Kelly Carlson has own sex doll

kcarlson_doll.jpgIn an interview with Stuff Magazine, Kelly Carlson revealed that she got to keep the life-sized sex doll used in the second season of Nip/Tuck that was made in her image while playing a porn star.

“She’s in my living room. I put pants and a sweater on her to make her a non-sexual being. I have to warn people about her, because she’s a little freaky. So many people have told me to sell her on eBay, but it freaks me out what people would do with her. She has my face, so I’m protective. I don’t want her to get sexually violated.”

Why hasn’t anybody made a Jessica Alba sex doll yet? Considering every man in the world would buy two – you never know when you might need a spare – it would probably be a pretty smart business move. I’m no financial expert, but I predict that the Jessica Alba sex doll industry would be worth at least ten gajillion dollars. And trust me, ten gajillion is a lot of money. I would know, I have it.

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