier to get a piece of ass on the road when you don’t have a long distance relationship following you like a black cloud. Damn groupies!

  7. LaydeeBug

    This is messed up but, try as I might, I can’t find one thing about Kelly Clarkson that I find even remotely attractive. And I’ve looked people. The girl can sing, that’s for sure, but her face……and her body, it’s all unproportioned. And her taste in clothes is surely questionable. Oh and if you don’t like this post, read the top of the site, it says The Superficial. When in Rome….

  8. Jayne

    rocker Graham Colton..

    What *rock* band is this guy in?
    I’d google but I’m lazy.

  9. LoneWolf

    Kelly’s a great talent. And by “great talen” I mean, “At 7:00am today I flushed down the toilet something brown and coiled that had more significance than Kelly Clarkson.”

  10. the wolf

    Jayne–I made the mistake of Googling him. His website plays one of his stunningly nauseating songs. I had to clean my ears out with bleach. No, the words “rock” and “Graham Coulton” should not appear in the same sentence.

  11. polaroidmoment

    I love Kelly Clarkson, but despise it when people say, “He/she will always be one of my best friends.”

  12. fluku

    i hope shes blows up like a beluga after this, i love fat chicks

  13. HollyJ

    Is that Valeria Bertinelli in a blonde wig ?

  14. DuckBoy

    He’s in the Graham Colton Band which is her openning act…

    so how is their busy work schedule keeping them from being together?

    Sorry, I don’t have time to walk across the hall to your dressing room right now?

  15. Kelly

    Kelly is all time AI best!!!!

  16. Jewbacca

    He realized he was banging a fat chick.

  17. becca11

    lonestar? who the fuck are any of you, shes a millions times more successful than any of you, you’re incredibly pathetic. She is loved by millions and her records have sold. What the fuck are you talking about the thrift store doesn’t want her CD?? Your dumb as shit, that makes no sense! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BOUGHT HER CDS HER SONGS WERE NUMBER ONE YOU FOOOOOOOOL!!

  18. Cosmopolitan

    Hilarious when people defend her. Kelly Clarkson is so nauseating.

  19. slinkhard

    ‘Maybe one day we’ll get back together

  20. LaydeeBug

    Anyone called becca has no voice in my book. Slinkhard, you’re my hero. Thanks for the belly laugh.

  21. LaydeeBug

    Holy shit HollyJ, that’s it! I was wondering who that was.

  22. LaydeeBug

    Becca honey, were we talking about money, or record sales? AND since we’re on the subject, you’re on a site called THE SUPERFICIAL. Oh and stop yelling at us.

    I don’t love her, I have NO money but I can honestly say I’m no idolater. Get her off the pedestal Becca, before she falls on you and crushes you with her collossal Greek ass. (Well, it will be collossal in 10 years) Remember where you are or go find another site to post your adolescent, materialistic, douchebag ramblings.

    I’d like to dedicate this one to PAPAHOTNUTS, HOLLYJ and LICKY-LICKY!

  23. becca11

    your name is ladybug ya dumb slut.

  24. becca11

    i WAS being superficial. why is anyone talking about talent here?

  25. LaydeeBug

    That’s not my name REBECCA. Read number 17 again, estupida, hija de puta, come mierda, maricona, cara de chele majado, malparida……shall I continue? Don’t mess with the big dogs unless you have fangs. And a drivers license, bee-otch.

  26. Kellys#1fan

    omg!becca i totally agree how can u use kelly and the words fat,ufly,bad in 1 post! im sorry but shes beautiful and she is the best ever n theres no point n calling her names really cos shes not gonna change 4 no1 she is hu she is n if u dnt like her thats ur problem so just leave it ffs!!!!!!!! n a website where u diss ppl wtf?!!!!!!!

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